Sangiang Island, an Unexpected Beautiful Beach

I had a great weekend escape that I want to share it with you now. With another friends, we planned to go to Sangiang island. A tiny island midway in Sunda Strait between Sumatra and Java island. Administratively, it is a part of Banten province of Western Java. After such a long time I didn’t go on a trip to see nature, going to Sangiang island was my personal excitement and I’ve been longing for the time coming soon.

Sangiang-West-Java (17)Me in Sangiang Island, on the top of the hill there.


Finally the trip started!


After work, we planned to meet up in Kampung Rambutan bus terminal around 11 pm. We went in the evening by bus, cost one person Rp. 25.000,- so we might arrived in Merak in the morning. The thing is, we arrived too early, so we need the sun comes up to find a public car to go to the port. Around 4 am we arrived in Merak and we wait there until 6 in the morning. My friend arranged 3 cars to bring all of us. Yes we are a bunch of young backpacker when go there, 25 person in total.

Sangiang-West-Java (1) Sangiang-West-Java (2)

Us, ready to go to the island.


Once we arrived in the port, there was 2 boat already waited for us. We divided as two groups. One boat consist around 13-14 person. First activity was to directly snorkeling in one spot – really, I just trust the boat crew, I don’t really take attention what’s the name of the spot. But it was beautiful area. Has lots of colorful fishes and many kind of coral and underwater life. I enjoyed it so much during swimming here and there, until I didn’t recognize my back has a worse sun burn. I forgot to use the sun block to my back, hiks. But the rest skin who already poured with sun block also becomes red like a lobster skin. The sun shine too bright for a November month! Which is supposed to be rainy season in Java. After sailing for 1 hour we finally arrived in the place where we need to take a walk around another 30 minutes to reach the beach. It was hot day, all my body full with sweat. The walking seemed to be difficult for me because of the strong heat from the sun.

Sangiang-West-Java (25)Me, swimming in the ocean. Enjoying my “me-time” and exploring underwater world.

Sangiang-West-Java (26)One of the local people, not purposely sell the coconut. But we wanted it so bad, since it was so hot! Cheap! Only 5.000 IDR/each.

Sangiang-West-Java (27)


But hey, the fact that it was sunny day – not rainy day, make us so lucky. Because we built a camping tonight, and if it was raining, will be not so nice with all the wet and muddy ground. Only the wind was so strong! Too strong until we need to hide behind one old house to make our tent still stand strongly from the exposure of wind. I have no idea why the wind was so strong. Maybe because of the location of the island or just simply because now is supposed to be the rainy season (?).

Sangiang-West-Java (8) Sangiang-West-Java (7) Sangiang-West-Java (6) Sangiang-West-Java (5)

Our tent and cooking for food. Lovely lovely day!


Anyway, I really love the beach! It is a looong beach with white sands ground and blue crystal water. The beach totally so quiet, only us as group was there. Not so touristic and the area is so huge to be explore. I enjoyed every minutes there, even it was so hot and the waves current was so strong!

Sangiang-West-Java (9)Sangiang-West-Java (10) I really love playing on the beach! What a day! 🙂


Yes, we can’t really swim here. The waves too strong and it always comes unexpectedly and will bring so many stuff together with the water. Stuff here means old wood, coral, some big natural trash which quiet not good if hit our legs or body. I got some of wounds on my feet because of the water hit me with the woods continuously. But that was fine, I like to played in the water. It gave me the feeling of freedom and happiness.

Sangiang-West-Java (14) Sangiang-West-Java (13) Sangiang-West-Java (12) Sangiang-West-Java (11)

Sangiang Island, this is an unexpected beautiful island – close to Anyer beach!


Once the sunset almost came, we built our tent and started to prepare meals for dinner. We brought some stuff to cook together. One of my friend became the chef and she is really good at it. Signal in this place was pretty weak – or not at all, but that’s good, I am separated from world and the monotonous life. No call, no sms, no what’s app, no Instagram, I am just being me and enjoying every minutes of it.

Sangiang-West-Java (4)Happy summer! Summer all the year in Indonesia!

Sangiang-West-Java (16)

Climb to to the top of the hill and enjoying the view. It’s worth it!

Sangiang-West-Java (18)I am doing yoga to free my mind.


Sangiang-West-Java (20) Sangiang-West-Java (19)Great they have an old swing to be played with her. My happiness is full!


When we need to go back home another day, we need to trekking again for less than an hour but such a torturing thing to do since my back pretty hurt because of the sun burn. We left the island quite late since the boat also arrived late. Arrived back in Jakarta on Sunday evening with sore body and full with sands. No clean water in the island, so I need to hold the needed to shower until home. The island was pretty natural and poor facility. One of the lack organizing from our local government. As me can say, Indonesia has so many beautiful places everywhere. Only our tourism department not really work totally on it. Tourism is everyone’s business because it’s impact to every sector in that area. I wish the new tourism Minister can see the core problem of our tourism spot development, poor infrastructure and facility.

Sangiang-West-Java (21) Sangiang-West-Java (22) Sangiang-West-Java (23) Sangiang-West-Java (24)

Anyway, my weekend escape was pretty good, fun and cheap. I paid 330.000 IDR in total for all the expenses (not including my personal needed and transport to go back home from Merak – which is another 25.000 IDR for the bus and taxi cost to my place). If you wanna go to this place, consider to join the backpacker trip held by some guys in Backpacker Indonesia club or just arrange it with another 14 person, so you can share the cost and make it cheap.

Sangiang-West-Java (15)

Happy traveling!,
Dea Sihotang



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