Malino Resort Hills, South Sulawesi

There is another destination if you kind of bored with the sun stroke and want to enjoy the green scenery and cold weather in South Sulawesi. We checked the map and see a place called Malino Resort Hills. Curious with the place, we decided to move from Tanjung Bira to Malino.


The owner of Salassa Guest House, pak Erik, offered us to rent a car for Rp. 900.000,- to drop us only to Malino. He was specially driving us from Bira to Malino because he said we are a special guest. Hahahaa. He’s really a good guy and love to laugh and talk. The journey around 7 hours was nicely to do since pak Erik talked a lot and laugh so much with us. We departed from Bira around 10 am, after enjoying our last breakfast, the banana pancakes, cooked by pak Erik’s wife, ibu Shanty.

I opened the banana pancake, just to see how they made it..


The view along the way was really good to enjoy. Beautiful hill sceneries grab our attention and made us enjoying the journey even it was quite long enough for us. The road is ok to go, always going up and up to the hills, only in certain area, the road was broken because of the erosion. Some locals still manage to make the road able to pass safely for the cars. We were stopping 2 times during the way, first is to get our lunch – only humble meat ball store we could find to fill our hungry stomach, and to complete the day, we taste the durian of Sulawesi, it was lekker!

Lekker! Yumm yummmm 😉

Beautiful view along the way…

We found a rubber plantation and stop for a while to see how it looks in a closer way.

Pak Erik, the owner of Salassa Guest House but also willing to drive us to Malino


With the suggestion of pak Erik, we stayed in Bukit Pinus guesthouse. It is located before the Pinus Forest public park if you go from Tanjung Bira. Only a walking distance to the park or traditional market where you can find some of local sweet snacks for souvenir. From pak Erik’s information, the place is clean and better than the others, because he also often go to Malino with his family (wife and children) and ever tried another places, but so far, he likes Bukit Pinus Guesthouse more. If you go with your family, you also can cook in their kitchen, just like they usually do if they have vacation in Malino. Call Mr. Syarif +6282193656161 if you want to stay in this place as well! 🙂


The cost for one night for small room is Rp. 300.000,-. Indeed Malino is so cold and too dampy so you wanna go under the blanket every time. It’s funny how the weather change extremely from beach to the hills for us in one day. The room price included breakfast, but it was the humble one. The tourism sector not yet so developed in Malino, so don’t expect the international standard here. We had an instant fried noodles with egg for our breakfast. The next day, we ask for banana fried (pisang goreng) and instant mocha coffee only.

A glorious morning view from the terrace while enjoying our simple breakfast…


There is a historical place for agreement signing between Indonesia and Netherlands years ago. But unfortunately we can’t find it. Malino itself is a nice little chilly city hills. You can enjoy fresh weather here. Malino also famous for a training place for Indonesia’s Military . While we were there, we saw some guys in military uniform are running that fast while bringing their guns. If you are living in Jakarta and Central Java area or ever been in Puncak, you will feel Malino is kind of similar with Puncak, where you can enjoy a glass of hot coffee, boiled corn and hot spicy instant noodles.

Malino hills, almost sunset…

One of the military training ground.


In the morning, we decided to go to the waterfalls. We heard there are 2 waterfalls in Malino. The huge one is named Takapala, while the other one named “Ketemu Jodoh”. Ketemu Jodoh has special meaning in bahasa. It means when you are meeting your soulmate. From the local I heard, years ago, one guy meet his soulmate in the waterfall, and they are married after that.


We rented the motor from the guesthouse’s keeper. We paid only for Rp. 50.000,- for a day. The motorbike is quiet old and had manual coupling system. I asked my boyfriend whether he can drive that kind of motorbike? He tried to drive it and everything seems ok. In Malino, the motorbike rental not so many as in Tanjung Bira, so we were quite happy the keeper allow us to use his motorbike. The road from our guesthouse to the waterfalls were up and down but we were so excited. Nice scenery surrounding made the idea to go to the waterfall seems so good for us. It’s a sunny and bright day.



Once we arrived in Takapala, we can hear the loud noise from the waterfalls. We need to pay Rp. 3.000,- for the entry ticket. And need to walked around 150 meters before we finally arrive in the waterfall. From far away, we already saw the high waterfall. The water that hits the stones make a strong sound. I saw many houses surrounding the waterfall. The houses sell snacks, food and beverages. Many women busy fried the banana and sweet potato and called us to stop by in their store. Actually with lots of house around the waterfall, make me so confuse. Are they not affected by the hard sound from the waterfall? I am not sure I can live with that such of noise all the time. The area also so damp because of the water sprinkle. Be careful when you step on your feet, since it’s so slippery and it won’t be nice if you fall to the river.

Full power waterfall…


We didn’t go to Ketemu Jodoh waterfall, because we fall from the motorbike. Some of the gears not work properly, so we stop the journey and go back to the guesthouse. But still, the journey was nice, the waterfall was awesome, and it was a one fine day for both of us.






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