The Georgetown, Penang

When we checked our ticket flight from Kuala Lumpur to Manila, we find out that we still have 2 days before we departed to Manila. To just staying in Kuala Lumpur for us was a bit bored, so we tried to find out cheap flight to go from Kuala Lumpur to somewhere. And we got.. Penang!

The Georgetown, Penang2

So excited to arrive in Penang!


Penang is small old town located around 45 minutes by flight from Kuala Lumpur. We will arrived in Kuala Lumpur and gonna take another direct flight to Penang. There was a funny incident when me and my friend arrived in Kuala Lumpur. Since May 2014, Air Asia is landing in KLIA2, which is the wider, huge and far airport comparing to LCTT. I got used with the LCTT so never expect how it’s KLIA2 looks like. The distance time between our arriving in KL to another flight to Penang was only 2 hours. So we were in hurry running from arrival place, to arrival hall, to departure hall, to departure gate. Gosh! Was so exhausted for us! Especially we were running with our heavy backpack. Ulalaa! We even can not focus to eat our dinner, when we decided to eat first before find the departure gate. Was a wrong decision to eat rice in such hurry time. It was just like a group of army want to go to war in any minute, hahahaa, and soda wasn’t a good choice to drink while in hurry. Don’t follow our mistake, no matter whether it’s a domestic flight, you better to have 3 hours distance from your arrival to another flight. Note to myself!


The Georgetown, Penang4


We arrived in Penang and take the cab from official taxi counter. I saw the toilet in the airport and already loved it! I heard about how creative people in Penang, because they make so many street arts, which later become one of the main attraction for tourist to visit Penang.

The Georgetown, Penang3

The toilet in the airport, so charming from outside.


After a bit confused to find our hostel in the middle of the night, finally we found it and it was pretty impressive for an hostel. I like the Chinese style from the house. And indeed a Chinese guy was greeted us and explain to us how the key work if we are coming back from outside after 12 am. So funny, because no one will wait for you 24 hours, so it’s like coming back to your own house. Use the key, be quiet and go inside the house without bringing any noisy sound. I can say it was safe enough to take the taxi in the evening from the airport. Maybe because it was official taxi.

The Georgetown, Penang5

The Georgetown, Penang6

The old beautiful Chinese interior from Muntri’s House.

The Georgetown, Penang1

Our female dorm.


To explore George Town, you can use free map you took from the airport. Then rent a bike which you can easily find around the town. We were only using the bike for few hours since it was so sunny day. Too hot, even for tropical girls like us!


Our idea to find the street arts was to firstly finding the street which has lots of that painted wall first, later if we still have time and still in the mood, we will try to find another one that farest. It was so fun! We were cycling here and there such as to find a treasure in the middle of the ocean. It made me remember about my childhood when me and my brother and sister love to play as detective and try to find a treasure by leaving some important marks. Once when we found our first street arts, we were so happy like a kid has a candy and want to find more and more and more. I was so impressed with creativity of the people who has the idea to make the street arts. It’s not merely such a good colorful painted wall, but also some of the arts teach people to understand more about the culture of Penang’s people or generally Malaysians.

The Georgetown, Penang7

The Georgetown, Penang10

Penang is so hot!


Some of the unique and beautiful street arts we found in Penang

The Georgetown, Penang8

The Georgetown, Penang9

The Georgetown, Penang11

The Georgetown, Penang18

The Georgetown, Penang14

The Georgetown, Penang12


The good thing in Penang is not only the street arts. If you are not care enough to do the “treasure hunting” as we did, you also can go to the hills and try the extreme train which will go up and down for extreme distance. Or visit the temple above the hill, which you need extra energy to climb the hill. Or just wander around the town, you will love the beautiful ancient building that make the city has it’s own unique atmosphere.

The Georgetown, Penang13

The Georgetown, Penang15

The Georgetown, Penang16



Because I am a member of Couchsurfing, a world wide travelers community, I made myself able to attend the gathering that just held in the same day I was there, every Friday. I really like how friendly the couchsurfers there, even I wasn’t able to talk much with them in such limited time and only one night to meet. Maybe next time we could meet again.

The Georgetown, Penang17

With couchsurfers from Penang.


Cost :

  • Taxi from the aiport to Muntri Street (our hostel) RM 45.
  • Rent a bike/6 hours RM 8 (if I’m not mistaken).
  • Hostel in Muntri House RM 50/2 days, including breakfast, wifi, towel. Muntri’s House, Jalan Muntri, Georgetown, 10200 Georgetown, Pulau Pinang, Malaysia. Telp. +60 14-902 6797. Only the bad thing, their bathroom is so small, compared to their big house. I also don’t understand why they not build the big one.
  • Average meals in Street Food around RM 8-15


Tips :

  • Take the free map of George Town, especially the one which has direction to find the street arts, otherwise you need to buy it in the store for RM 6. Such a lot of money!
  • Use the sunblock if you are worry about your skin become tan easily. We met a Chinese girl who later became our travel partner and she always worry about the sunburn and complain how black she is, which for me she still whiter than me!  Trust me, tanning after sunbathing and tanning after cycling had different feeling.
  • Don’t worry for not finding the street arts. It’s like finding a puzzle in the middle of the town, but you will love it. Just follow the map and look for many people stop around at certain place, there is absolutely a street art around.


Happy traveling!




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