Whooo Bangkok! Finally!

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I still remember 2 years ago, when I first understand and touched by the excitement feeling of doing traveling. I was dreaming that I will visit Thailand as my first country abroad. I even have 2 books about Thailand as my preparation to go. But later on, it was really pricey for the flight ticket from Jakarta to Bangkok or Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok. I redirected my dream destination from Thailand to Cambodia when I finally able to use my passport for the first time. I wasn’t regret my choice since I am in love with Cambodia and all the ruined Angkor as well. But Thailand, still become on the list to go for me. Even honestly to say, the excitement of seeing this country not so much I feel anymore. That’s because I think Bangkok and all the famous cities in Thailand is too touristic now. I don’t really like touristic place, but when a chance comes to my hands to visit Bangkok, I won’t reject it and will definitely pack my bag to go there!

Yes right. What you want, actually always can be happened if you really want it. That’s what I believe. Later on, I have an email promotion from Air Asia, that flight ticket from Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok now is in promotion. I grabbed the chance and buy return ticket from Kuala Lumpur – Bangkok – Kuala Lumpur for only 680.000 IDR. Later on, when the time almost coming, I tried to look the ticket from Jakarta – Kuala Lumpur – Jakarta. The cheapest one I got is cost me 855.600 IDR. Go with Air Asia and return with Lion Air. In total, for Bangkok trip, I paid 1.535.600 IDR – which is fine to compare flight to another place in Indonesia – for instance, Makassar or Surabaya. Plus, finally I can see face to face with my first list country ever, Thailand!

002 Taken from http://admin.gafin.vn/Images/Uploaded/Share/2013/06/18/0bc10.jpg

Btw, the trip almost canceled since I don’t have any leaves anymore from the office. Actually, I already minus 6 days – taken from next year days off. I have 18 days/year for holiday. Too short ya 😦 But yeah, crazy me! Too much traveling this year make me should pay it later. But anyway, there is nothing more stuff that we can buy that makes us richer rather than travel, right? I wish you are agree with me 🙂 Talking about no days off anymore, because of it, I shouldn’t give up my Myanmar trip few months ago. I supposed to go with my friend, Valentina, but I can’t do it since I don’t have any more days off and there was an important meeting in the office that I should attend. It was sooo sad! Believe it or not, I already canceled my trip to Myanmar twice! And both of the reason because I can’t go for work matters. They said, me and Myanmar not yet destined to see face to face, hiks.


But everyone always need to take a break somehow from their routine. Lately, I was so stressful because of next year program, and I think it’s a good time to trying asking for unpaid leaves to my boss and go make the Bangkok Trip comes true. I brace myself and went talk to him. He said, yes it’s ok. And I wanna dancing the whole time!!! Yeayy yeayy yeayyy.. So here is it, I will travel to Bangkok tomorrow morning. It such a remedy from all the bad things that happened to me lately! I wanna enjoy every minutes there. Strolling around the city and trying new things. I wanna involved as a part of traffic jam in Bangkok and crowded people in the traditional market. I wanna make a selfie in the ruined ancient temple at Ayutthaya site. I wanna meet one person that I consider as a friend even we haven’t meet face to face yet and we will do yoga together. OOOHHH, the smell of vacation and another adventure make me want to smile the whole day. I am might sound so tacky for you, yeah, Bangkok.. Everyone already visited this country for lots of times. But I don’t care, I am so happy and so grateful! This is my first time will be in Thailand! Yeayyyy!!!

004Me, so happy and can’t wait for another adventure!

Wait me writing to you my experience in Bangkok and wish me safe and enjoy the trip to the max! Until that time, be good and keep that adrenaline of traveling and eagerness for trying new things burn in your heart.

“Seeing something once is better than hearing about it a hundred times. Doing something once is better than seeing it a hundred times.” –  Lisa See, Dreams of Joy.

Dea Sihotang




    • Hello Annie! Thanks for the comment 🙂 Ohh, I really like Bangkok. All the food are so delicious. I think I gained some weight now, lol. Kinda miss it. The crowded at Khao San road etc. Are you staying in Bkk?


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