A Quirky Collection

I think every traveler has some weird collection to make them remember about their journey. Also it’s like a common secret, some travelers love to collect thing that they have interest with. Just like me, I like to capture my feet around the place I’ve been. It’s remind me how I use my leg to walk here and there, make me feeling grateful for having feet and also such a reminder for me, how I can accomplished the target and how I can reach the place that I really want to see. Inspired by what I did every time I go in a journey, my boyfriend told me, why not I compile all the pictures and write about it. I think, that’s a good idea!


The idea to write about this come when he saw me take lots of pictures of our feet.



Photos of legs of my boyfriend and I in Bira beach, South Sulawesi.



From Jakarta to Bandung, by train.


He didn’t understand, how this picture for me is simple but so intimate 😛


When you are in a trip,  usually you have extra power that make you able to walk from the morning until evening without being tired. Some travelers even cut their budget of hotel and bring their bag everywhere while visiting some places in the city. In Europe and some Asia countries, the sightseeing can be in walking distance, that’s why walking play important role for many travelers.  For me, I do enjoy walking, it’s like a spiritual meditation while also pay attention in detail with all the building, daily life and people I met along the way. I also like to walk, not only it’s good for my health but it’s kind of bring fascinating feeling when I lost around small alley in unknown cities. Just like what happened to me when I was in Thamel, Kathmandu. I woke up early and start my walk around 7 am while the shops still close. Yes I do like a tourist, cause I brought a map and look everything in detail. But then because of walking, I found a beautiful old small Buddhist temple. How I love the feeling of blending with the local when I walk here and there. For sure you will get some things that you won’t get if you do it with cars or tuk-tuk.


Ah, but also I’m not stupid. Some places only can be reached by using car. And such a general habit for me, every time I finish trip to one place, at home I will do massage for my whole tired body, especially my legs.


This article I dedicated for my feet who already brought me to many places. I am so grateful for the opportunity to walk here and there and watch everything in detail. It’s more fascinating than traveling in Porsche, even I don’t reject a horse ride, I always want a horse ride. But for now, let’s celebrate this feet we have!


Panda Base Center, Chengdu, China.



Helloooo Nepal! Finally, a dream come true! 🙂


Enjoying the scenery after long hours journey by bus from Kathmandu. Fewa Lake, Pokhara, Nepal.



Trekking to Poonhill. Stop in Ghandruk because of the leeches bite. Ghandruk, Nepal.



Relaxing in Nayapul after 4 days trekking to Poonhill, Nepal.




Ha Long Bay, Vietnam.



Harapan Island, Thousand Island, Jakarta, Indonesia. With Bella, my friend.



A good adventure. Hike to Ijen Mountain and down to the Crater, Java, Indonesia.



There’s nothing can beat the feeling of stepping on white sandy beach. Bara beach, Sulawesi.



The wood house, I just want a tree house and laid back there. Ara Beach, Sulawesi.



This is before the motor accident happened in Malino, South Sulawesi.



Have you ever seen sea stars? We saw it a lot in Puntondo Beach, Takalar, Sulawesi.


I took this picture before the sandals broke because too much use for walking in the Emperor tombs, Hue city, Vietnam.


This kind guy tried to fix my sandals and he make it! At least I can back to the hotel no need to barefoot 😀



Waiting my flight to Charles de Gaulle, Paris, France.



Uyeee!! Actually many sea urchin here, but you can’t see it because they hiding behind the stones. Kidul Beach, Yogyakarta.


DeaSihotang-20 DeaSihotang-21 DeaSihotang-22

All taken from Papandayan Mountain, my favorite mountain, but different occasion.




Hot weather? Go to Parangloe and let your feet enjoy the fresh water! Parangloe Waterfall, South Sulawesi.



The way to Poonhill was really difficult, I don’t understand why we need to go up and down the hill again, up and down again.. Fiuuuhh…



Hello vacation! Hello summer! It’s a colorful theme for my trip to Rammang-Rammang, South Sulawesi.



Even this cute dog, need to be remembered with my feet, hehehee. Tay Ninh, Vietnam.


Me and Toby’s feet in Thousand Island, Jakarta.


Oh yes, I love this sneakers too too much! 😀 Triangulasi Beach, Alas Purwo National Park, Indonesia.



A good weather, good place and good food. Volendam, The Netherlands.



Even my feet celebrating the democratic vote in Jakarta, April 2014


So, what’s your quirky collection so far? May I know that? 🙂







      • I like to collect coins and I take one photo in a certain way in front of the famous places I visit. I’m going soon to Luxor and I’ll send you some photos from there!


  1. Wahhh, Luxor is really awesome! Ughhh.. the place where you live is absolutely my dream as well. Wish I could go there one day 🙂 – Enjoy and can’t wait to see your pictures 🙂


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