Cantos Animata, The Dutch Puppet Performance

I just going out to do some task for office, while back to my desk and received a love email from Erasmus Huis. Hahhaa. I called it as love email since it made me happy and enthusiast just like a love! Why so? Simply because the email contains lots of cool events which held in Erasmus Huis for the next days. Mostly the event are free and really great ones! Never regret to go to Erasmus Huis and enjoying their activities. Just like what I said previously, while I am not traveling, I will try to my best to fill my time with cool events. I make myself busy. One of the activity was to watching Cantos Animata by ’t Magisch Theatertje, a theatre created by Charlotte Puijk-Joolen, Roel Puijk and Henk Boerwinkel on 1996. They played in many countries before such as Pakistan, South Africa, Costa Rica, Bulgaria and won many award from their magical performances.

Cantos-Animata-DeaSihotang (4)This event for Free – that’s why you need to hanging around in Cultural place – many awesome events!


Last Monday, me and my friends went to Erasmus Huis to watch them. It was my first time watching puppet show so I kind of excited. I ever went to Marionette Museum in Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic, but I never seen any puppet show. That time, I saw one event but it cost so expensive for my pocket so I skipped it. Now, I can watch it for FREE! Of course I was so happy and planned to go there once I get the invitation, no matter what.


First, I was thinking the puppet show just like puppets I saw in Czech. I mean, it’s gonna be about fairy tale life, lalalalaa.. But it wasn’t. There is a short information in the invitation that the show only for adult. It was made me thinking, “why?” Later on, I understand why. The setting of stage and story is really dark. Literally dark. I can imagine for kids it’s gonna be scary and spooky. The dolls they use having a freaky look. The sound and fabric they used during the show make it look so mystically magical. But I did enjoy it the whole show.

Cantos-Animata-DeaSihotang (1)One of the player show the doll to the audiences who very enthusiast taking picture of it.

Cantos-Animata-DeaSihotang (7)This one made by bandage. Cool huh?!

Cantos-Animata-DeaSihotang (11)Made by paper, and yes, they made it by themselves!!


I was asking to myself why not so much people come to the event that night. I was thinking, “Oh maybe Indonesians not really into puppet show.” But later on I know, it’s really need a close and compact seating position to fully enjoy the show. That’s why, they put all the chairs straightly facing the stage only. There wasn’t left and right chairs at all. So the audience who came that night, only ones who lucky to know or get the invitation because it’s limited seat. I am so happy that I am part of it!

Cantos-Animata-DeaSihotang (5)The dark stage attracted our curiosity.


The event a bit delayed from prior schedule. It was understandable since Erasmus’s ballroom usually use for music performance which not taking so much decoration or set up, now it need to be a fit stage for the puppet show. They changed the stage into one black big box where all the shows will be done there. After short time, one old man with all black clothes greeted us. He explained about the story and how we should keep an eye of it so we won’t lose the story line or the meaning of the performance. When the music started to be played, the code of performance will started soon, my heart moved in joy!

Cantos-Animata-DeaSihotang (8)The guy gave us short explanation about the story.


Ohh, it was really beyond my expectation. For sure they played every story line in such a great way. The story in my opinion is about how the circle of life happened. There is a time when happiness and love surround you, then comes death and despair in your way where you have to deal with darkness side of life until you leave this world. The messages hit me good and teach me to be grateful in every stage of life that I encounter at this moment. It might be good, it might be bad, but it won’t stay to be sad only or happy only, but changing all the time. Just like the season, all the pain and laugh also will alternately changed continuously as how dynamic our life is. So don’t be sad if you are sad now, and don’t be too much happy if you are happy now 🙂 I like it, when I can learn something from everything. I always like it.

Cantos-Animata-DeaSihotang (6) Cantos-Animata-DeaSihotang (2) Cantos-Animata-DeaSihotang (3)Cantos-Animata-DeaSihotang (10)

This is their short performance video I found in YouTube if you wanna know how they performed :


Thanks a lot for Erasmus Huis, for such great opportunity to see Cantos Animata for free. I am looking forward to see another cool performance in your place. And thanks for the 3 person in the stage – which really amazing to played all the part of story only by 3 person. Weh!! Good luck for your next performance, you added another fans to your bunch of fans ; me!

Cantos-Animata-DeaSihotang (9)Yes! You won’t believe, inside this horrible monster is a beautiful lady 🙂


I can’t wait for another cool event! Yayyyy!!


Dea Sihotang



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