The Deadly Sharp Kelok 44 Road and Maninjau Lake

We decided to go back to Bukittinggi after Harau Valley. It takes around 2-3 hours from Harau Valley to arrive to Bukittinggi again. By Ling’s suggestion, we rented a motorbike for 60.000 IDR/day with a note, that we should return the motorbike full with gasoline. We planned to go to Maninjau lake, a beautiful lake located around 36 km from Bukittinggi. The lake looks like a silver sheet if seeing from above. The good view point to see the whole Maninjau lake is from Puncak Lawang. We planned to go to Puncak Lawang first, only with a map from Ling.



After lunch time, me and Ika, my best friend, we started our adventure. What we didn’t really realise that time is to go to Maninjau Lake, we should pass the deadly road called Kelok 44. They named it Kelok 44 because it has a 44 turn-road, we should really be careful otherwise we will crash and fall down from the hills. And another “thing” that we didn’t really know that time that we should pass a hill, really a windy hill, so during the journey, me and Ika who only wore short pants without jacket were so cold and shaking on our motorbike! Don’t repeat our mistake!

120-mari-berangkat-menuju-puncak-lawangLet’s go Ikaaaa! 🙂


And to adding the adventure, Ika forgot her glasses and she can’t see really clear while driving without glasses, whooooaaa.


Anyway, we were return safely. That’s why you can reading this right now, isn’t it? 😉


To go to Maninjau lake from Bukittinggi, we simply just follow the road to go to Ngarai Sianok. Just follow the road, we will arrive to Agam regency. From here the road will change into a hilly road and quite sharp as well. Be very careful while you want to make a turn because sometimes the car or motorbike from the opposite side can’t be really “heard” or “seen” by you, because covered with the cliff. If you find Matur, you are in the right way 🙂

122-kelokan-tajam-menuju-puncak-lawangRoad to Puncak Lawang. Also a bit sharply tricky.


123-akhirnya-sampai-di-maturArrived in Matur.


Puncak Lawang

Actually there is two view point to see Maninjau lake. But I think Puncak Lawang is better than the other. You will not miss Puncak Lawang because they put such a huge word on the soil wall so you could seen the name from far away.

126-pemandangan-danau-maninjau-diambil-dari-motorView the road where we were from Puncak Lawang.


I have a good experience in Puncak Lawang to tell you how honest and kind Minang people is. Once we parked our motorbike, we paid 2.000 IDR for the parking cost. It’s not really an official parking institution, only some teenagers doing the business to keep the motorbike secure. But once we wanna go back, I thought they will ask money again, as how usually parking people do in Jakarta, but when I gave him money, guess what he said, “Did you pay before? If yes, no need to pay again.” Whooo, this is a rare honesty I finally see. Not about the money, but I was touched by his integrity. Nice isn’t it?

132-bahkan-anjing-ini-tidur-santai-di-tengah-damainya-danau-maninjauThis lovely dog enjoying his time in Puncak Lawang 😉


Puncak Lawang itself such a beautiful park to enjoy the Maninjau lake. We need to pay 5.000 IDR/person to enter the park. To enliven the atmosphere, there is some area for outbound activity, with their rope, hanging wheels and hanging bridge. Quite fun for the group. I saw some people play with it. And if you like to test your adrenaline, there is a paragliding servicer here. I was scare haha, so I didn’t try the challenge.

136-permainan-paralayang 135-permainan-paralayang

Paragliding anyone?


137-permainan-outbound 138-permainan-outboundOr simply enjoying the outbound fun? You can do it here.



We enjoyed the spectacular view of the lake, so true, it looks like silver sheet if we see the lake from above.


Spot this couple enjoying the view like we do. This moment is a magical moment!



Lawang Park


Next to Puncak Lawang, there is Lawang Park. It is also a beautiful park and more neat compared to Puncak Lawang. Only the view to see Maninjau lake is much better from Puncak Lawang, but Lawang Park can be really a good option to just chill out and hanging out with your loved ones. The atmosphere is so peaceful quiet because there are not so much activities here.

140-pemandangan-danau-maninjau-dari-lawang-parkPeaceful place in Lawang Park.

To enter the park, we also need to pay 5.000 IDR/person.


Ambun Tanai


Ambun Tanai is a public park near the road side created to enjoy Maninjau lake as well. This is more like family ground because there are some stuff for the kids here. To enjoy this park, we only need to pay 3.000 IDR/person. It’s so cheap.


Honestly, we can enjoy the view of Maninjau lake from everywhere. Just choose the place and stop and sitting there for a while to see the great Maninjau lake and it’s… free! Only the concern is, the road is narrow so you might not be safe to stop in the middle of somewhere to enjoying the view while the chance of another car or motorbike come to pass you. Better to choose that view points above I mentioned 🙂



Kelok 44

So here is come the challenge!!!

148-menuju-kelok-44 147-menuju-kelok-44150-curamnya-tikungan-kelok-44

Look at this sharp road-turn!


Based on our curiosity, we still want to go to Kelok 44. This is the way to go to Maninjau lake itself. During the journey, I was screaming a lot because every each road turn really sharp and sometimes unpredictable. The good thing that the road has number, so it’s like we counting one by one until finally we see the number 1! That’s when we finally can touch the lake by our hands.

144-pemandangan-sekitar-kelok-44 145-pemandangan-sekitar-kelok-44

But, very great view along the way…


We take a peek of the lake from behind of Maninjau Indah hotel. The lake itself not so impressive when look closer than when we look from above in Puncak Lawang. But still nice to see it by our own eyes.

153-danau-maninjau-di-lihat-dari-hotel-maninjau-indahManinjau Lake from closer view.


Another challenge when we wanna go back to Bukittinggi, it should take the same Kelok 44 road. We should be really careful and slowly. There are some wild monkeys on the road as well. And what kind of make me a bit paranoid is to saw many of Moslem prayers signboard on the road. It supposed to be a positive sign actually, but it was only remind me that so many crash happened in this deadly road.



But thanks God, we finally arrived in Bukittinggi. Already dark but we finally found our way back. Such a good adventure, such a good experience.


“Never go on trips with anyone you do not love.” – Ernest Hemingway


PS : Thanks Ika for such a lovely adventure together. Lots of love! :*


Dea Sihotang



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