The Famous Jim Thompson’s House in Bangkok

I might give a quick review this time.

The last day when I was in Bangkok, I still have few hours before I fly to Kuala Lumpur for transit. I didn’t really thinking to just sitting around or going to mall to killing the time (well, I also done it as well later for lunch). So what I did was googling the “Places to see in Bangkok” and find a nice place to go which probably can do in that short time.

Jim-Thompson-Bangkok (6)Jim Thompson’s House.


And we found one.

Jim-Thompson-Bangkok (2)

The place named Jim Thompson’s house. It’s a beautiful wooden house with really a peaceful atmosphere that you can’t expect to get in the busy city like Bangkok, but here is it, this kind of place still do exist.


To find the place, you need to go to Mochit then change the (or simply just find a MRT to go to ) MRT to National Stadium (where the MBK famous mall is there) and walk a bit. You can see the information board about direction to Jim Thompson’s house. Don’t worry, you won’t get lost.

Jim-Thompson-Bangkok (1)Me and Tanja inside of the MRT.


We need to pay 100 bath to go inside the house. But it is worth for the price. Right away after you pay the tickets, you will accompanied by the crew (Thailand girls in their modest clothes/uniform, I like it!). Before you arrived in the main hall, you will see a desk with some of the cottons on a basket. It was to show you what’s the Jim Thompson’s foundation do. They still do making the best silk in Thailand. There is also a girl which doing the sewing with a machine. Later on, she isn’t just a sewer, she also dance the traditional dancing for the guest. Kind of amusing for the people who busy takes picture of her.

Jim-Thompson-Bangkok (5)Jim-Thompson-Bangkok (10)Jim-Thompson-Bangkok (15)She was also doing the Thai dancing to entertain guest.

There is a guide to explain you about the house. Usually, they will give you information what time the tour begins and you will be in a group with another guest. Her English is Thai English, so honestly, I should take a fully attention to listen to her, I don’t know, sometimes I feel like she is singing rather than talking, like how the way Thai people usually talk, hihi. Their words like a music note or a rhythm for me sometimes.

Jim-Thompson-Bangkok (8)Jim-Thompson-Bangkok (7)

Jim Thompson is an American who was born in Greenvile, Delaware in 1906. He was before served in U. S. Army and later sent to Bangkok and fell in love with Thailand. He decided to live in Thailand permanently. Later on, Jim interested with the hand weaving silk and a long-neglected cottage industry. He devoted himself to be a designer and textile colorist. He contributed substantially to the industry’s growth and the worldwide accorded to Thai silk. Now he has his own silk farming and lots of elegant silk stores where you can find one in the airport too. I think the price will be so expensive because it is silk, it is Jim Thompson and it is famous.

Jim-Thompson-Bangkok (13)Jim-Thompson-Bangkok (4)

His wooden house is combining of six buildings and represented the Thai architecture. Most stuff in the house came from old ages in century. It is more like museum than a normal house. His collection of art stuff are so excellent and selectively perfect. The houses full with it’s own stories from one room to another. It’s build above the ground to avoid the flooding during rainy season. Exactly in front of the main room, there is a port where he can drive his boat to wherever he wanna go.

Jim-Thompson-Bangkok (9)Jim-Thompson-Bangkok (12)Jim-Thompson-Bangkok (11)

His house is covered in thick red painted color. It is so beautiful! With such a garden, make the house looks so peaceful and calm. Jim Thompson followed all the traditional religious during construction of the house, we can see it by so many spiritual statues around the houses.


His life was fading away sooner than the house itself. He was disappeared in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia while trekking by himself, 5 days after his 61 years old birthday. He was disappeared on March 26th, 1967. He has no successor or wife, so the house was maintained by government ministries of the Kingdom of Thailand as Thailand’s rich artistic and cultural heritage. His famous house remains as his lasting creative ability and his deep to Thailand.

May he rest in peace.

For you, you can take a rest during your trip in busy Bangkok by visiting this place. They also have a restaurant for you to dine and a shuttle to pick up/drop you in the MRT station.

Jim-Thompson-Bangkok (14) Jim-Thompson-Bangkok (3)


PS : Do you know there is a movie about him? Jim Thompson : Silk King (2001). His silk also used in “King and I” movie.


Have fun!

Dea Sihotang



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