The Negative Effects of Travelling

“To travel is to live” – Hans Christian Andersen

Ok, this is like writing the opposite of something that I love the most. But indeed, there are some negative effects of the traveling that we directly or indirectly realize and some times try to ignore it. What’s that? Here comes the list from my point of view :

1.         It’s a vacation dude, not a competition!


This is what I don’t really understand with some of travelers. The idea of journey measured with the stamps in their passport instead of the understanding and experiences they got or shared along the way. There’s a hiding competition nowadays between travelers to go from one country to another, it’s like being in exotic or rare places become the most significant pride to have, a comparison. There’s nothing wrong of going to those places, but you should check your motivation whether it’s really the destination you are into it, or you only want to show off to society that you can go there before another people go there. Such eagerly for become a pioneer.

Another weird phenomenon that I see lately how people go so rushing from one country to another in order to get many stamps in their passport and people can call them as Mr and Mrs. Worldwide. I don’t understand the meaning and the enjoyment of doing that. Traveling is never be a race or competition. The idea of traveling at first came when people get bored with life and want to escape from the routine for a while, they called it vacation – and how can you get the whole picture of a place you visit if you only stay there for 1-2 days before fly again to another countries?

If I have 10 days off, I prefer to stay in one country – instead of rushing it from one country to another. Stamps are never be my priority while travel. Dealing with the local daily life and seeing them in detail are really the essential part of traveling – from my honest point of view.

The Negative Effects of Travelling1

The Negative Effects of Travelling2

Backpacking in Netherlands, I enjoy my time in one place, as much as I want. Trying to breathe the air, make my body relax, recording the view in my head.

2.       Broke, broke, broke – I am broke!!


It’s not a secret anymore, that traveling can drain your saving and break your piglet jar. Especially if you have a plan to travel 4-5 times a year in different places or continent. Skip this fact if you are born to be a rich person because of your parents. But for a worker like me, I need to sacrifice many things in order to buy the promo airlines tickets. I also need to tighten my meals budget in order to eat without guilty while I’m traveling because I am usually having a big appetite for trying new food and traditional food while travel.

The Negative Effects of Travelling4

My first Nepalese Rupees

The Negative Effects of Travelling3

Hello from Prague! – Korutna or Crown Money 🙂

I have to give up new shoes, new clothes, new gadget in order to save every penny for my travelling plans. I never regret, it is so true that traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richest. But still, the fact your saving reduces gradually or extremely is a fact that you have to face. Those who really love to travel, need to be so stingy sometimes to themselves and give up the partying and become a monk for a while in lovely Saturday nights, because every penny is matter for us.

The Negative Effects of Travelling8

The Negative Effects of Travelling10

I prefer to save the money and buy something to remember while traveling 🙂

3.       You leave your pieces of heart everywhere


It’s the hardest thing to do while traveling. You left some of you in every places you’ve been. Traveling gives you a chance to meet up with new people. Some of them are really nice, hot and hard to say goodbye. Traveling also lets you create an amazing story on the road, a crush, flirty moments or deep connection with people you just knew new. And those all the stories should be ended when the traveling finished. I know I know, some of the stories probably able to continue for good or just remain forever as a part of memory. But the fact that you leave the pieces of your heart to the land you ever stepped bring you in sad moment some times. It happened to me often, but I always remember what the lovely big bear Pooh Author, A. A. Milne  said : “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

4.       You change, you can’t accept monotonous anymore

This is happened to me mostly after I have a trip. Once I return to my routine, I feel so bored and can’t wait for another traveling, another adventure. The tick tock hours to reaching my next trip can be so oppressed. I can’t accept my monotonous life anymore. I become different person, actually, travel makes you more to be who you are. You can’t accept anything that not-so-you anymore, you will feel so bored with empty talk which lead to nowhere. You will only be so enthusiast while someone bring the topic about traveling and exciting destination in your opinion.

You always want to run from your monotonous 8 am to 5 pm daily life. You always want to lift your bag again and go to the airport again. You miss the feeling of sitting above the world and be so closed with the clouds and the sun. You started to expect for your next trip happens immediately in the next 24 hours – not in months because you only have limited days off. You feel like you live in 2 sides of world ; the desire of travel and the obligation to do your daily routine.

The Negative Effects of Travelling5

You change, you only excited when you know you have another travel plans to go.

5.       Tired – the countless hours on the road kills you

Workout – workout – workout! I should knock my self so many times indeed, since I am also too lazy to do the work out. For you who know it for sure, travelling forces you to have strong energy, since you will be move from one place to another. Sometimes, you have to ride the evening bus journey with such a bumpy road. Countless hours for waiting in the airport also kill your ass and legs, whether you only do for transit or waiting for your flight to go, those waiting hours only make you lack of the energy.

The Negative Effects of Travelling6

After 30 hours from Jakarta to Banyuwangi, then 5 hours from Baluran to Ijen Crater, we were deadly tired!

The Negative Effects of Travelling7

12 hours in the bus, from Mui Ne to Hoi An – geeee….

Usually, I need to do massage once I return from my trip. And because I have very very limited days off, sometimes I need to go directly from the airport to my workplace.  Can you imagine how tired is it?



Besides those 5 points above I see as the negative effects of traveling, I still indeed love to go on a trip no matter what. I have this such of addiction to travel and seeing the unknown places. I wanna see the world as long as I still have a chance to breathe this life. So yeah, that 5 negative points above will never cut down my desire to plan another travel for 2014 no matter how broke I am because of this addictive activity. I know the risk but I still do it 😛 – but who can resist from the charm of traveling?


Maybe I was born inside of the “globe” womb.


The Negative Effects of Travelling9

“I’m sorry, I just so much in love to travel.”





  1. When I was kid, I had a dream to rule the world. But now the fact is just insist me to stay, can go nowhere yet and even I don’t have passport. But still, I love traveling, love to read as many as travel stories I find. Now, I used to traveling without travel when hosting traveler. You are right: you left a piece of heart in Solo right now 🙂


    • Thank you Cinderella! You are right, I left a piece of my heart in Solo.. It is really a nice, calm and unique city. Comparing Jakarta, I would like to spend times in the city since it’s so peaceful and quiet. The food also incredible, the price soooo fair cheap 🙂 Go still conquer the world, with your converse! Cheers, Dea


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