Between Woman and Woman Friendship

This time, again, I would like to write things that stay on my mind. Not about traveling, as you can see from the title above.

Yesterday, I read a beautiful article from Huffington Post that really encouraged me a lot. As usual, if I find something useful for me, I love to share it with other as well. At that moment, I was sending the link to a friend that I talked with on Facebook.

From so many beautiful advise older women told to younger women in that article, I found one that interesting me. “Keep a close circle of lady friends, it’s essential.” What a true advice. For me, as a woman, I love to have another women to hanging around with. But sometimes, with all the drama women love to have (realize it or not) it’s kind of difficult to bond the chemistry between woman and woman. The friendship between woman such as a difficult homework that need to build diligently if you are serious on it.


As a woman, I love another woman to share about life, because from them, I can learn how to react and to do something based on their experience. There’s no satisfy person as another woman to talk randomly about any kind of topic from A to Z. Even when I try to talk about random stuff with my boyfriend and ask him to spend a certain time to talk about non-sense things with me, he’s willing to do it, but he told me I need another girl friends to talk about that. And that’s true. That’s why sometimes woman who trying to get man’s attention by telling everything and expect them to do the same with them will get frustrate because man are naturally to think with their logic and only speak things that needed to be spoke out. Not like woman who can talk 3 times more than man as the science said so. And more, we (women) can talk about 13.000 words a day . Oh dear, we really don’t need any radio at all in our home 😉 But I think, that’s the beauty of human creatures. Between man and woman are lied so many differences who made the relationship between man and woman are interesting to do if we can handle it properly.

But my idea of today’s writing, is about friendship between woman and woman. Sometimes, it can be 100% genuine about loving to each other. But sometimes, as a woman, I can honestly admit it can be so scary because woman is an unpredictable human being who can be so moody (don’t mention about the certain times we are being so very moody because of our period time) and can really mean to each other, no matter how sweet they were previously. Anyway, as a woman, I wish many woman more to be humble and meek to each other. Not being there to against other women and stab them on their back, but more sincere to build a deep friendship between her friends.


I know I am a person who sometimes care too much and expect them to do the same toward me. But you never able to expect others to do the same as you do, no matter how genuine you are as a person while doing something to them. We are bunch of people, here in the world, with lots of character and personalities. My boyfriend always remind me to let them be them and trust them (my other women friends) for being themselves since they already grown up person. This is a point that I need to learn because my natural habit usually I do care a lot to people I really care about, and won’t speak a thing if I’m not care to that person anymore.


But regarding to times, I learn and can recognize only few people (women) who really into you and have the same purpose for building the friendship. Some of them only approaching you when you feel bad or sad, only to pretend that they are care but actually they smile behind your back because you get that bad experience. Or some others only approach you when they have bunch of problems but forgetting you when they find their own happiness. It doesn’t matter anymore for me, since now I can recognize people who really sincere and genuine for being in your side, or them who only want to know the latest gossip (or fact) about your life for their satisfaction. Just like a friend of mine told me, you divide your relationship with woman into many stage ; friend, good friend and best friend.

I ever read about this beautiful statement as well : “If a friendship lasts longer than 7 years, psychologists say it will last a lifetime.” And I can say gladly that I have some of girls that I can proudly said that we already have 7 years (or more) friendship. With the up and down stories between us, but up to now, we are still holding hands together as friends, those people I can proudly admit as my true friends.


Then about true friends, you can really easily to recognize their attitude toward you. They are not a type of person who talk behind you and stab you, instead, they have your back and trust you. They are not a kind of person who come to you when they need you only, but they will try to maintain and want to be with you, with or without troubles arrived (ah yes, troubles can build a bond for a real friendship). A true friend will not come and go just as wind. They will try to keep in touch and watch your life, be there when you need them, even they look like invisible.

I adore my friendship between some women I respect, because I know that my life influenced with their existence although I am also a person who willing to be alone and not depending to anyone. But with them, my life is more colorful and happy.


I imagine a world, when woman becomes their own best friend and more of it, becomes each other best friend, be kind to another woman with sincere heart. Then, there will be less of bullying, less of suicide, less of nonsense competition between women, less of bitch and more of love, more of smile, more of healthy friendship and more of sincere hug, more of genuine random honest conversation.


And why woman and woman friendship is important?

Because ;

–          Your partner won’t always understand the woman in you.

–          You need a lot of giggling when you are so bored with your life or at work.

–          Girls are the most amazing partners for having fun and do crazy stuff.

–          You always need other woman point of view about things you experience to let you decide something better.

–          Only woman understand the tears of other woman has.

–          Only woman understand why we such a cry baby in certain times, every month.

–          Only women are great partners for choosing the shoes between light peach and very light peach color, or red thick lipstick with red chilly lipstick or only woman who willing to run with you for such a crazy discount and be in long line only to wait for a midnight sale. Or just for hours window shopping.

–          Sometimes, you just need a break from everything and go there, being with your girl friends.


A woman who knows her worth doesn’t measure herself against other women..but stands strong, calm & self confident. ~Unknown

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