Why Kuantan?

People often asked me when they know that I’m going to Kuantan. Why Kuantan? they asked. The answer is simple. I have a friend (that I never met) lives there. Yes, I never meet her before. We knew to each other from an English Community in Facebook. When I saw her profile in the community, I think, Oh woww, I never have a Burmese friend ever. It might be cool to have one and able to learn something from them. So I added her. Later on it turned to be very nice to talk with her – even we usually do it online.


Until one time, when I planned to go to Penang and Philippines, I was thinking to myself, why not I visited her as well. So when I finished my trip in Philippines, instead going back to Jakarta from Kuala Lumpur, I decided to continue the trip to Kuantan, to meet her. And yes, it’s Kuantan, not Kelantan – the Sultan’s place.


I arrived in Kuala Lumpur in the evening. I had an appointment to a Couchsurfing friend in KL Sentral, but too bad I can’t connect to the airport’s wifi. Something wrong with my phone. I just think, I may get another chance later in KL Sentral, so I go directly to the place where we agreed to meet up. If he’s not coming or we were passing our way to each other, I may need another place to stay over tonight – I actually hate the idea of looking for cheap hostel in the evening. Thanks God, he was there with a big smile and we had such good conversation before he bring me to his friend house. Yep, it turned out I can’t stay in his place because his grandma coming, but later on, I stayed in Farid’s house which lead me to know another friend from Argentina who later become my travel friend to Kuantan – ah yes, travel wides your networking. I feel welcomed everywhere I go because of Couchsurfing!


Why Kuantan13

What a lucky me! Finally I arrived here and can stay in this beautiful place 🙂


Once we arrived to Farid’s house, there is another guest in the house from Argentina. Then we gathered together and talk hours until we can’t open our eyes again about travel. All discussion about traveling always make me feel good. But my tired body can not lay anymore, once I laid on the bed, I feel asleep immediately and when the sun comes, me and Mariela – the Argentine girl, go to Kuantan together. She decided to follow me to Kuantan because she has plenty of time. I am jealous with people who has plenty of time for travel, huhuhuu.

Why Kuantan2

Me and Mariela, life allowed us to meet and now we feel like sisters..


We need to take one rapid bus to go to KL Sentral and take a MRT to Pekeliling bus station, from there, we take another bus to Kuantan. From Kuala Lumpur to Kuantan takes 4 hours and during the way, the speaker from bus never stop loudly singing Qur’an. Whoooo, I feel a bit weird. Especially when I see many of the passengers are Chinese. Is it necessary to put the Qur’an songs instead of normal songs?


We arrived in Terminal Makmur (bus station) in Kuantan and I tried to find my friend. But she doesn’t appear yet. While waiting for her, we just sitting in the waiting room and suddenly a Korean guy approached us and asking whether we are the friend of Hninn. She already told me that in same date, she need to host one guy from Korean. It was a very nice moment when I finally meet with Hninn, after 2 years contact only via online! Just so funny because we talked a lot in Facebook so we feel like we already knew to each other without any gap of the absence of our real existence in each other life.


First event was to visit another friend of Hninn which already prepared for us dinner. Wah, I feel like a special guest! Especially when Raihana welcomed us so friendly, introduced us to her mom, told me she feel close to me because she read my blog (so glad!), allowed us to help her to prepare the food on the table (even we didn’t do much! Hehe) and brought us to her yard and show us some of local trees which interesting knowledge as well for us. Thank you Raihana!

Why Kuantan6

Ok don’t laugh, I was so happy to see this bird nest for real!


Why Kuantan7

And this mangosteen! Priceless.


Why Kuantan8Why Kuantan1

What a luxurious dinner treat for us!!


Why Kuantan5  Why Kuantan11 Why Kuantan12

We were just so happy 🙂


We returned to Hninn’s place and I had an appointment with another friend, an Australian that we (Valentina and I) met along the way while once we were in Penang. Later on, he came to visit us after riding approx 250 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur. Crazy! We had short time to meet up but it was nice. We sing along the night, Hninn is really good with guitar. Mariela has gold voice and I am the cheerleader, while Seokho still try to keep his body healthy by doing some push up and another exercise, and Scott was smiling to see this young people were so crazy while sipping his beer, hahaha.

Why Kuantan3


The international night! People from Myanmar, Australia, Argentina, Korea, Indonesia gathered together in one house in Malaysia. Amazing!

Why Kuantan4


When one played piano, the other do the exercise. What a random activity, hahaha.


Why Kuantan10

Finally she played the guitar for real performance, hehee.


With all people in the house from so many countries around the globe, we call that night as International night. That’s the lovely thing about travel, you meet people during your trip and you can be friend forever or bunch of travel mate for a while. There is a saying ; “We don’t meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason.”





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