Heritance Tea Factory

I woke up in such a cold feeling. Sun already set so high, but I am so lazy to go out from the blanket. Remember that a day ago, I had an appointment with Xenia and Chris, I forced myself to wake up and have a shower. Oh no, the hot water wasn’t working. So I need to use the water very minimum because it is cold like ice! At least the water able to woke me up and be ready to conquer the brand new day.


Today, me, Xenia and Chris will visit Heritance Tea Factory based on the suggestion of a guy in Radev Guest House. We wanted to taste the tea and to buy some as well. A tuk-tuk driver already waited in front of the house to take us there. It was a good idea to take tuk-tuk because we can share the cost. We paid 1500 LKR (plus tips because it was a hilly track and he was kind to us for waiting us making some pictures along the way) for around 2-3 hours trip.

Heritance-Srilanka-Dea-Sihotang (2)

On our way to the top of the hill when the tea factory located. Photo taken by Chris.


The tea factory is not so far from Nuwara Eliya city. Maybe around 30 minutes. I was quite wondering (and surprise) whether the tuk-tuk able to bring the 4 of us to go to the hill. In Indonesia, we also use this kind of tuk-tuk in some area, but I am not sure our tuk-tuk able to go to the hills like ones in Sri Lanka. I was more in awe when I really can see how the tuk-tuk able to go to the top of the hill, waowwww…

Heritance-Srilanka-Dea-Sihotang (5)Heritance Tea Factory from the outside.


Once we arrived in Heritance Tea Factory (B39, Nuwara Eliya 22220, Sri Lanka +94522229600), we were so amazed with the beautiful view surrounding. It was so windy, we need to keep our stuff so it won’t fly by the wind. Heritance tea factory located in 6300 feet, that’s explain enough how the place is so cold and windy. It is a good place and not merely a boring tea factory, but also a hotel where you can stay over.

Heritance-Srilanka-Dea-Sihotang (17) Heritance-Srilanka-Dea-Sihotang (6)

What a lovely place and weather to sit and enjoying a cup of tea, right?


In fact, inside of the tea factory, it’s really a luxury place to sip a tea! They managed the place with cool interior and put a billiard table to make the place more comfortable for some guest. It is really a perfect place to relax and enjoy the view, instead of enjoying their excellent tea as well.

Heritance-Srilanka-Dea-Sihotang (7) Heritance-Srilanka-Dea-Sihotang (13) Heritance-Srilanka-Dea-Sihotang (8)

Heritance-Srilanka-Dea-Sihotang (15)Look to the interior inside, it is so luxury, right!?!


In this tea factory, you can get a glimpse imagination of how tea is such an important business and play primary role in Sri Lanka – back then and present. You can see how tea making it’s own life style. For me, myself, I felt like I am back to the era where people can be seen as noble person or not by what tea they drink and how they drink it.

Heritance-Srilanka-Dea-Sihotang (12)Heritance-Srilanka-Dea-Sihotang (10) Heritance-Srilanka-Dea-Sihotang (9)A proof how tea hold an important role in Sri Lanka.


There is many variety of tea. You can choose one you like. I like tea with fruit flavor – or jasmine, but they don’t sell it here. Only ones with original taste. If you like black Ceylon tea, you can choose BOPF, while the light one is BOP. The expensive one is green tea, but it’s so funny because Sri Lankans don’t like to drink green tea. For them, it’s not taste like tea, hihihi. Here in Indonesia, people are crazy to drink green tea because we believe it will make us more slim and good for digestion.

Heritance-Srilanka-Dea-Sihotang (11)Tea variety – yes, it is important to know the difference.


One thing that interesting in this tea factory when I saw their board. There is many offering pinned there. Definitely you can do many things here – not merely drink tea or buy tea. Here is what you can do from the board :

  1. You can visit places around the hotel such as :
  • Horton Plain (2,5 hours drive)
  • Randenigala Dam and Wild Sanctuary (2 hours drive)
  • Hakgala Botanical Gardens (1 hour drive)
  • Seetha Amman Temple (1 hour drive)
  • Golf Club, Nuwara Eliya (45 mins drive)
  • Lake Gregory (45 mins drive)
  1. Mountain Biking for 500 LKR
  2. Nature Walk for 200 LKR
  3. Tour to Horton Plains for USD 150pax
  4. Pluck your own tea for 500 LKR
  5. Tea Tasting for USD 15/person
  6. Wine and Dine on Wheels at TCK 6685 (old train setting)
  7. Pony ride (500 LKR for 1 km, 1000 LKR for 2 km)
  8. And this is the greatest… You can renew your vows in the middle of misty mountain for USD 500. Whooo, how cool is that!

Heritance-Srilanka-Dea-Sihotang (14)Yes yes yes!! Why not? 🙂


Since I am not a part of Heritance Tea Factory marketing team, haha. You better call them directly to know more about this offers 🙂


If you are going down one level, you can see a huge tea machine. Not really sure how it’s work. But also you can see there is a convenient spa in lower floor. I wish I could do the spa with such incredible tea smell! But I skip it, since I am a budget traveler so yeah, I should tie my “waist” while spending money. Being in this tea factory and buy some tea home already make me feel so great.

Heritance-Srilanka-Dea-Sihotang (16)Nice painting I saw hanging on the hall way to the Spa room.


On our way back, the tuk-tuk driver who didn’t speak English so well, was so kind to follow our instruction to stop and and wait on us patiently while we take some pictures of the view for our own memories. Ohhh, the view is really beautiful. When I am here, I feel like tea is more important than rice for Sri Lankans.

Heritance-Srilanka-Dea-Sihotang (18) Heritance-Srilanka-Dea-Sihotang (21) Heritance-Srilanka-Dea-Sihotang (22)Tea flower.

Heritance-Srilanka-Dea-Sihotang (20)Our tuk-tuk driver. This tuk-tuk managed to bring us safely up and down the hill. Bravo!


When we arrived in Nuwara Eliya city again, before we separated to go to our own destination, we went to a tea seller in the market. It called Puspa Tea Centre. You can find it in No. 50 Lawson Street Nuwara Eliya (Email pushpatea@gmail.com). In this place I bought few of flavor tea. Can’t wait to enjoy it at home!

Heritance-Srilanka-Dea-Sihotang (4)Treasures!


PS : Chris has a great talent to shoot pictures – he gave me this! – and thanks for both Xenia and Chris, you made me feel so happy that day!

Heritance-Srilanka-Dea-Sihotang (1) Heritance-Srilanka-Dea-Sihotang (3)Heritance-Srilanka-Dea-Sihotang (19)

Xenia and Chris from behind 😛


Dea Sihotang




  1. Hi! I’m so happy to come across this! I’m going to Sri Lanka this October for about 7 days and am just mind-boggled by all the places I want to go to! – did you find it was quite easy to get around and travel without a tour? THANK YOU!


    • Hello! Yes, it is easy. Public transportation in Sri Lanka is quite convenient. Will you go alone? If you are a female, I suggest you to travel with others. It is safe. Only avoid men cause they can be so aggressive toward you. I was there for 10 days and didn’t take any tour. My itinerary like this ; Colombo-Polonnaruwa-Sigiriya-Dambulla-Kandy-Nuwara Eliya-Colombo-Galle-Unawatuna-Colombo-Kandy-Colombo. Yes, it looks like going around, but it was monsoon, so I cancel Adam’s Peak and just choose Galle and Unawatuna – that’s why you see it double of Colombo. I chose Kandy for the last day because it was Perehara Festival (haven’t wrote about it yet). So enjoy Sri Lanka! You will love it 🙂 Cheers, Dea


      • No I’m not going there alone, there are seven people will be joining me! 🙂
        Tq again for sharing your experience tho!


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