Gili Island as I remember

Writing for me such a beautiful process to record memories that happened in my life. Blogging for me it’s another good way to share the story and the information for others who probably wanna go the places I visited before. So here I am, trying to write down my trip to Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno, 2 of the 3 islands that called Gili Island.



Gili Island is separated from Lombok and Bali. To be exact, it was in northwest coast of Lombok, Indonesia in form of an archipelago of small three islands. Gili consists with 3 islands named Gili Air, Gili Trawangan and Gili Meno. Gili Air mostly inhabited by local people. Which Gili Trawangan is very famous with the tourist place for partying, even Gili Trawangan also has another calm side which you can enjoy a peaceful evening without any noise from loud DJ speaker. Another special Island that worth to be explored is Gili Meno, it’s the most quiet and less crowd island compared with the other two.


Gili Meno, where you can find your own time for being alone and feel satisfy with it 🙂

To reach Gili Island, you can go from Bali or from Lombok. Since my trip started from Bali, I reached Gili Trawangan first from Padang Bay. The cost for the fast boat is different depends on the season.  In peak season, the cost can up until 750.000 IDR (return/person) including the hotel’s pick up. But I was there at low season, so I paid around 450.000 IDR (return/person). The boat departed at 7 am, so we need to be ready around 5 am since the journey from Legian (place where I stayed) to Padang Bay Harbor can take around 1 hours. And the driver also need to pick up other passenger on our way to Padang Bay. Don’t worry, there are many who sell the boat ticket around Kuta, Legian, or you also can find travel agent easily from internet and pick the cheapest one.

If you already get used with the beaches in Bali, once you arrived in Gili Trawangan, you will feel totally a different atmosphere with Bali beaches. The difference occurs because there is no diesel vehicle allowed in Gili Trawangan. Only Cidomo (a horse carriage) and cycle that allowed to be drove around in Gili Trawangan. It’s really a fresh air and nice experience to be in a place without the noisy machine. Only one thing that sad is how the carriage driver sometimes so harsh to the horse. I was talking with another Cidomo’s driver who also complained about the treatment people give to their horse. This man really full affection with the horse he has, because he said, he and the horse like a partner and the horse helps him to earn the money, so anytime he instruct something to the horse, instead using the rope, the only call the horse name and poke the left side if he wants the horse to go to the left, as well as to the right. That’s really cool and nice way to treat the horses.

We stayed in nice bungalow called Goodheart Bungalow that has beach front view and a bathroom without the rooftop. That’s really cool! I can shower while seeing the dark sky full with stars! When I was there, I paid around IDR 500.000,- (USD 41 – 2013)/night. But the bungalows without beach view should be cheaper, and you can try to use or to get cheaper price, since usually direct booking more expensive than online booking. Anyway, the place worth to try for me. But we want to feel another atmosphere, so we challenge ourselves by moving to Trawangan Oasis Hotel that located further more away inside the Gili Trawangan island but really beautiful, peaceful and cheap. It was cheaper too, only IDR 250.000 (USD 21) and we able to use their cycle for free, even if your hotel not provide the cycle, you always can rent from the cycle supplier around Gili Trawangan.

Gili Trawangan is really a small island that you can going around in a short time by cycling or walking. Well, because lots of sand in the road, often you need to bring your cycle anyway if you can’t ride the bike because the wheels sink in the sand. Gili Trawangan has lots of coral in the beach and the more away you go from the harbour area, the quieter it is. Very nice! Gili Trawangan is really beautiful place for a sunrise. My favorite activity when I was there is to open the door in the morning and watching  the ocean’s waves and in the evening, going outside and laying down in the sand, watching the beautiful sky and trying to counting the stars as much as I can.


I loved to look at the corals, trying to find the good shape ones and put it down again 😛


Try this restaurant in Gili Trawangan, they have besttttt food ever! Yumm Yumm Yumm!!


The yummy nummy lummyyy fruit salad ever! So fresh!

I didn’t do the island hopping in Gili Trawangan. I truly enjoyed my laid back time here, playing with the sea, sun-bathing, reading a book, finding good coral shape then throw it again to the sea and watching the changing color from bright afternoon to amazing night.

After some times in Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno is another destination to go. To go there is easy, you can just go with the public boat, only pay for 10.000 IDR (USD 1) per each person. It’s not so far though. Once we arrived in Gili Meno, we have no idea where to stay and completely Gili Meno is quieter and calmer than Trawangan. After using the Cidomo to find the place to stay, we finally find a nice place and cheap one even it’s not that close to the beach, but you can see the beach from the terrace. It’s around 350.000 IDR (USD 35)/night.




Beautiful and Quiet Gili Meno….

The best moment in Gili Meno is, when we were waiting for the sunset. Sunset in Gili Meno is really breathtaking. Even some people went out from their hotel and walk together to the beach only for waiting for the sunset. The color was so amazing, the detail changing from clear white, to the blueish, to the yellow and orange, and finally the darkness comes really gasp our breathe. The sunset itself it’s like a special entertainment for us. I love the place cause it was so peaceful. No loud music. No broken weird DJ’s sound. No sound from modern vehicle. Only us and the total nature with some voices of human as the background.



Even I stepped the bad sea urchin here, but Gili Meno became my favorite place so far.  About the sea urchin, I stepped it once I play with the water. It felt so terrible hurt and the local lady who control the hotel we stayed, hurry bring the big coral and hit my food with that coral. OMG, that was so hurt! but that’s the way she told to make the stick of sea urchin becomes pieces and after that, she tried to take out the stick one by one by the leaves that look like a needle for me. It was so hurt, and leave a small mark (now it’s gone anyway). Another options to get rid from the poison of sea urchin is to peeing in the place where you get wound. But that idea sounded not right for me at the moment.


Don’t have the proper photo of her, but she is the one who help me to took out the poison in sea urchin

That’s Gili I remember. If possible, I wish one day I can visit there again and feel the charm of this small islands.


My happy face in Gili Meno ❤





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