The Thought of Being Single

This is a short thought I have this morning. I put it on my Facebook status, but later on, I think I wanna pass here too..

Being a single woman is kind of difficult lately – especially when you live in a society that judge you by your relationship status. So many moments when I struck and wonder how can I still be a single, yes, an adorable, smart, pretty and amazing person as me! Why should I need to face failed relationship and fill my days with heart broken and tears. Why can’t I love people easily and being loved by them in return easily? Why should I meet those wrong guys only to make my hear in pain?

Until I read this quote, it gives me an understanding how I am lucky for being who I am now, what I deal with now, and in the stage of life I have now. It is better to wait a little bit longer rather than to be in rush to jumping for one to another relationship just to avoid the loneliness, the sicken, dark and painful loneliness.


It’s better to relax, exploring my own self, be the best version of me, just to prepare myself to meet that person I’ve been waiting for since long time. That person, who will wipe away my tears and prove to me that love is true, true love does exist, and all the broken pieces always able to be fixed as a complete figure. That I am as precious as he is to me. That love is truly comes from both side. It is better to enjoy my life to the fullest, until I don’t have to be single anymore and I will face another stage of life. And it’s better to wait a little bit longer, than to wake up with someone everyday who later turn your world into a darkness, a wrong person. Yes yes, I know, even that guy who will I say YES, can not be guaranteed won’t hurt me. But I think, the special one, is worth to wait (and always need) to be waited a little bit longer. The best is yet to come.

So, to all my single ladies, to all my single friends around there, being in a relationship status or having a boyfriend is not a competition or showing off. Your friends and family might be pushing you to have a boyfriend or husband, but it’s your life, you exactly know your life. If you are single, just be happy with the stage of life and condition you have. You are still lucky enough to enjoy all your moment as yourself without such burden as your next different roles. I know loneliness is killing us, but just to remember, you are not alone, at least I feel what you feel, I am also vulnerable as you are, but that’s not the excuse to focusing your thought why you are still single. Just put your heart in ease, remember, what was mean for you will never miss you and that what misses you was never meant for you. Just be the best version of you, until he comes. A friend ever told me, “Dea, smart with smart is beautiful, positive person with positive person is beautiful.” And you know, you will always attract people who just like you, so attract the good one, by being one

Dea Sihotang

I hope it will be a blessing to you who read it πŸ™‚




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