Galle Town and the Fort

Leaving the cold hills, I went down the hills to return to Colombo. I already made appointment with Dinda to go together to Galle. After such a discussion, we both agreed to go to Galle and Unawatuna beach. I can’t stand the cold in Nuwara Eliya and prefer to go to the beach. Galle is the beach city.

Galle-Town-Dea-Sihotang (26)Tea plantation in Nuwara Eliya


I was so happy because Dinda able to go with me. She has a long holiday for Moslem Hari Raya. The thing is, to reaching Galle, I need to go back to Colombo because Galle is in the South of Sri Lanka. From Colombo, we will take a bus to Galle, takes about 6 hours. Such a hard work, but I was fine with it rather than stay in difficult cold weather in Nuwara Eliya.

Galle-Town-Dea-Sihotang (13)Me, to go to Colombo again!


It was really a strange feeling I had when I step again in Colombo city. The city looked so familiar for me and I feel like going back to home. Maybe because I once was there. I decided to take an Air Condition bus from Nuwara Eliya to Colombo. I forget how much, I think it is around 240 LKR.


We left Colombo around 9 am. There is no available train to go to Galle at that time so we decided to go to Galle by bus from Pettah (main bus station in Colombo). It took around 2 hours to arrive to Galle. 2 hours in such a crazy bus. Yes, just prepare your heart for it. Literally, your heart. I recognized one thing in Sri Lanka, even the bus driver is crazy and often taking other road while he push the horn so noisy, but car from the opposite way rarely complain or angry with that behavior. Usually, they just give the bus a way, even it is not a right attitude. I imagine if that case happened in Jakarta, well well well, I am not sure the opposite car will just give a way easily like ones in Sri Lanka. I am sure there will be a fight or a long complaining from other driver. I don’t know whether it is a good sign or not, but one that quite certain is, Sri Lanka bus drivers are crazy.

Galle-Town-Dea-Sihotang (1)On our way to Galle


During the journey, there was a concert music video played in the dvd player. It was not merely a concert for me, I learned something from it. As a foreigner in Sri anka, it was such a cultural lesson for me. As I saw, some of Sri Lankans female come to the concert wearing the sari silk, while for male, some of them go with sarong. Eh, that’s maybe look like a simple thing, but interesting. In Indonesia, people normally go to the music concert wearing their jeans or t-shirt. Oh yes, some people in the video wore jeans and t-shirt too. But it was looked so normal for them to go with Sari or Sarong. Even the singer wore Sari! I can see sweat coming from her neck. I believe it is really HOT in that stage, especially with that dress.


Not only that the lesson I got from the dvd, the music concert is held in honor for someone (I don’t know who – but he looked like an important person). The thing that made me laugh when I see the cake form they choose. It’s a NEMO. Yeah, NEMO the Clown fish. I don’t know whether it is maybe has a special meaning for him. Later on, I learned another habit of Sri Lankans. This guy cut one cake and he gave that slice of cake from one person to another until the cake is finished. Ummm, I think the luckiest person to eat that cake was the first one. I can’t imagine if I should eat a cake used to bite by someone else, haha. But maybe that is a symbol of kinship or communion as one family. See… you can learn someone’s culture from anything around you 🙂

Galle-Town-Dea-Sihotang (14)The NEMO cake!


We arrived in Galle bus station already at lunch time. We decided to take our lunch first. The first place we saw only a hotel. No, it’s not a real hotel as you and me understand. But in Sri Lanka, a street food store called as hotel. Usually, local people will eat there and they served either meals or bakery. A hard bakery. And of course tea. People in Sri Lanka love to drink tea a lot!

Galle-Town-Dea-Sihotang (4)Arrived in Galle.

Galle-Town-Dea-Sihotang (3) Galle-Town-Dea-Sihotang (2)


They only had something fried as rice and noodle, or rice and curry. We both chose to eat rice and curry. It is really nice to see how they served the food, since many side dishes put in small bowl. You need to remember, they don’t have tissue on the table. Instead, they give a jar with pieces of old newspaper. That’s your tissue. I was confused before, hehe.

Galle-Town-Dea-Sihotang (15)Delicious rice and curry… yumm yummm…

Galle-Town-Dea-Sihotang (18)And this is your tissue.


Our usual sweet treat after a serious hot day is Milo. A nice iced chocolate in a paperpack. Some times, we spoiled ourselves by eating Hoopers – a traditional rice pancake which served plain or with egg. I like it plain. In that restaurant, when we asked for ice coffee, the waiter said they don’t have. But later on, he has an idea to put vanilla ice cream. I can say it was such a brilliant idea.

Galle-Town-Dea-Sihotang (16)The black coffee and vanilla ice cream.

Galle-Town-Dea-Sihotang (17)And the result when we mixed it 😉


Later on, we took a tuk-tuk to Galle Paradise Hostel. I found about this place through internet. So many travelers recommend this place to stay. Not merely it’s clean, but also the cheapest hostel beyond others. Once we arrived, I can say we don’t take wrong decision! The house is very lovely. The hostel owner, Mala, is really a friendly Sri Lanka woman. She welcomed us as a friend, often spend times to talk with and explain about her life and culture in Sri Lanka. I really like the ambiance of the house and how it makes me feel so relax. We paid for 3000 LKR/night/2 person. Not include breakfast, but you can use kitchen and her stuff for free, also free wifi until 11 pm.

Galle-Town-Dea-Sihotang (19) Galle-Town-Dea-Sihotang (20) Galle-Town-Dea-Sihotang (21) Galle-Town-Dea-Sihotang (23)

Galle-Town-Dea-Sihotang (24)The interior of Galle Paradise Hostel and the room.


I would like to recommend this place for you!

Galle-Town-Dea-Sihotang (22)

Especially, Mala is really a nice lady. Glad we can know her in person 🙂

Galle-Town-Dea-Sihotang (25)Dinda, Mala and Me.


After take a rest for a while, we decided to walk to the Fort. Galle Fort listed as Unesco Heritage with reference No. 451 on 1988. It is valued for it’s unique exposition of “an urban ensemble which illustrates the interaction of European architecture and South Asian traditions from the 16th to the 19th centuries (wikipedia). To reaching Galle Fort from the hostel, we need to take a bus for short way because the hostel located not exactly at the town. It is behind the hospital Mahamodara. From Galle station, we just walk straightly to the Fort, try to have a look of the city and also enjoying the view of Galle from the Fort. Just like the news about Sri Lankans love cricket. In Galle, I see a cricket field and the local played cricket in their spare time.

Galle-Town-Dea-Sihotang (6)Locals played the cricket.

Galle-Town-Dea-Sihotang (7)Galle-Town-Dea-Sihotang (9)

Galle Fort, was built by Portuguese but later fortified by Dutch during 17th century.

Galle-Town-Dea-Sihotang (10)Almost sunset, we saw this guards lowering the National Flag with a short of ritual. Look at his saxophone.

Galle-Town-Dea-Sihotang (11) Galle-Town-Dea-Sihotang (8)

Not a big fan of snake, but this guy is pretty cool! Even I wasn’t dare to getting closer to that cobra!


It was a beautiful nearly sunset time, since you can nicely sit around the Fort while enjoying the sunset and also the view of ocean. Your ears will be spoiled by the sound of the waves and some of black crows.

Galle-Town-Dea-Sihotang (5) Galle-Town-Dea-Sihotang (12)


Galle also has beautiful white lighthouse tower. One of remainder from Dutch people in Sri Lanka. But night already came and the dark made us difficult to find the way. We decided to go to the lighthouse tomorrow. I think, I just simply in love with Galle.



Dea Sihotang




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