Hidden Treasures in Tanjung Bira

While we were in Tanjung Bira, there is no way to just stay there without doing nothing. You can explore the surrounding area and perhaps you will find nicest place, just like what we found.

Tanjung-Bira-Dea-Sihotang (1)Ara beach, we found it accidentally…


As my previous article, if you want to reach Tanjung Bira from Makassar, you need 6 hours drive. Actually, you will arrive in Bulukumba first, then 1 hour more to go to Tanjung Bira. In the between, we checked on the map and find out there is a natural cave. Curious with how it’s look like, we rented a motorbike in Warung Bambu, Tanjung Bira, for Rp. 70.000,-/day. The renting was quiet easy, because we already stayed in Tanjung Bira for few days, so people there already knew us. They even not asked for our id/passport before they gave us the motor’s key.


In the morning, we started our adventure, my boyfriend drove the motorbike based on the map. We stopped many times to ask the local which is the right way to reach the cave. From the local people, we finally know the local name of the cave is Gua Pasohara (Gua = Cave, in bahasa). The feeling when we drove around was so fresh! The area is like an empty long road. So many green trees. The clear blue sky made the day seem so bright. We felt so alive as so many oxygen we can breathe freely.

Tanjung-Bira-Dea-Sihotang (5) Tanjung-Bira-Dea-Sihotang (6) Tanjung-Bira-Dea-Sihotang (7)


Finally we found the cave after ask so many times about the direction to the cave. We heard the cave has natural spring, but it’s dry when we are there. My boyfriend was brave enough to going down to the cave. I prefer to stay on the ground, since the cave looks so suspicious. It’s dark and also so silent. No one around the area. I may be such a “chicken”, but I don’t feel so good about going down. Sulawesi is famous with their mystical culture which is failed to understand by some of western people who believe science more than supernatural world. But for me, it was better to hold my step and also I am afraid probably there will be snakes or scorpions under the cave. That’s the explanation I gave to him, when he asked me why I’m not join him inside the cave. Instead, I always scream his name to make sure he was okay while in the cave (ohh did I already say that I am female? XP hahahaa).

Tanjung-Bira-Dea-Sihotang (8) Tanjung-Bira-Dea-Sihotang (9)

We didn’t spend so much time in the cave but continue driving with our curiosity about the surrounding area. We tried to find beaches as the local people mention about it many times. We went straight away from the cave and finally see the beach from a distance. We were very happy and keep continue the driving until we arrived in long and quiet beautiful beach we had ever seen! The beach just so beautiful with such clear crystal water and calm wave. We found a tree house and decide to go up, even it’s written the house is not for public, owned by private, but we still sat there for a while (ops!). No one in the house, actually not so much people in the area. It’s feel like a private beach for the two of us.

Tanjung-Bira-Dea-Sihotang (3)Tanjung-Bira-Dea-Sihotang (4) Tanjung-Bira-Dea-Sihotang (10) Tanjung-Bira-Dea-Sihotang (12)Such a heavy step on the white sands, the sands contain with lots of water…

Tanjung-Bira-Dea-Sihotang (2) Tanjung-Bira-Dea-Sihotang (11) Tanjung-Bira-Dea-Sihotang (13)

After satisfy enough with such relax time in the beach, we feel so hungry and decided to go back to our guesthouse in Bira. It takes around 15 minutes to go back to the guest house, but we were curious whether it’s possible to go to Bira by following the beach line or not. Later on, we found out that it’s impossible, since a huge stone closed the way. We ended up in fisherman village while some locals look at us with such confusion face when we still try to find a way out from the beach. Then we decided to go back to our previous way to Tanjung Bira, by passing Ara Village and the cave.


The Phinisi Maker


Not far from the Tanjung Bira‘s port, you can walk slowly and find the fisherman village where there are some guys busy making the ship. It’s not just a ship, but really a big one! It called Phinisi, a very special authentic sailing ship from Sulawesi. It was creating for the first time by Kanjo Tribe, the Bugis-Makassar people. The Kanjo boat builders have a long and highly successful wooden boat building tradition. They also have an excellent eye for shaping a ship. Phinisi may be 20 to 35 meters long and 350 tons in size. The masts may reach to 30 meters above the deck.

Tanjung-Bira-Dea-Sihotang (15) Tanjung-Bira-Dea-Sihotang (14) Tanjung-Bira-Dea-Sihotang (16)

Phinisi ship that we saw in the village is built since few months ago and estimated time will take a year to finish it. Built by 15 person together, design by 1 person, made by iron wood (kayu besi), for the price – umm, I think it will be very expensive – I’m not brave enough to ask such a huge amount, heheehe. The ship sells worldwide, not only use by Indonesians. It’s a real proof how the locals actually are so smart and able to make Indonesia becomes famous to the world by their art.

Tanjung-Bira-Dea-Sihotang (17)The ship looks so solid. It makes me imagine myself sail the ocean with this wooden boat and how strong it is against the storm. I’m not a big fan of ship as my boyfriend does. He’s really down into it and take a detail attention to the workers activities. It is seem so epic, isn’t it? It makes me remember about the movies Pirates of the Carribean. Anything can happen in such a huge ship as Phinisi boat. I tried to climb the ship and it was really high and look so superior! I felt so dizzy and careful with my steps while in the meantime, the crews really easily to lift some heavy sacks while trying to throw away the garbage from inside of the Ship. They were so kind to allow us to climb the ship and look how they work from a closer view, but they also laughed at me so hard when they see how afraid I was on the top of the ship. I can’t help, my brothers.. hahaha.

Tanjung-Bira-Dea-Sihotang (18) Tanjung-Bira-Dea-Sihotang (19) Tanjung-Bira-Dea-Sihotang (20) Tanjung-Bira-Dea-Sihotang (21)

I am fear of heights, you can see from my face 😛


Tips :

  • If you are in Tanjung Bira, better to rent a motorbike for Rp. 70.000,-/day so you can explore the village. There are so many hidden beautiful places which is  probably not listed on the map or in google : “10 things you can visit in Tanjung Bira” section.
  • South Sulawesi still kind of old-fashion area, it’s better to use swimming suit and pants than wear bikini, otherwise, you will get the look from locals in a weird way. IF you don’t mind with it, you can wear your fave bikini anyhow 😉






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