House of Terror at Andrassy Street, Budapest

Since I dug my old pictures from the trip to Budapest, I remember about this remarkable place that I really like. Despite of the sad story behind the house, I think House of Terror is one of must seen place to go when you are in Budapest.

House-Of-Terror-Budapest (16)My view of Budapest’s country side from the bus.

Budapest has it’s own magical ambiance around the town. Once you step inside this city, you can see not only beautiful medieval architecture, but also the feeling, as this city never becomes too modern in a good way.

House-Of-Terror-Budapest (15)

The beautiful medieval city, Budapest.

That afternoon, without knowing anything about this city before, with a map in my hands, I tried to find out the location of House of Terror (Terror Haza). Just like the name, this house previously used for terrorizing people and the victim of Arrow Party. It is also having a dark history which make this house totally different with it’s neighbor even from outside, it might be look a normal apartment.

House-Of-Terror-Budapest (9)House of Terror, the sharp gray painting makes it obviously different from the rest houses around.

Located in Andrassy Ut 60 (Andrassy Street number 60), a noble boulevard with so many lavish residences where many rich people used to live. The house looked like normal house, even now, they painted all the wall into grey color and put a big sign of the museum. It wasn’t normal house, it was a witness of two shameful and tragic periods in Hungary 20th century history. Before it was used as the party headquarters of the Hungarian Nazis and known as the House of Loyalty. Between 1945-1956, AVO, the notorious communist terror organization took over the house and use the house for terror and dread. Prepare yourself for some of dreadful stuff you will see around the museum.

House-Of-Terror-Budapest (5) House-Of-Terror-Budapest (3)

Entrance gate of the Museum.

During the Second World War, Hungary came into the crossfire of the Nazi and Communist dictatorships. Following the rise of Nazi, Hungarian government forced Jewish to wear the Yellow Star, to make them easily identify as members of the hated minority and to make Nazi easily to choose them as target. In the cellar of that House of Loyalty, members of the Arrow Cross Party tortured and killed hundreds of people. When I was walking during the Danube river, there was so many shoes stuck on the floor, I was wondering what is that? Later on I know, it was the victims from this party. Those teenagers that drafted for useless battles and innocent Jews were shot and drown into the icy Danube.

House-Of-Terror-Budapest (7)Used to be shoes of the victim. So sad to see it…

Under Gabor Peter, the head of AVO (State Security Office) reign, the country full in fear. They killed without hesitation and spy everywhere to watch the citizens. Since the organization outgrew, they occupied the whole block of Andrassy 60. The cellar connected to another underground labyrinth of prison cells. The house now became a museum, a remembrance how freedom needed lots of sacrifice. It has 4 floors including Basement. Each floor has the room which you can explore. It is suggested to go from Ground Level first, then 2nd Floor, 1st Floor and last, the Basement. You need to pay 2000 HUF to go inside the museum. But it is worth it, I really can assure you, it is worth it. The black and sharp grey exterior structure will make the house totally different look than the rest of the houses in Andrassy street.

House-Of-Terror-Budapest (1) House-Of-Terror-Budapest (6) House-Of-Terror-Budapest (2) House-Of-Terror-Budapest (4)

Some of outside decoration of the museum. Well, to see those photos makes my heart breaking.

The house explicit shows you how the torture to the victims under Soviet and Nazi’s regime in Hungary. It is really sad, so you need to hold your breathe when you explore one by one room. Ground Level consist with Entrance Hall, Lounge, Cloakroom, Cafe, Restroom, Lounge, Books and Gifts and Gallery. While the 2nd floor consist with room of Double Occupation, Passage of the Hungarian Nazis (Arrow Cross Party), Restroom, Hungarian Nazis (Arrow Cross Party), Gulag, Changing Clothes, The Fifties, Room of Soviet Advisors, Screening Room and Resistance.

House-Of-Terror-Budapest (8) House-Of-Terror-Budapest (11)

The record of people (and victims) are here.

In Ground Floor, you can see few of beautiful statues as the entrances decoration of the museum. While in 2nd Floor, there are few different rooms. Double Occupation is a room when you can learn how two biggest victorious power ever reigned in Hungary. First was Soviet Union, later on Nazi occupation through a puppet-government to crushing the spirit of Hungarian people. This floor will explain you a lot about the life of Hungarian at that time when Soviet Unions and Nazi tortured the citizens and Jewish. Many of them dragged into the remote camps or shooting into the Danube.

In 1st Floor consists with Resettlement and Deportation, Terror Passage, Restroom, Torture Chamber, Peasants, Anteroom of the Hungarian Political Police, Room of Gabor Peter, Head of the Hungarian Political Police, Justice, Propaganda, Everyday Life, Treasury, Churches and Cardinal Mindszenty. I like how the way they designed the Museum. It’s perfect! When I was in Propanda room, I feel the fire inside me when listen to the voices, even I don’t understand the languages. When I entered the room of Terror passage and Churches, I feel the eerie feeling of hatred and vulturous by few people who ruined the whole country.

House-Of-Terror-Budapest (10)Used to be the desk of Gabor Peter.

House-Of-Terror-Budapest (13) House-Of-Terror-Budapest (12)

From Propaganda room.

Basement is the saddest part from all the floor. It left me speechless and breathless with all the torturing stuff they put there. Every each room gives a clear picture how was the savage and vulturous system they used for the prisoners. I saw with my own eyes the guillotine, tiny standing prison, which make you can not make a move at all. I tried to go inside and feel so scare when I close the door. I think it’s really worth to visit, a must seen place to go when you are in the town.

House of Terror

Address: 1062 Budapest, Andrássy út 60.

Opening hours: Open every day except Monday: 10.00 am-6.00 pm
The cash desk closes at 5:30 pm. No admission fee required for visiting the bookstore.

Ticket prices: Full price ticket: 2000 HUF
Discount price tickets: 1000 HUF (for citizens of EEA – European Economic Area – between 6-26 and 62-70 years) (with international student card between 6-26)

For more info of the museum, you can go to :

Dea Sihotang



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