Count Your Blessing, not the Storms (A Jar for 2014)

Hello all,

It’s almost a week after we celebrated the changing New Year, indeed time flies so fast. With so many resolution in my head for the coming year, 2014, I am very enthusiastic to be in this year. I know the best is yet to come, and what comes next still a mystery, and amazingly, that’s what makes life is really worth to do and expected. Because we never know what comes next and it brings us to keep aware for what happened in our life and be bold. The most important thing to have for passing this year well is to know what do you really want and what do you really have. The gap between want and have will make you do your effort to make your best to reach what you want.


I saw an idea to count the blessing for this year and put it in a jar. I think I’m going to follow that cool idea. The jar will fill with short line of moments that I count as a blessing and important in my life. And when I still alive in the next End of Year Night, I will open the jar and read it all again. Indeed I will smile, laugh and maybe cry when I see so many blessing to read about instead of being sad for the fails moments that we have in 2014.



Many people who make beautiful resolution for the coming year, too beautiful until they can’t fill it. Too beautiful until it’s only becomes a just dream. I don’t feel negative with the resolutions people make, but maybe, instead of drawing too high aims, we should set aside a real goals in life. For me, the basic goal that I want to reach this year is to love myself more, to respect myself more, instead of living a life that I will regret, I try to listen to my heart more and live the life that I want to live without regret. Everything I do in 2014 will be followed this basic rules of my life. I won’t to be in a situation, being with someone, doing something or act being someone who isn’t me.


And for being someone who is me more, I need to against some different flows that might be emerged in my life. Maybe I will meet people who aren’t agree with my opinions or behavior or what I believe. It doesn’t matter, as long as I know what I want to be and where I am going, I will still strict to be me rather than please people who don’t really genuinely care about what happen in my life. If I want to improve, let me do it for myself not for the satisfactions of others. And to be the more of a person who is me, I need to be alone sometimes, so I can listen to my own soul and decide to be in situation or be with someone because I really want it not because the forcing of society or people.


Being alone of course it’s a high risk that people tend to not do it because we are naturally are a social person. We need another human for confirming ourselves or label us. Whether we do realize it or not, we like to be in a group or with another people. That’s nothing wrong with that. But in order to know what you really want in life and who you really want to become, you have to be able for being alone. Being alone helps you to free yourself to invite people into your life because you want them not because you need them. Being alone also a step that you need to take to really figure out where you need to go and who you need to be.


Of course, I also set some plans for another trips this year, but instead of doing that because of the “trend” in traveler’s life, I will be in trips that I really want and happy to do for myself.


If my idea for 2014 is to be “the more me” and doing everything what I do because I want it, love myself more and count my blessing and put it in a jar. How about you? What do you really want to be or do in 2014?





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