Saturday Night at Astuty’s Rumah Kebon

It’s kind of ironic, but for modern people, no matter how long you become friend with them, are the ones who so difficult to meet up. Like me and my hiking friends, usually we only meet up when we have a plan or a trip to go to hike a mountain, that’s why I called them as my hiking friends. But other than that time, it so hard to gather whole people together because each of us has our own business and activity.

Astuty’s Rumah Kebon.


So this Saturday, we planned to meet up in Astuty’s Rumah Kebon. We chose this place because some of our friends are working here. Rumah Kebon means the Garden House, and Astuty taken from the name of the owner, Madam Astuty Hasinah Haryono. It’s not so far from our place, and still in Jakarta area, so some of my friends agree to meet up there and have a barbeque together. We don’t make any special plan, only want to stay together and have chit-chat about trip and life. Sound like easy plan, and yes, it is!

Being together with your friends wherever you are, always a good time…


The problem is, for me and my friend, Michael, who never been there, we had a difficulty to reach the place. Thanks to Google map who lead us to the place without being lost in our way. Astuty’s Rumah Kebon located in Jl. Pendidikan, Cinangka, Sawangan, Depok. The easy way to find the house is to find Modern Hill first. Modern Hill is a housing complex in Jakarta. From the complex, you can just straightly go until you reach Jl. Pendidikan Raya then turn right to reach Jl. Pendidikan.


First time we arrive in the house, we already amazed with how big the area is, it’s around 1,5 ha. We arrived at night, so we haven’t see the whole place at that moment. But we feel so comfort to sitting in the big hall while some of our friends grilled the chicken, sausages and corns. The house’s decoration quite impressive. It makes you feel like you are really outside of Jakarta, like in small village in Central Java etc. Another impressive thing when I see how they have nice plantation around. They plant mostly fruits and vegetables. The idea of the house is to become miniature of garden park in Mekarsari, Cibubur, West Java. The owners want to develop the local people by having this house garden, so the village around also can learn how to plant trees for their own good. I also inspired to start to gardening after see how the way they do it. It looks so fun! 🙂

Nice idea for gardening, you can modified the pipes as plantations pot.

Barbeque time! My friend, Gepeng, so busy grilled the corns for all of us 🙂

This is how we eat together! So fun!! No need plate 😛


In the morning, we see the area has camping ground. But we didn’t build any tent that night, we just staying together, eating the barbeque in traditional way (with banana leaves as our plate) and singing with guitar until we are tired and go to sleep in early morning. When the morning comes, I can see better around. Not only they have the camping ground, but also they have glass house for certain plants and want to build a small pond with wooden house to complete the house’s interior.

Morning comes! Everything looks so greeny! 🙂


If you want to go to this place and stay over with your family, don’t be afraid. You don’t need to sleep in the big hall as we did. We did it because we are talking a lot until we don’t realize we fall a sleep (as how the teenagers mostly do while together). They also have guest house so you can sleep in proper bed. But I don’t know the price, you may call my friend, Gepeng (his nick name) to ask further information ; +62-857-7531-1253. He works there and will be happy to answer your question regarding to the house. It’s also a good option for you who want to leave the Jakarta’s sky scrapper and find a green place to enjoy the weekend. Also a good way to teach planting with your children. They also sell some tree seeding for you bring to home.

The guest house…

The terrace…

The room (I forget to take a picture of the bedroom – sorry!)…



For sure it’s another oasis in Jakarta – I wish lots of this kind of places built rather than build the cold and fake mall around Jakarta.




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