An Apologize to Myself and You

Hello all,


Faithful readers will be realized that I haven’t written anything since past few weeks. Something happen. As I can say, I was breaking up with my boyfriend. Yes, the guy that you may see in previous article. It wasn’t a joyful fact, after I posted the latest article about our trip in Puntondo, South Sulawesi, the next day, he broke me up.

For sure I was shattered and too sad to write anything at that moment. But the good thing (such as how God is so know about my future) – while ago, I already set up few trip for this month, since in our calendar, May is full with national holiday – a good choice to take days off and enjoy long holiday.

A day before my trip to Lampung (Sumatera), he asked for the separation. I was crying the whole day and thinking I may not go to Lampung with my friends. My face really terrible and I don’t really feel good enough to have a joke and surround by some people – no matter how nice they are.

But then again, I was thinking, it maybe a bad choice to just stay at home in such long holiday and crying over my break up and another failed relationship.

So I just be honest to them, I don’t have so good mood to go, and thankfully, they were really kind to me and make so many jokes without offensive words. All I can do was laughing and laughing a lot because of them.

I will write more about the trip but here is some of the glimpse pictures about how I (amazingly) enjoyed the trip with my friends to Lampung.

An Apologize to Myself and You3

An Apologize to Myself and You1

An Apologize to Myself and You4



Back to Jakarta, it was feeling like another worse idea.

Because Jakarta has so many memories between me and him and it’s like him in everywhere I go. I have a difficulties in handling separation, but I know life must goes on. You know what save me? Another trip! Yes, It’s really right the idea to go away from your routine, find a peaceful place and separate yourself from anything during your recovery after a broken hearted.

This trip already planned since few months ago, a trip to North of Java, to Karimun Jawa (which actually located in Central Java) with my campus friends.

This time girls only and girl friends have so much effect to make you cheer up and be happy. We can talk about nothing and non-sense jokes which make me forget about all the problems and the bad situation.

You will envy how great my holiday in Karimun Jawa, 2 weeks ago.

An Apologize to Myself and You2

An Apologize to Myself and You5

An Apologize to Myself and You6

I will write for you more about this place πŸ™‚ *pinky promise



And now, tomorrow I will go to Penang then Manila then Kuantan!! Yeayyyyy….

This is also another trip that planned since long time ago. First my friend told me about promotion flight from Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur only for IDR 100.000,- (USD 10)/one way. Then after we kept the ticket for quite long time without knowing where to go after Kuala Lumpur. Another promotion from Air Asia comes, this time from Kuala Lumpur – Manila – Kuala Lumpur, only IDR 600.000,- (USD 60)/person! Woohooo, such a crazy price!


But we have 2 days before departing to Manila, so me and my friend, Valentina, we will visit Penang first, before depart to Manila. Will be a busy trip, but who cares?! As long as I can escape from Jakarta, seeing new places, redeem my shattered heart.


My target in Philippines is to see Banaue Rice Terraces. A friend once visited the place and send me the postcard, since then, I really wanna see the area. Because of this, I also should go separated with Valentina, since she doesn’t want to go that far from Manila. The constraint of the idea is how limited day I have in Philippines. Actually, I will arrive at night, going around Manila city in the next morning, hop to bus to Banaue at night, arrive in the morning and going trekking for a while, enjoying the rice terraces view – perhaps I can see the traditional people as well then go back to Manila with the evening bus. I know it sounds so cheeky and so rushing. Everyone told me it’s impossible to do, and that’s make me more to make it and prove to them that it is possible to do! I am a bit nervous actually but let see how it goes and wish me luck.



For this such beautiful view, oh yes, I want to try my best – at least, I won’t regret if I already tried my best πŸ™‚


Photo taken from






Latest idea comes when I talk to a friend in Kuantan, we have been a friend since a year maybe (or more). First we know to each other in English Forum, then I added her in Facebook, later we talked about so many, sooo many things – and it will become a nice ending for this trip if I can visit her in Kuantan, enjoy our girly time, have a cocktail in the beach and enjoy our step in the forest. I can’t wait!


So wait for me back from the trip with lots of stories for you! πŸ˜‰



Lots of love,



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  1. i kind of feel the same and been through that phase as well. People might say traveling was just a runaway, but hey some people are different right? πŸ˜€


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