Pont Alexandre III – A Glorious Sunny Day in Paris

Ulalalaaa… I feel like a year haven’t wrote anything in this blog again. Oh yes, it’s sound so exaggerated, but anyway, I always believe writing should be practice day by days, so it will be so easy just like breathing from our lungs.

So I think, I may create a special one today. Actually I really eager for my trip to Sulawesi Island, this week, but in the meantime, I will make some parts of the stories about the places I’ve been visited while in Paris, but probably it will be look as more to the pictures blog since I found many pictures I haven’t released from the trip 🙂 I hope you like it!

Pont Alexandre III – A Glorious Sunny Day in Paris2

Beautiful Cherubim statue in Pont Alexandre III Bridge

Paris, as people know, famous with so many beautiful building and sculpture. Their elegant style can be seen in the architecture not only in some important buildings, but also in their normal apartment. I found some of beautiful photos from my first visit in France, and actually it was my first time going around in another country alone. It was so fun! This article might be looked more about pictures compilation than some powerful information stories, but I think it’s fine, isn’t it?

Pont Alexandre III – A Glorious Sunny Day in Paris4

Pont Alexandre III – A Glorious Sunny Day in Paris1

Sunny afternoon in Paris, where you can enjoy the view of Eiffel Tower and Seine River

That afternoon, I tried to explore the city after my brother in law let me know where to find the Metro, the ticket, etc etc. I was so nervous because I don’t know the system yet, the different language they have, even I ever learned French a bit, also the unknown street and places made me worry but also excited in the same time, I feel my adrenaline is pumping out because I want to explore the city by myself.

My sister and the baby stayed at home, my brother in law go to work, and after fill my bag with some snacks and water, I am ready to leave house and take the Metro to the city center. I had a metro map and some information about what to see in Paris. Summer makes the hours become so long, because the sun usually set down around 11 pm. So I had plenty of times to explore the city. Let me be honest, I don’t really use my feet while I am in Jakarta, because I work behind the desk and usually only sit from 8 am to 5 pm, but here, in Europe, from one beautiful place to another is really only as far as walking distance, so I prefer to walked and enjoy the detail view about people’s activities.

Here’s one of the place I visited by walking or using the same line Metro that afternoon :

Pont Alexandre III Bridge

Pont Alexandre III – A Glorious Sunny Day in Paris3

Pont Alexandre III – A Glorious Sunny Day in Paris5

Pont Alexandre III – A Glorious Sunny Day in Paris6

Firstly, I visited the beautiful bridge along Invalides and Grand Palais. It’s become famous since Adele video clip – Someone like you took the scene in that bridge, but not only her – some perfume advertisement or another video clip also use the bridge as part of their scene. Now I know why. Really a good choice. The unique and beautiful street lamps make the bridge different than other bridge. Plus the view to Eiffel and Seine river add the beauty to the bridge. It is without a doubt the city most opulent decorated bridge. With such beautiful, most ornate and extravagant bridge in Paris, classified the bridge as one of the historical monument in town. Just in the first side of the bridge, you can see very beautiful statue.

Pont Alexandre III – A Glorious Sunny Day in Paris7

Pont Alexandre III – A Glorious Sunny Day in Paris9

Pont Alexandre III – A Glorious Sunny Day in Paris8

Pont Alexandre III – A Glorious Sunny Day in Paris10

Pont Alexandre III – A Glorious Sunny Day in Paris11

Pont Alexandre III – A Glorious Sunny Day in Paris12

The bridge built between 1896 and 1990. And lavishly decorated with lampposts and sculptures of cherubs and nymphs. In some sculptures, there are some key locks just like the bridge behind Notre Dame, while some couple put the key lock there and believe their love will be locked forever with their partner. Endless love. Forever love. I don’t really know the wishes are come true or not, but it’s good to have something to believe, isn’t it?

Pont Alexandre III – A Glorious Sunny Day in Paris13

Pont Alexandre III – A Glorious Sunny Day in Paris14

The cool but strange thing also I saw in Paris, when I found a rickshaw! It’s very common to have a rickshaw ride in Asia, but in such wealthy Europe country as France, or to be precised the city of glamor life, Paris, it’s kind of weird to see the rickshaw. I don’t know who invented the idea to have this vehicle around Paris, but it’s look cool and clean as well, not like common rickshaw that probably here, in Asia. The cost for rickshaw ride is different, depending on the distance, the range price is from 2.5 euros until 20 euros.

Pont Alexandre III – A Glorious Sunny Day in Paris15

For me, I avoid to take so much transportation and better to depend on my legs, since the sight-seeing places in Paris is walking away distance.

So I went on, step my feet to another place to visit that afternoon, continue in another photo article 😉





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