Nuwara Eliya and My Loneliness Feeling

Have you ever feel suck when you are traveling solo?

“Loneliness and the feeling of being unwanted is the most terrible poverty.” – Mother Teresa

“I’m lonely. And I’m lonely in some horribly deep way and for a flash of an instant, I can see just how lonely, and how deep this feeling runs. And it scares the shit out of me to be this lonely because it seems catastrophic.” – Augusten Burroughs, Dry.

No, I don’t try to drain your energy and send you a negative feeling by reading that question above. It was just an uncommon situation for me while travel, but in fact, it is happened.

on-the-way-to-nuwara-eliya11Me, on the way to Nuwara Eliya.

Normally I love to travel alone. But the recent condition about me breaking up with a guy really affect my emotions of being alone. Travel on your own always sound so good, you can go everywhere you want without another head or opinion will ruin your plans. But those strong comments will be disappeared soon when you realize how lonely you are when you see other travelers just being around with their couple, holding hands or without hesitate to show their affection in public places (which is in some degree, it’s still ok) – but imagine how jealous you are with such a view – especially when you were just breaking up with your sweet relationship!

Hahaha, I won’t continue to throwing my emotions here, but it just a honest feeling I felt that time. PolonnaruwaSigiriya and Dambulla were fine to go since I have a friend to go with me as my companion. But later, we should separated since she needs to go back to Colombo for celebrating Hari Raya (Muslim Religious Day after 30 days fasting). We said goodbye in Dambulla. When she took bus to back to Colombo, I encourage myself to continue the journey to Kandy. From Kandy, I will go to Nuwara Eliya – a hill area full with tea plantation.

on-the-way-to-nuwara-eliya10View from the train ride.

Really, I was such a baby cry that time! I went to Kandy with such a heavy heart. I didn’t like for being alone! Especially that time. But the show must goes on. I should continue the journey.

And there, inside of the crazy faster dark bus – I tried to look up to positive things in life and great adventure that I will face soon. The bus driver gone mad and drive the bus was going faster and faster. I should take care of my bag since it was always falling down from the dashboard, place where I put my bag. Sky turned to be dark soon and we need to pass the hills. I felt a chilly wind from bus windows. I have a funny condition when I tried to close my eyes and sleep, rather than being nervous to see how the way bus driver drove the bus. Suddenly, the girl next to me touched my shoulder. I was in shock! I thought she wanna stop and need me to give a way. But no, she wanted to have a conversation with me. Oh man, I was so sleepy that time hahaa. But, I threw a smile to her and try to build a conversation. It was a difficult situation since she has poor English but I respect her eagerness and enthusiast to speak English with me. I knew from her that she studies as a nurse. Blessing for her.

When she finally stopped somewhere, another guy sat next to me. To make sure that I will arrive in correct place, I asked to him about my destination. “Kandy City Hostel, do you know this place?” Guess what, it lead me to a scary mistake, because after that conversation, he tried to following me around. He once said he stop earlier than me, but until the train station, he still sit next to me and insist to help me to find ticket for tomorrow morning. I was still in positive mind and think he just way too nice and genuinely wanted to help. But when I finally arrived in the hostel, he started to calling my phone (which I shamefully be so stupid cause I gave him my local number) over and over again. Until the morning came!

on-the-way-to-nuwara-eliya1Kandy train station.

on-the-way-to-nuwara-eliya2Some people were waiting for the train. Look at the hour and guess what I wish!

Once I arrived in the train station and paid 160 LKR for 4 hours train ride (so CHEAP! – especially the view was so great!), my phone rang again. This dude tried his luck to speak with me. I saw the clock, only 5 minutes left before the train is coming. I think it was ok to pick the phone and talk for a while. I said sorry in hurry how I can’t pick up his calls lalalalaa.. Guess what, he said he is coming to the station and voila, he was there! OMG. Still in positive mind I just think, “Oh maybe he wants to say goodbye. 5 minutes is nothing ‘lah.” So we talked. But when the train came, he also come inside to the train with me. IT WAS FREAKING ME OUT. He sat next to me and my anger began to emerge. I feel so annoyed and I show it to him. Lucky me cause he finally stop somewhere – knowing that I didn’t want to speak with him again. Once he call me again, I blocked his number. Sorry dude, you are out.

 on-the-way-to-nuwara-eliya8 on-the-way-to-nuwara-eliya7 on-the-way-to-nuwara-eliya6 on-the-way-to-nuwara-eliya5

The view is so beautiful!

But but.. that incident was nothing comparing to beautiful view I saw along the way. It was really a priceless journey. If I live in Sri Lanka, I would like to take this train ride many times, with such cheap ticket price, I can gain a peaceful feeling when I see the beautiful green scenery from the tea hills. Just perfectly beautiful! I tried to capture everything with my camera, until I realized, the right thing I can do is to record that beautiful view deep inside my mind. So I kept my camera off and try to enjoy the scenery and the condition that I am finally alone – yeah, such a contradiction yea.. Roughly I can get a lesson from that situation – it is better to be alone that accompanied by wrong person, hahaha.

on-the-way-to-nuwara-eliya20Don’t forget you need to stop in Nanu-Oya if you wanna go to Nuwara Eliya.
on-the-way-to-nuwara-eliya17Nanu Oya train station.

on-the-way-to-nuwara-eliya18Classic train schedule board. I like it!

Kandy to Nanu Oya (the name of the station if you want to go to Nuwara Eliya) took 4 hours journey. Once I arrived in Nanu Oya, a tuk-tuk driver approached me and try to offer me his drive. He started with 800 LKR to 500 LKR, but I don’t need to be rush, so I just want to find a way to the city with local bus. Yes, you can go to Nuwara Eliya city from Nanu Oya train station by bus for only 16 LKR. Ckckckckk, so cheap.

on-the-way-to-nuwara-eliya19Bus to Nuwara Eliya city centre.

When I was in bus station, I tried to find a way to a hostel where I knew a couple stay over there too. We knew each other from Couchsurfing. I posted a plan to trip in Sri Lanka and Xenia, the girl, contacted me cause she and her bf will go to Sri Lanka in similar time as mine, so we make a plan together through Facebook message and today we will meet up. I was so happy – I won’t be alone again this time. Yeah, become a baby cry is so suck.

I asked to the local police about the address of the hostel. Oh man, guess what happened. One of the police suddenly approached me and say this, “Do you have a local number? This is my number.. 07xxx save my number.” In awe with such an unbelievable statement, I asked to him, “For what? I don’t need your number.” And after say thanks to another police who genuinely helped me to find a tuk-tuk to go to the hostel, I left that odd officer. Pffff… It is really not so uncomfortable for female to travel alone here. Just because, men are kind too aggresive some times. Finally I met with Xenia and Chris, we have a good chat together and so nice to meet up with real travelers again.

OOH OHH Nuwara Eliya, you are so cold which I can’t handle it. I stayed in Radev Guesthouse, paid 2500 LKR for the room with 2 king size bed, which pretty cheap because I am alone. The owner said there is a hot water, but I didn’t check it before since it was so cold. I tried to use all my clothes and 2 blankets but still can’t help to make me feeling warm. Ok, I decided, I don’t want to go to Adam’s Peak. Trekking in monsoon season is really not a good idea. Suddenly I missed beach – so I decided to go to Galle and Unawatuna beach later, instead of Adam’s peak and Ella.

on-the-way-to-nuwara-eliya2-2Nice room at Radev Guest House.

In the evening, me and Chris walked to the town for finding food to eat. We walked in such chilly weather and many times I grumbled about how cold is it even I already wore jacket. Nuwara Eliya is such quiet place in the evening, except in town area – which you can find street food or supermarket open. Other than that, it was bold dark. I don’t feel it such a good idea to walk alone in the evening here. I chose nasi goreng as my dinner. Kind of surprised to see nasi goreng is a common menu here, since nasi goreng is from Indonesia. I became more heart breaking (and surprise as well) when I know the taste is better than one in Indonesia! Really! But at least, it was a remedy for my little homesick feeling 😉


“What is behind you is forgotten. You can’t remember danger and difficulty when it is behind you.” Wanda Rutkiewicz

Dea Sihotang




    • Nuwara Eliya or Nanuoya was soooo great! Beautiful tea hills! And the breathtaking view along the train ride. Love your country 🙂 and love the tea too! At this moment, I am drinking the green tea from Heritance 😉


  1. Hi! I’m planning to go to Sri Lanka next week on an impulsive trip and Nuwara Eliya is on my itinerary. Can you tell me the address of the guesthouse you stayed at and how i can contact them? Please email me. Thank you


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