Finn ‘s Beach – Another Options to Enjoy Bali’s Beach

We knew about Finn’s beach from a friend who recommend this private beach to us to visit. At first we were surprised by the minimum payment they charge to come inside the beach. It’s 250.000 (usd 250) per person for your food and beverages. If you buy the f & b more than your deposit money, you need to pay it later when you want to leave the beach.

Once we arrived in the beach, we already fell in love deeply with the interior and atmosphere of the beach. Finn’s beach is a part of Semara Luxury Villa Resort. We need to go from the Villa entrance to come inside the beach. When we were there, the crew were busy preparing for a wedding event. Their client wanted to do their wedding with the Bali’s sunset background that evening. What a cool idea and very romantic!

Finn ‘s Beach – Another Options to Enjoy Bali’s Beach1

Finn ‘s Beach – Another Options to Enjoy Bali’s Beach2
Finn Beach is located in Ungasan Village and open from 10 am – 11 pm daily. It may a bit hidden from normal public places, because this beach kinda luxury and private, once we were there, only few locals in the beach including us, among all the foreigners. I don’t feel like I was in Bali, but Bali is always make you that kind of feeling right? Such as you are not in Indonesia.

If you don’t bring any cash, don’t worry. They provided a master/visa machine card. After we finished pay our deposit money, someone showed us the way to go down the beach. Yes, we need to went down with a cool machine like a short roller coaster without the zig zag path. Only we don’t feel anything even we went down, we were still standing still and suddenly, we already down there and feeling the strong wind of sea’s breezes. Our excitement suddenly emerged up once we see the beach in front of us. The scenic backdrop with the white sandy and blue clear water such a beautiful view that worth the price we paid!

Finn ‘s Beach – Another Options to Enjoy Bali’s Beach4

Finn ‘s Beach – Another Options to Enjoy Bali’s Beach3

Finn ‘s Beach – Another Options to Enjoy Bali’s Beach5

Aside from beautiful beach that you can freely enjoy, you can also use their cool facilities such as snorkeling equipment, canoe and stand up paddle. But be careful with the strong waves, don’t do the snorkeling that far from shoreline if you are not sure you can swim that well. Plus, use the life jacket is strongly recommended. I used many of the facilities and enjoy trying to play the stand up paddle, that was really so fun! Even for the snorkeling was kind of odd, since you can’t see many in the shoreline area, but being in the middle of the sea is not allowed.

Finn ‘s Beach – Another Options to Enjoy Bali’s Beach8

The good thing about private beach, you can get the clean beach, no rubbish which dirt the sand or you don’t need to struggle to get your place to enjoy the sound of waves or waiting for the sunset. There are many places to sit comfortably in the beach. Once when we were there, the owner’s family who is an Australian man, also enjoying the beach. I am not surprised to know the owner is a foreigner, since only foreigner who care enough to “keep the beach” clean and do such an excellent service. The price we paid is really worth it with the satisfaction we get during visit this place.

Finn ‘s Beach – Another Options to Enjoy Bali’s Beach6

Finn ‘s Beach – Another Options to Enjoy Bali’s Beach7

Finn ‘s Beach – Another Options to Enjoy Bali’s Beach10

There are not all, we were so lucky that day. The main chef who is a Balinese Man, gave us a special treat, chocolate melted pudding, once we finished our lunch! The food itself are so extremely good! The Chef assured us to report to him whether their crews treat us poorly. It’s not a secret anymore, that some locals really give bad treat to other locals (domestic tourist) in Bali, comparing to their treat to foreigners. That’s quite weird for me, especially in Kuta Area, because the foreigners that I often meet usually are drunk people who even not have so much money to give tips for the waiter, but the imbalance treatment often happen and sometimes make us, the locals, a bit upset.

Finn ‘s Beach – Another Options to Enjoy Bali’s Beach9

Finn ‘s Beach – Another Options to Enjoy Bali’s Beach11

Got this delicious special treat from Pak Wayan, their Main Chef.. Yumm Yummm!!

I already recommended some friends to go to Finn’s Beach, and so far, no complaint from them. I wish no need to make private beaches just to keep the beaches in Bali clean. I wish locals and tourist pay respect and care more with the nature so the beaches can stay beautifully as they are.

Finn ‘s Beach – Another Options to Enjoy Bali’s Beach12




  1. Good Review! This resort is similar with Karma Kandara Resort in Bali except in Karma Kandara if you wanna go down to the beach. you need to pay cheaper about IDR 150 thousands ( 15 USD-2011) They give you free facility like free beach volley and snorkel gear.


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