Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 1)

I have a beautiful addiction to ancient places. I called it beautiful since it always gives me a good feeling everytime I go to see the ancient place and walking around the area. It just give me a good calling and feeling how was it years ago in the place I am standing at that moment.

001-Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 1)-DeaSihotang

The splendor of Wat Phra Si Sanphet


Every time I travel to one’s country, as much as possible I try to go to visit their old town. This time in Thailand, with so little times I have in Bangkok, I tried to go to Ayutthaya province. It was before a capital of Thailand for 417 years and now registered as one of the world cultural heritage in UNESCO. I am so agree with the declaration. Once you step inside of the Ayutthaya province with their remaining old temples, you will wonder no more how this site included in UNESCO’s heritage list.

002-Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 1)-DeaSihotangI’m wandering around Wat Phra Si Sanphet 


Actually there are so many beautiful places you can visit during your stay in Ayutthaya. I suggest you to rent a bicycle for going around the city because walking can be so tiring and using car can be a little inefficient with all the times needed for parking. Me and my friend go from Bangkok around 9 in the morning, it’s not that far to Ayutthaya from Bangkok, by car it takes around 1 hour to arrive there. Once we arrived in Ayutthaya, we rent a bicycle for 50 bath/each/using until 5 pm. The bicycle rental can be found in front of Wat (Temple) Mahathat – a place where there is Buddha’s head inside of the tree (very famous one!).

004-Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 1)-DeaSihotang 003-Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 1)-DeaSihotang

Riding around in Ayutthaya was so fun and interesting to do!


When in Ayutthaya, we visited around 7 places that day. Was a long riding but it is all so fun! This is the places where we went :


  1. Wat Thammikarat

This is the first place we stopped. It was so funny to see there is a place with lots of chicken statue in many colors. Really soo many! I wondered why so many chicken statues in the temple. Then my friend told me it’s probably because their King (King Naresuan) was heavily in love with cock fighting when he was a prisoner in Burma. There is another place in Ayutthaya that has hundreds of rooster statues called King Naresuan monument. It was funny for me to see but really an interesting fact to know. Next to the rooster hall, there is a huge Buddha’s head in black stone. I think it was kind of new statue compared to another interesting object in the temple.

005-Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 1)-DeaSihotang 006-Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 1)-DeaSihotang 007-Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 1)-DeaSihotang

It was so cute those colorful rooster statues.


Other than the rooster place, there is also another place with lots of lions figure surrounding the area. The lion’s figure just same as ones I saw in Sri Lanka, and the dragon’s head statue just same as I saw in Cambodia. Probably it was because the influenced of Khmer culture back then. It’s also surprising me that so many temple looks a like with temples I saw in Sri Lanka.

008-Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 1)-DeaSihotang 009-Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 1)-DeaSihotangThis lion statues look same a like with ones I saw in Cambodia.


Another beautiful building I saw it’s a massive sermon hall to Buddha, with strong old broken pillars surrounding the area without a rooftop. It is really an impressive building for me, to see the whole old walls and ruining building. Probably it was left behind and become damage after the Burmese set a fire in the temple and try to taken some precious metal from all the statues. Even now, you can see this temple active again because some of monks going pray and set an offering to Buddha here.

011-Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 1)-DeaSihotang 010-Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 1)-DeaSihotang

Beautiful blue sky view in Wat Thammikarat.


  1. Wat Chreng Tha

This is the second place we visited in Ayutthaya. A serene place in the middle of the day. No one there when we wander the place. There is one big pagoda and if you are going behind, you will see another sermon hall without rooftop and there is one Buddha there. It was amazingly silent even just next to the temple there is a main road, but in the place, you can be just quiet and enjoying the atmosphere. Only few of bird’s sound that accompanied us while we sitting nicely in the temple.

012-Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 1)-DeaSihotangI saw the fall of Buddha’s head in this place. Sad view.

013-Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 1)-DeaSihotang 014-Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 1)-DeaSihotang

A serene atmosphere in Wat Chreng Tha.


Time’s up, we should go to another place to see another Wat.



  1. Wat Naphrameru

After cycling a bit from Wat Chreng Tha, we found this white temple. There is a huge figures of Buddha inside of the temple. A beautiful painting covers all the wall and I am looking for the whole wall while my friend pray to Buddha. There are so many people that asking for blessing to the monk then pray to Buddha. Ironically (or maybe funny) in this place I first time seeing a monk using an Ipad. This is 2014 anyhow, hehe.

015-Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 1)-DeaSihotang 016-Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 1)-DeaSihotang 017-Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 1)-DeaSihotang

The new era Monk.


  1. Phra Mongkonbophit

I called it myself as Temple Number 5. Not because this is the number 5 place we visited in Ayutthaya but because me and my friend got a same result when we prayed to Buddha. There is a chopstick with some of numbers in a long glass and we should shake the place until one chopstick with a number fell down. It was making us laughing so bad when we got the same number! Oh yes, before I did that, I pray to God just a simple pray, “Hello my dear God, I know You can speak to me through everything, so let it be kind of your answer of my question.” – Don’t laugh, but the answer is, “I have so many good luck but have to wait to find my partner, but finally I will meet him.” Lol (Can I get the answer that he will come to me soon, please? Hahaha).


Yeah, this is the number 5! I have to record it for proof it later 😉

018-Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 1)-DeaSihotang

019-Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 1)-DeaSihotang Phra Mongkonbophit outside view.


Some of Buddha statues I saw inside of Phra Mongkonbophit.

020-Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 1)-DeaSihotang

After Phra Mongkonbophit, we continued our journey to another places in Ayutthaya. There is many interesting places to see not only that 4 above. Follow my next article, Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 2) to reading more…

021-Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 1)-DeaSihotang

You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. – Buddha


Dea Sihotang




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