Chilling Time in Penang Hill

“Don’t call yourself ever been in Penang if you never go to The Penang Hill!”

Actually, that’s not my statement. I read that statement in a sign board at Penang Hill. Just like how the marketing try to promote the area, but I think this place can be a good choice when you visit Penang and want to be in a chilly place, since the town is so hot especially in dry season as May! (when I was there).

Chilling Time in Penang Hill1


In my previous article, you might know that I stayed in Muntri’s house. It’s a guesthouse, actually an old house which decorated with Chinese style and built as an hostel. We chose the female dorm and meet up with new friend from Beijing. She introduced herself with English name, Quincy. It’s no need to ask her original name in Chinese, because I will not remember it and difficult to pronounce it, lol. Just like the Chinese people originated from China, their English is quite poor and so hard to understand. That’s also what happen with this woman. But I still amazed to her, how she is so brave to travel alone with limited English she has. She already traveled for 2 months in a row, alone! We have a conversation like in jungle, haha. Sometimes we used hands or gesture to explain our mind and sometimes when she became so confuse, she will try to find her cellphone and try to see a help from the translation. But then, we traveled together to Penang hill and it was so much fun!

Chilling Time in Penang Hill4

Me and Quincy.


To reach Penang hill from city center (our hostel in Muntri Street – street in Penang/Malaysia called Lebuh, that’s why so many “Lebuh” there), we should take a rapid bus Number 204 to Bukit Bendera, and it drives for around 30 minutes, the bus ticket price not so expensive, around RM 2/one way. Not so far. And we stopped in front of the entry gate.

Chilling Time in Penang Hill2

Chilling Time in Penang Hill3


The price for going up to the hill with the train return (the only way and actually the reason why people visit Penang hill) is RM 30. Whooo, it’s quiet expensive I think. But then, it was worth it. If you are Malaysian, the price will be so cheap, around RM 8 for adult. So much different! Hiks.

Chilling Time in Penang Hill5


Why is it worth? First, the trail is so extreme – even I didn’t feel it, and it is so pity. I was expected the feeling will be like riding a roller coaster, but nope, not at all. When we entered the train and see our first extreme trail, everyone was gasping and hold their breathe, but yeah, few seconds later, we just release the breathe. No need to hold your breathe, because you won’t feel the difference whether it’s going up or going down. So I was a bit disappointed, my adrenaline blood wasn’t awaking at that moment. But in the other side, it’s good, because it’s proving how great their machine and technology 😉 The green scenery around also satisfied me. I like the area, it’s so clean! I like Malaysia, because in certain area, it’s always that clean. No rubbish. Great for international tourist. The hill also nice to walk around. I always like to be around the nature.

Chilling Time in Penang Hill22

Look so extremely going down, but the feeling inside of the train is so stable, huhuhuu…

Chilling Time in Penang Hill7

Chilling Time in Penang Hill6

It is written, early transportation before the train.


The first thing we saw around the main hall is a replica of monkey cup flower. What’s monkey cup? It’s a flower that able to eat insect. A kind of carnivore flower variety. Then if you’re going up, you can see a hall upstair with gate full of key chains. Yes, it’s remind me of Paris. The bridge of love locks. There is also a big LOVE letter, which you can take a professional picture with a commercial photographer there.  I don’t know why they think the decoration is fitted with the hills. I prefer something more natural than a fake copied of love locks wall. But it was fun to take picture there. I think, because the place situated above the hill and it makes the place feel so chilly, then many couple come there to enjoy their romantic moments. Anyway, we had a really fun experience, when we took a picture ourselves, suddenly many Indian guys wanted to take picture together with us. Haha. We felt such like famous artist!

Chilling Time in Penang Hill8

Chilling Time in Penang Hill9

Chilling Time in Penang Hill10


Then we went trekking to the path that already created for those who love to walk. Because it was after raining, so the places kind of wet. We avoided the inner path (Path A, B, C, D) because we see so many mosquitoes around and Quincy was bite by them a lot. Poor her, dunno why, but for me and my friend, Valentina, we feel ok, no mosquitoes bite us. Maybe our blood is not so nice for them compared Quincy’s blood, haha.

Chilling Time in Penang Hill11

Chilling Time in Penang Hill12

I like the words.


Another strange thing is when we walked quite far, and we met someone who build the house. Quincy wanna go to toilet so she asked the guy where the toilet is. So bad, they don’t provided toilet in the middle of path because the area quite far from main hall where the love lock existed. Then guess what, the guy said to us, “What do you want to see here? Nothing in the end of the road?” Eh, that’s so funny! We also saw some of tourist go back to previous way, because maybe he was right, nothing to see in the of the road. We expect something such as waterfall, or flower plant or etc. Only what we can see there is a monkey cup garden and need to pay RM 15 to come inside. I didn’t come inside, since few weeks ago, I already saw it in Lampung, Indonesia. But maybe it’s fun for you to who never see it to see it.

Chilling Time in Penang Hill13

Chilling Time in Penang Hill14

Chilling Time in Penang Hill15

 I saw this fat monkey just eating guava nicely, so cute!


Anyway, we went back to the main hall. It doesn’t matter for me whether there is something in the end of the road or not, I just like to walk. And the fresh air was so good to inhale. We felt hungry, we think the cafe inside will be quite expensive. So we just enjoyed the famous peanut in Peanut hill. Not only us who like it, even the dog also love it!

Chilling Time in Penang Hill16

Chilling Time in Penang Hill17

This dog was waiting for the people give her peanuts. I was a bit surprise when I saw this Islamic family didn’t try to make the dog disappear, instead they shared the peanut.


We continued our journey to a place where there are some of religious worship house, such as temple, mosque and church in one area. I think it’s a symbol how the harmony between people with different religions, as we should really apply that in reality.


I went inside of the Hindu temple and love the colorful architecture there. Many statues which I believe each statue have a different meaning and tale stories. I don’t know about it, just know few of them from my guide in Nepal before. I took some photos and amazed how good the imagination of people who built the temple.

Chilling Time in Penang Hill18

Chilling Time in Penang Hill20

Chilling Time in Penang Hill19


We can’t come inside the church, the gate is locked. And we skipped the mosque since so many people there, maybe they do shallat. Then we saw a beautiful old house, with British style. There is a signboard written – “it’s not allowed to enter the house”, but I saw the gate isn’t locked. So I just come inside and explore the house for a while. Hihi, I’m sorry. I don’t know the purpose of the building, but I think someone lives there.

Chilling Time in Penang Hill21


So there you go? Have you ever been to Penang? If so, have you ever been in Penang hill? If not, don’t call yourself ever been in Penang without seeing the hill. Lol. And for you who wanna go to Penang, this hill can be a good option to visit.




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