Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 2)

Continue the journey from Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 1), after Phra Mongkonbophit we strolling around Ayutthaya again and now we are going to this another 4 places :

001-Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 2)-DeaSihotangBeautiful small reclining Buddha in Wat Lokayasutharam.


  1. Wat Phra Si Sanphet

This is my most favorite Wat so far in Ayuthaya. It has 3 big white pagoda and huge area to be explored. Since it was previously a royal palace, no wonder the area is so big and so many ruins and broken pillars everywhere. I think we should pay the entry fee to get in the Wat, but since I may look like Thailand and we didn’t realize we have to pay and no one asked us the money, so I was there for free (sorry!).

002-Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 2)-DeaSihotang 003-Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 2)-DeaSihotang

PS : Since I am learning yoga, there is always a funny reaction every time I need to pose, I always pose in yoga position. Sorry for being too much, but it was so fun anyway πŸ˜‰

004-Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 2)-DeaSihotang 005-Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 2)-DeaSihotang


  1. Wat Lokayasutharam

There is two big giant sleeping Buddha image in Ayutthaya. But we went to the one who has lotus sculpture in the head. The other called Wat Yai Chai-Mongkol, but I think it located quite far. If you have 2 days in Ayutthaya, maybe you can explore more places here.

006-Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 2)-DeaSihotangI give the flower to this handsome Lord.


The huge clining Buddha image in this place called Phra Bhuddhasaiyart and it faces to the east. It is very attractive to see since it has 37 meters long and 8 meters high. The cool fact about this image that has been restored with the funding from some people, one of this is Alcoholic Beverage Factory.

007-Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 2)-DeaSihotangMy friend, Tanja, take a silent time to prayed to Lord Buddha.


  1. Unknown place > Sad and Smile Buddha

Until I write this article, I don’t know yet the name of the place, but it’s very close from Wat Lokayasutharam. It looks like abandoned empty area with one Buddha figures in the middle of outdoor area. But there is another place next to the outdoor area, an old house without rooftop and has another Buddha inside. The cool thing about this place that you can see Buddha is smile inside of the house while the other Buddha outside having a sad face. Too bad it was almost dark and backlight, so I can’t take proper picture of the Sad Buddha face.

008-Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 2)-DeaSihotang009-Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 2)-DeaSihotang010-Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 2)-DeaSihotang

The smile Buddha πŸ™‚


PS : Just passed the way, there is a cool pagoda that look different than the rest since it looks like pyramid temple as Maya or Aztec’s temple.

011-Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 2)-DeaSihotangI don’t know the name of this temple. But look so different than the other.


  1. Wat Mahathat

The last but the best part is Wat Mahathat. It’s very famous temple since there is an incredible fact that Head of Buddha covered by the strong roots of a big tree. We need to pay 50 bath to come inside and I suggest you to go here during the sunset time since sunset from here looks so amazing!

012-Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 2)-DeaSihotang013-Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 2)-DeaSihotang014-Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 2)-DeaSihotangInteresting view from some of broken pieces of Buddha statues.

015-Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 2)-DeaSihotangBeautiful sunset in Wat Mahathat.


If you want to take a picture with the head of Buddha, you should sit or do a position which is not taller than head of Buddha himself. It is a sacred place for Buddhist people, so we should respect what they believe even for some people it might look ridiculous. For me it was ok.

016-Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 2)-DeaSihotang


There is no clear historical evidence of the Lord Buddha’s head image inside of the tree. But it is assumed that when Ayutthaya defeated by Burmese army, the Mahathat temple was set on fire and entirely destroyed and most of the images and parts fell to the ground. The temple itself was abandoned for more than a hundred years and many trees had grown at the spot covering the head when finally Department of Fine Arts do the restoration of the place. Another story tells that a thief want to take it but can not bring it out since it was too heavy, so the head fall down and now covered by the tree. Whatever the story is, the fact that the head is standing properly and still in some part of the face uncovered by the roots, that was an amazing fact.

017-Ayutthaya, the incredible old kingdom (Part 2)-DeaSihotangIf you are in Bangkok, make sure that you can visit this beautiful Ayutthaya province. Going shopping in Bangkok probably nice idea too, but when again you can visit this beautiful ancient place in Ayutthaya for once in your life time? And remember, travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.



Dea Sihotang






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