Happy Birthday to Me



I just want to write a short one right now before I fall a sleep πŸ™‚


I am such a night owl lately! I think today is still weekend, but actually not! It’s 22 December 2014. Monday. My birthday!! Yayyy… Finally, I am reaching the day which brings me lots of happiness and also reflection. Believe it or not, I was so scared to have a birthday today hahaa. Everything is so totally different with what I had a year ago. I still remember exactly what happened last year and today, with all the ups and downs, I am so grateful that God allows me to have another year to face.


I wrote a year ago that in a year, so many things can happened. Whether it is bad or good. And that’s true. How am I amazed with lots of different things in a year happened to me. I realized that when I made 2014 Travel Moments pictures clip. And now, today, I am in my own solitude when I reflected to a year that I had and what I wish happens in the next year. There are so many things I want to do in my new age. The day that I was so afraid to facing because yes, now I am single! (don’t laugh) changed to be a day that absolutely awesome and give me a sight of another positive life a head. I thank my old age for the lesson I had and I am so grateful for able to have another moments in the future.


Thanks to my best friend Emma that gave me such a lovely surprise. I expected nothing today since I am away from my family, some of my friends are gone and busy with their holiday festive season and I thought that I will spend the whole day alone, but God has another plan for me. He sent someone that always see me through my ups and down. She just simply a person that close to my heart and know all my flaws and put such a high positive hope with me even I am failed to believe in myself. There is a saying, better to have few friends that really care with us rather than to have hundreds that not really know us better (and deeper).


Since 2000 when I entered the first French class room and I greet Emma, we become friend since then. I ever read, friendship that longer than 7 years will be tend to be forever one. I am so grateful for having few of friends that I can count on them when I am happy or down. To share my happiness and tears. There are so many wishes I wanna do in 2015, but I simply put that on God’s hands. I believe that He will use what’s in my hands to reaching what’s in my heart. Even sometimes future are difficult to be seen, but I put my trust in Him that He will bring me from glory to another glory. All the tears I had in 2014, only will lead me to a beautiful rainbow in the future. I am really so grateful to close person in my inner circle who really believe in me. Who see the best in me when I feel such a loser and who always think me as a gold, a beautiful gold, when I only can see myself as a silver.


Family, friends, I am so thankful for always be with me this years. Life is not end here and also I don’t want to live in the future. I want to enjoy every each present moments that I still able to have right now. I am enjoying my health, my brain, my soul, my breathe. Beside all the things that I want to achieve in this new age, I simply want to be a better person, to be the better version of me. I believe everything else will take it’s place and will work naturally.


So life, be ready, cause I am ready for you!


Happy birthday to me πŸ˜‰

Dea Sihotang




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