30 Pictures from My Journey in Bayon, Cambodia

30-pictures-from-my-journey-to-bayon-temple2930-pictures-from-my-journey-to-bayon-temple22Bayon at the sunset (not the best one – we just left already).


30-pictures-from-my-journey-to-bayon-temple27Me, in Bayon temple.


30-pictures-from-my-journey-to-bayon-temple18The serenity face.


Here is another 30 pictures collection taken from my first time going abroad. Looking through this pictures make me happy because I still clearly remember how joyful I was that time. I chose Cambodia, as I really love ancient town and history. Now, we visited Bayon, which is one of my dreams to go since looong time ago. I still clearly remember the feeling when I finally able to touched the temple by my own hands. It felt so good! The cold of the stones made me realize that I am really in Bayon, not just a dream! Finally!!! After few years I only see it from television or books.


Look at my happy face here! Yes, indeed I was sooo happy πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


We visited Bayon after finish walking around Angkor Wat. Based on size, Bayon smaller than Angkor Wat, but it has unique craving. In the enter gate, you will see a sleeping Buddha statue and ruined temple and Dragon statues as well.

30-pictures-from-my-journey-to-bayon-temple11The sleeping Buddha.

30-pictures-from-my-journey-to-bayon-temple2030-pictures-from-my-journey-to-bayon-temple8The dragon statue, usually standing on the bridge.

30-pictures-from-my-journey-to-bayon-temple730-pictures-from-my-journey-to-bayon-temple1030-pictures-from-my-journey-to-bayon-temple21The ruins in Bayon temple.

30-pictures-from-my-journey-to-bayon-temple1230-pictures-from-my-journey-to-bayon-temple13The beautiful relief of Apsara dance. It’s really beautiful!


You can see huge face on the wall of the temples, they called it β€œthe serenity of the stone faces”. The amazing thing is, how they have different facial expression in every statue, even people may see it just a stone, but I feel it alive! Some of the statue are smiling, with different smile. The Japanese Government Team for the Safeguarding Angkor (the JSA) described the temple as β€œthe most striking expression of the baroque style” of Khmer architectural. I feel so in awe.




Different with Angkor Wat, this temple built as the official temple for Buddhist by Jayavarman VII, but later after he died, Hindu and Therava Buddhist kings modified the use of the temple based on their own religious preferences. Bayon means magic in Khmer. The temple has 49 towers and each tower decorated with four faces of compassionate Bodhisattva Avalokesvara (known later as Kuan Yin) and the face of Javayarman VII himself. These faces symbolize of the four sublime states of Buddhism, include Charity, Compassion, Sympathy and Equanimity to anyone in universal.

30-pictures-from-my-journey-to-bayon-temple630-pictures-from-my-journey-to-bayon-temple230-pictures-from-my-journey-to-bayon-temple3030-pictures-from-my-journey-to-bayon-temple430-pictures-from-my-journey-to-bayon-temple1530-pictures-from-my-journey-to-bayon-temple1730-pictures-from-my-journey-to-bayon-temple19I feel like the eye look at me directly…

30-pictures-from-my-journey-to-bayon-temple28This is the experiment of one local guy we met in Bayon, he wanted to put my nose close to the relief nose. Did he success?


When we were there, we have an opportunity to take a picture with some Apsara dancer with their traditional costume. It was so lovely and colorful. I love traditional clothes! Only the thing we should aware with some scam around through children who asked money to us by saying they need book or else. Yes true, so many poor children in the country, but it’s better if you want to do a charity, do it in legal way, you can sponsor official institution or do volunteer yourself, since many irresponsible person use that reason to beg money from tourist.

30-pictures-from-my-journey-to-bayon-temple24 30-pictures-from-my-journey-to-bayon-temple2630-pictures-from-my-journey-to-bayon-temple25The beautiful dancer. I love their dress!


I close this article with one of my fave self picture and quote all the time πŸ˜›


“Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson



Happy exploring!

Dea Sihotang



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