What to do in Bangkok

Finally I had a chance to see the famous heart of touristic place in Asia ever, Bangkok. It has been a long dream for me to go there, but in a way, I tried to hold it until I find right price and right time to go there. Luckily, there was a promotion from Air Asia so I just pack my bag after got permission from my boss.


Khao San Road

This backpacker street is so famous and I already heard many times before I finally go there. Now I know why it’s so famous. Beside all the crowded people, there are so many interesting stuff to do or try. There are lots of cheap street food to fill your hungry belly, from Pad Thai to Coconut Ice Cream, Mango and Fried Scorpions (well, I didn’t have a gut to try all those insect fried snacking – no thanks. I worry more about my health than trying to push those ridiculous stuff to my belly).

What-to-do-in-Bangkok (10)Pad Thai! Yummmyyyyyyyyy….

What-to-do-in-Bangkok (11)Greetings from Bangkok! That guy suddenly pop up when me and my friend took this picture, haha.

What-to-do-in-Bangkok (4)I ate too much pork in Bangkok. Poor my belly. Happy fating.


But trust me, you can enjoy lots of hours just going there in Khao San road. The crowd seemed so crazy. The first time I saw many foreigners bring beer on their hands without worrying police will stop them. I know in some countries in Europe it can be a trouble, especially here, in Jakarta. So many nice people – both foreigners and locals try to spending the night there. This is the place where you can shopping, flirting, drinking, eating until you full with small money and.. massaging. Yeah, no one cares what other people do. Sleep in that busy street while a parlor massage your foot seems acceptable. Even this area so touristic, I can say this is one of my fave place in Bangkok.

What-to-do-in-Bangkok (7)Massaging in public street? Oh why not?? This is Bangkok anyway! 😉


A Hip Night Life in Sukhumvit

If you will find lots of Backpackers in Khao San road, Sukhumvit gives you another view of touristic area which dominated by white people in Bangkok. As long as you can see, so many white people walk here and there in the street. But I can see, there are mostly more fashion and have attractive appearance than ones I saw in Khao San. This is the place where the “proper and luxury” night clubs exist. I tried Oskar Bistro in Sukhumvit. A nice small place to enjoy the music, but just not my taste. The DJ seemed a bit boring for me but they have a nice Red Mojito. Then we moved to a club next to Oskar. Here I can really dance like there is no tomorrow. Well, if you wanna try the sinful pleasure a fun entertainment night, go to Sukhumvit and explore the road. Just make sure you will go out from the road half an hour before the clubs close! Otherwise, you will get so difficult to find taxi to bring you home. With such lots of drinks you have, who want to drive their own car here?

(Sorry no photo that night in Sukhumvit, too enjoyed my time dancing :p – but you can imagine, don’t you?)


Eating like a Freak!

What I definitely like to do in Bangkok is eating! No wonder that I gained some weight after my short trip to Bangkok. I fill my belly with such lots of delicious food and beverages. Food are cheaper comparing to Jakarta. Their street food are my favorite. The bubble milk tea only cost around 35-55 Bath/glass. Only I should alert you, they put too much ice cubes on the glass, hihihi. Maybe to balancing the price.

What-to-do-in-Bangkok (22)Too much happiness on my face. It’s like “a really??” Drink Iced Thai Tea in it’s country, Thailand?! Yeah, finally I can erase that from my bucket list 😉


There are also so many yummy snacks around. I wish I could eat it all, but that’s impossible.

What-to-do-in-Bangkok (16) What-to-do-in-Bangkok (12)What-to-do-in-Bangkok (5)What-to-do-in-Bangkok (13)Food party, food party, food party… Ohhh I miss it.


I thought it will be only cheap for the street food. But not really. Once we went to the Mall – oh, I don’t like to go to the mall while traveling, Jakarta has so many malls here, why should I go to another mall in another country? But now, I gave an exception. I wanna see how it looks like and price there. Food again, are so cheap! I eat so many pork here! LOL. Well, if you are a Moslem, just be sure what inside your food before you order. It’s a bit difficult I think, since they are so rare put English explanation in their menu and some people really can’t speak English (or limited English). For me, usually I asked my friend, or just point out the nicest picture I saw from the menu. Then, problem solved.

What-to-do-in-Bangkok (18)This delicious pork for only few bath. Such a deal!


Chatuchak Weekend Market

Lucky me, I was there on the weekend! There is a market in Chatuchak which opened only on the weekend. This is the time when you need to bring lots of money and spending wise or just spending lots. Yeah lots, because so many nice and cheap things in the market. I’ve got 2 long pants, 2 bags, and some bracelets for me. Good that I didn’t bring too much cash on hands, otherwise I can be crazy and never leave the market.

What-to-do-in-Bangkok (6)


Yoga Outdoor (yes, why not?)

It was an honor for me to attend my friend’s first time teaching class in Chatuchak park last Saturday. She decided to give back to people by teaching for free every Saturday evening at the park. To make you comfortable, you better bring your own yoga mat. I am so proud to her for the initiation she made. That time we were 4 person, but I believe soon it will be more and more people to come. If you are in Bangkok and want to learn yoga and join the free class every Saturday, I suggest you to contact Tanja in mokkachak@hotmail.com. She’s really good, I assure you! Bangkok’s people are so blessed by the beautiful and huge Chatuchak park they have as well. So many people use the park for doing exercise. Such a good life!

What-to-do-in-Bangkok (20)Tanja in action 😉

What-to-do-in-Bangkok (24)Never forget to exercise even you are traveling 🙂


Eat as Vegetarian

Once we finished yoga, there is no such a better way to close the day except eating a vegetarian food in really a good vegetarian restaurant called Ethos Vegetarian Restaurant. I am not a vegetarian, but maybe I will consider to be one, since it’s good as well for my health and body. Only you need to go a walk a bit from Khao San road to find this restaurant. Worth to try! They make the vegetarian cuisine tastes so delicious! I thought vegetarian food will be tasteless. In fact, they are still taste excellent!

What-to-do-in-Bangkok (15) What-to-do-in-Bangkok (14)

The place also so comfy. With 2 options of sitting. On the chairs or on the floor (we chose to sit on the floor) so we can really enjoy our dine and get fast internet while waiting our order to be prepared. Take a look to this website for more information http://www.ethosnet.biz/


Strolling around Wat Arun and Wat Pho

Of course when you are in Bangkok, don’t miss this famous spot to visit. The beautiful Temple of Dawn called Wat Arun and the Reclining Buddha as a huge gold sleeping statue in Wat Pho. I went first to Temple of Dawn (Wat Arun) by taxi. Taxi in Bangkok cost not so expensive compared to Jakarta. But if you are brave enough, love to explore and adventure, take the bus. Bus is also ok, I also took one from Wat Pho to Chatuchak. It wasn’t a problem at all and so cheap! 17 bath only.

What-to-do-in-Bangkok (8) What-to-do-in-Bangkok (9)

Me in Wat Arun.


I paid 50 bath for Wat Arun. And nervously climbed the stairs until the top of the temple. Ohh, it’s so narrow and windy. I wonder why the monks made it like that. Once you are up, you can see the whole Bangkok city. What a view! Even my feet shaking so bad when I need to went down. Try to going down by turning your back and not look down. Just step the stair one by one, until your feet can touch the ground. That’s the best advice I can give to you to make you lose your fear while going down. I tried to myself, it was working well for me.

What-to-do-in-Bangkok (25)Crossing the river by taking a boat ride.

What-to-do-in-Bangkok (1)Huge reclining Buddha in Wat Pho.

Then take the public boat to crossing the river. Don’t be mistaken with the private boat port. The public boat located near the market, not in Wat Arun area. It’s so cheap, only 3 bath. You can get experience of crossing the muddy brown river. In few minutes, you will arrive in another port and walk a bit to find Wat Pho. It costs 100 bath but so many you can see in Wat Pho area. As I can see in the sign, it was 9 wonders of Wat Pho. If you have lots of time, go visit building by building will be a good exploration. I skipped the Grand Palace because it cost so much for me (500 bath). After almost a day strolling from one temple to another, I feel so enough.


A Day Trip to Ayuthaya

What-to-do-in-Bangkok (23)Me and Tanja riding the cycle around Ayuthaya. It was so lots of fun!


My friend was so kind to drove us to Ayuthaya. She’s already been there but so happy to go there again with me. We rented a cycle and cycling around to explore one area to another. I think, cycling is the best way to explore the place. On foot you will be so tired since Ayuthaya is so big area. By car, you need to park in so many place. Not effective. We paid 50 bath for the renting. You can find one bicycle rental in front of Wat …. The owner is a really kind girl. I love the day when we are riding our cycle to go from one place to another. With map in hands, we tried to find the best places to see. Ayuthaya itself is really a nice city. Lucky us the weather was so kind. Not too hot so we were good. Only one bad thing with the cycling, our bump has so much painful. Maybe because we don’t use to cycle in hours or probably because the bad quality of the saddle. But other than that, trip to Ayuthaya was my favorite journey in Thailand.

What-to-do-in-Bangkok (19)What-to-do-in-Bangkok (3)Beautiful Ayuthaya!


Jim Thompson’s House

I have a few hours before leaving Bangkok. It was so sad that time flies so fast (too fast!) while we are in vacation. I wish time stop, but of course it can’t be (maybe only happen in the movie). With few hours available, we decided to go to Jim Thompson’s house. A really beautiful oasis in such busy city as Bangkok. The house is made by wood and has so antique architexture. The atmosphere was so peaceful with so many trees in the garden. Jim Thompson is an American guy who is fall in love with Thailand and developed the silk business there. His house is amazingly contains with so much old treasures. So bad that he was dissapeared 4 days after his 61st birthday in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia when he went trekking alone long time ago. To go inside the house, we need to pay 100 bath, which is worth to deal because they provide the guide to explain about the house (take fully attention because the guide’s English was a bit strange).

What-to-do-in-Bangkok (2)What-to-do-in-Bangkok (17)

Such a beautiful house! Make me so jealous… I wanna live there please, hehe.


Now, will you put Bangkok in your bucket list? *twink

What-to-do-in-Bangkok (21)

“We must go beyond textbooks, go out into the bypaths and untrodden depths of the wilderness and travel and explore and tell the world the glories of our journey.” – John Hope Franklin 

Happy traveling!

Dea Sihotang




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