Camel Ride in the Beach (Yes. Why NOT?)

Last time when I visited Bali with my friends, we have this idea to take an opportunity trying to ride Camel on the beach. Yes, you read it right! The Camel Ride is not only happened in the dessert, now, if you are curious about it and want to have a different adventure with another view of background, you can go to Nusa Dua, Bali and enjoy the Camel’s riding.

Camel Ride in the Beach (Yes. Why NOT)1


The idea of Camel’s ride formerly only for the pre-wedding photography shoot. I already knew about this since years ago when I went to a wedding and see the couple’s picture taken on a beach with camels, I was having the question in mind, where did they do the photo shoot?


Later on, when we prepared our trip to Bali, my friend gave this idea to do this cool activity. We said YES, because we were curious and never had this experience before. Skip about the pre-wedding pictures, we didn’t need it yet (ah yes, sure :P) but imagine ourselves having the pictures could be a pretty idea too.


Camel ride is located at Niko Hotel, Nusa Dua, Bali. The area actually located inside of the Niko Hotel but it is 100% separated from the Hotel’s Management. To go there, they provided you the hotel’s pick up and once you arrived to the hotel’s lobby, their crew already waited for you to show the way, since it’s kind of not allowed for non-hotel guest to walk around inside the hotel.

Camel Ride in the Beach (Yes. Why NOT)2

Beautiful view to the sea from main lobby in Niko Hotel


We took the package for 30 minutes camel ride for IDR 275.000 (around USD 23)/person including hotel pick up and drop to our hotel in Seminyak. Please keep in mind that you have to be strictly on time because so many people want to do this riding, or so many couple want to do the photo shoot. Don’t forget to use the sun-cream, since Bali’s sun is famous with the bright light and easy to burn your skin. I got so tan when I was there!

Camel Ride in the Beach (Yes. Why NOT)2


Then, enjoy the ride!

My first impression of this camels was a bit shock because they made such a weird sound! Also lots of saliva comes from their mouth made me feel a bit loss of appetite. Camel has this habit to spitting a lot. It was my first experience so I was a bit nervous. Then I brave myself to climb the shoulder of the camel. I still remember, her name is Sahara. And well, for your info, the camels not from Arab but from Australia. The guy who hold the camels told us the Australians camels have 2 seats on their shoulders, so can be rode for 2 person comfortably, while Arab camels only have 1.

Camel Ride in the Beach (Yes. Why NOT)4

Camel Ride in the Beach (Yes. Why NOT)7

Camel Ride in the Beach (Yes. Why NOT)5


Camel’s skin is totally different with the Elephant. It’s not so rough as I thought before and so comfort to ride! The riding felt like a mother swinging you upon her back. The 30 minutes riding considered quite short, but the price worth it. While enjoying the ride through the Nusa Dua beach (Niko hotel area) with the wind touched our face and the bright sun, the guy helped us to take the pictures and he was a good one!

Camel Ride in the Beach (Yes. Why NOT)6


If you get bored with the routine activity in Bali and want to have something different, try the Camel Ride and make a good picture of yourself (and your loved ones) for the sweet memory.


Bali Camel Safari :

Hotel Niko, Nusa Dua, Bali

Phone : +62 361 776 755, 7911 284 or 773 377 ext.215

Reservation 24 hours please call : (+62) 813 3777 7979


PS : This is not an ad article 😉






  1. Pertama lihat blog mba Dea, yang pertama kali terlintas di benak gw “what is her job?” I mean, you have to spend enough money to do that rite?
    I really like reading ur journey, for me it’s so cooll, hehe
    Ditunggu perjalanan2 berikutnya 😀


    • Hi Wee! Hihihiii… my job just as like others job 😉 from 8-5 I will be in my desk, doing this and that. But true, I can’t stay so long in Jakarta, I need to escape from this crowd city as much as I can 😛 And the escaping not should be the luxury and expensive ones, as long as I can see nature 🙂 Hope you enjoy your life too and thanks a lot for keep reading this blog. xxx – Dea


  2. suka blog nya… simple tapi ‘ngena’…
    btw itu yang jadi tukang fotonya si ‘kru onta’ nya atau gimana? aku juga udah lama mau cobain ini tapi tiap ke bali gak pernah kepikiran..
    thank you ya udah mau sharing 😀


    • Hello Rizka,

      Terima kasih telah mampir ke blog ini 🙂
      Hehehe iya yang jadi tukang photonya si “kru” Onta, bagus ya dia ngambilnya.. ga usah di request musti ambil dari angle mana, kayanya dia udah jago bener hehehe… Cobain deh, lumayan buat bikin photo keren sama Onta tanpa perlu ke Arab hihihiii 😉



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