One of the winner of #GetStranded Writing Competition is ME!

Hello Faithful Readers!


I planned to write some stories about my recent trips, but then, I got a surprise because today I had a call from Telkomsel, I win a trip to Bukittinggi, Padang for 2 person – all expenses paid by them! Crazy!! So I skipped the idea to write about my trip, instead I wanna tell you how I feel at this moment. I am so happy indeed! The basic thing that make me happy because this is my first time winning a competition that judged by my writing, not by likes on Facebook or Twitter. I ever followed a competition in a blog, and need to against another participants from Vietnam and Philippines and I was so upset because at that time, I had the #1 position – but only by 2 hours, the Vietnamese has hundreds like – which absolutely strange.


But that was a competition by likes!

So since that moment, I promise myself only to follow a competition which really read your writing and decided it whether it’s good or not. And from 540 articles (I sent 3 articles) – then my name is mentioned as the winner with another 3 person. Whoooo!! I am so happy indeed, like wanna jump from one rooftop to another rooftop πŸ˜€


It’s not about proud – but yeah, I kinda proud of myself. For me it’s something that really boost my confidence in writing. I write without cause, I just like to write anything pass my mind. But if someone appreciated it (or give me a reward such a free holiday – of course I really happy and want to teary my eyes, hehehe). Especially, I will travel with Trinity. Who is Trinity? Trinity is a travel freak that wrote so many books about her travel journey before so many people do before It such a honor she appreciated my article, especially I am kinda fans of her courage to travel the world πŸ™‚


The thing that I am afraid is how to talk to my boss for taking another days off – since I just returned from 2 weeks trip :S Umm.. it’s really difficult, but I don’t want to give up. It worth to fight. So wish me luck friends, there is a saying, the more people wish you something good – the faster it will come (a saying by me – lol).


I post the information here for my own record. I still not believe it. I still remember how I wrote the article in a food court in one of busy mall and I was a bit sad at that moment (because of my broken relationship – I still sad but it helps me to be happy a bit :P).


May 15, When I was sitting alone – enjoying my unhealthy lunch and write the article.



June 06, They announced it this noon, I win the trip to Bukittinggi, Padang! Yeayyy!!


If you fancy to look the article, here is the link – but it’s only in Bahasa ;,134


I always believe, a dream emerging from the heart is the destiny we should reach out. Because I think, it is there with a reason, a dream only come to those who able to put all effort to make it comes true. So I am happy if I can dream, and I am dreaming about many things a lot. Too much sometimes, but who cares? To have a dream is no cost at all πŸ˜‰


PS : I will come to you soon with the trip stories.. Be patience for it ^_^






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