Talking about Food in Sri Lanka

Yeahhh, I really like to talk about this stuff! Since I need to choose best pictures for this edition, my stomach getting to be so hungry. The reason is because I take a look at this food pictures again, I imagine myself still in the road of Sri Lanka and enjoying their street foods. Yummm yumm…

One thing that I like to blend and meet up with locals, because from them, I can get good suggestion about delicious food. This time, I have the best person, Dinda, a Couchsurfer that live in Colombo for few months. Since she is an Indonesian and has a same tongue as mine, so she can say whether something is delicious or not, and usually, I will agree with stuff she recommended.

Let’s take a look this beautiful photos… and prepare yourself for some growling noise comes from your stomach!


food-in-srilanka-25This is my first Srilankan food once I arrived in Colombo. A rice and curry with chicken. Oh my, that chilly is really spicy!

food-in-srilanka-30Another rice and curry with chicken. The rice a bit yellow – maybe because of turmeric.

food-in-srilanka-27This is typical rice and curry which you can get from street food (called as hotel in Sri Lanka). Cheap and delicious!!!

food-in-srilanka-2The delicious South Ceylon Mutton Rice – look this! It is a portion for ONE PERSON!


Chicken Kothu – it is made from chopped roti and only available in the evening. I miss it!

food-in-srilanka-16String hoppers. A steamed rice noodle with coconut and curry sauce.


If you want an extraordinary burger – you can get it with many kind, for instance burger with deviled chicken.

food-in-srilanka-22Even KFC has it’s own chicken biryani πŸ˜‰


food-in-srilanka-35For Nasi Goreng lover (like me!) Don’t worry. They have a nasi goreng which really taste like ones in Indonesia without very strong herbs as their usual food.




Ohh, you will never go travel a day without snacking. Especially me, who always love to snacking. So this is my favorite, even some are not healthy haha.

food-in-srilanka-18 food-in-srilanka-10This is my favorite snack. If in Indonesia we have this kind of food called Gorengan. In Sri Lanka, they named it Dal Vada.


food-in-srilanka-3And they have Dal with shrimp – an extra delicious.

food-in-srilanka-8MUKURU! My fave snack that always in my bag. I made a joke to Dinda, I called it Muruku Muruku. Until she confused what’s the real name of this snack.


food-in-srilanka-16This is also traditional snack called Hoppers. Made with 2 option, with egg or plain. I like the plain more.


If you love sweet treat, this one is for you! But trust me, I think one is enough. It is so sweet!!

food-in-srilanka-21food-in-srilanka-11A cappuccino nougat.

food-in-srilanka-14Bread with vegetable curry inside. It is spicy.

food-in-srilanka-33Want an healthy snack, you can go for mangosteen or another fruits. In Sri Lanka, they sell fruit per-each.



Except my favorite iced chocolate milk called Milo as my sweet temptation when the day became so hot, here is also my favorite beverages when I was in Sri Lanka.

food-in-srilanka-7I like this King Coconut! Even I wonder why they called it King Coconut. It is smaller than usual coconut πŸ˜€


food-in-srilanka-31Since Sri Lanka is a tea country – of course tea has special place in their heart.


food-in-srilanka-26I never seen any tea lounge as many as in Sri Lanka. This is an Earl Grey Milkshake tea. Means with Vanilla Ice Cream.

food-in-srilanka-28Black coffee easy to get…

food-in-srilanka-29When you want it to be a cappuccino, just added Vanilla ice cream.


food-in-srilanka-11You can also get real cappuccino is few cafe in Colombo, Kandy or Galle or another big city.


One thing for sure, don’t forget to try their Lion beer!


Tips :

– Don’t forget to ask the price of your meals when you order your food.

– Remember, the portion usually so big for one person (for Asian belly – at least, me). I suggest you order two different kind of menu so you can mixed or shared it with your friends.


Have you hungry yet? Me hungryyyyyy!!!



Dea Sihotang




    • Hello Lee (If I am not mistaken :P) Yes, you are right, they don’t have so much variety on food. We will easy get bored, but dunno why, when I was there, I eat so much like a pig hahahaa… And I love spices strong food as well πŸ™‚


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