5 Tips to Defeating Writer’s Block

This afternoon, I read an interesting and helpful article about Defeating Writer’s Block. This article is not about copying what he said, but it gives me an inspiration to write a way defeating writer’s block in my opinion.

5-Tips-to-Defeating-Writer's-Block (1) Once I have lots of energy and full of ideas, I can sit down nicely for hours and dwell into my own world and imagination, typing without resting just to write my story. But when the “writer’s block” comes, it’s really feel so difficult to discipline myself sitting in front of my laptop and writing. Sometimes when I thought that writer’s block comes and make me feel “too much” writing, I think it’s a way to make myself resting for a while. Sure, I agree to do it sometimes, but I ever told to someone, by stopping writing, I am afraid that the laziness will come forever.


But here is 5 tips from me to defeat “writer’s block” when it comes :

  1. Resting

If it’s regarding to my body needs resting, yes, take a rest for a while is really a great answer. But keep in mind, that you are resting, not stopping.

5-Tips-to-Defeating-Writer's-Block (2)

  1. Discipline

The best way to defeat writer’s block is to put in your mind that you HAVE TO write, not just want. Practice makes perfect and to copy from what someone told me that, the best way to be a writer is to keep writing. No matter how slow the progress is, keep writing and if possible, challenge yourself a bit everyday. Make a progress, don’t stuck. Write, about anything, anything that cross your mind. Just like now, actually I am having fever, but after napping, I back to my laptop and have this anxiety feeling that I need to write something. So I am writing this article 😛

5-Tips-to-Defeating-Writer's-Block (7)

  1. Reading

Once my eyes feel so tired looking the screen all day, I stopped for a while and go for conventional book. Paper book always fascinating me rather than E-Book. I am not a generation of loving all E-way. I still love the feeling of touching paper by paper. Feel the sensation of printed words in my eyes. That’s a lovely thing for me! And by reading, it gives you another clues and relax your mind for a while, because now it’s your turn to enjoy other people story, not feeling dizzy in creating yours.

5-Tips-to-Defeating-Writer's-Block (8)5-Tips-to-Defeating-Writer's-Block (6)Yeayyy, this is my treasure! 😛


  1. Out from your desk

Take a walk, do stretching, meet up with people, dwell in conversation, it will give you lots of inspiration. Take a look of other people in the street, people who probably stand next to you while waiting a bus, call your friends and exchanging the latest stories. When you meet with another human being, you will have lots of stories for your next ideas. Plus it’s relieving to go out from your desk and see different atmosphere and get fresh air.

5-Tips-to-Defeating-Writer's-Block (3)Take a walk, take a walk…

5-Tips-to-Defeating-Writer's-Block (4)Or do the stretching, before write again 😉


  1. Go to the bookstore

Every time I go to book store, not only for checking about latest books, but it’s also giving me a feeling that I wanna see my own name among another books author names. I wanna see my baby there and feel proud of it. Being in book store also practice me to see what’s the new trend, what’s the empty gap that need to be filled and what’s another people writing style. Sometimes, it’s also give me encourage that I can do the same or better than the available books. No no, encouraging yourself in a good way is not an arrogant behavior if you use it to hit you good and make you want to bring your dreams into reality.

5-Tips-to-Defeating-Writer's-Block (5)Hehe, this is my fave section. Children books.


The most important thing is to enjoying your process of writing, write things you want yourself to read, then you will easily to defeat any kind of blocks 😉

5-Tips-to-Defeating-Writer's-Block (1)


“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing.” – Benjamin Franklin

Dea Sihotang




  1. intresting. Absolutly agree —> Paper book always fascinating me rather than E-Book. I am not a generation of loving all E-way. I still love the feeling of touching paper by paper. Feel the sensation of printed words in my eyes. That’s a lovely thing for me!. Thousand tumbs for you 🙂

    Keep Writing!


    • Emaaakkk, aku belum sempet deh nulis-nulis kirim-kirim ke majalah yang kamu suggest hiks. Lagi fokus buat buku kedua hehee. But bener, aku lebih suka paper book daripada E-Book. Lelah banget mata, kalau udah nulis seharian terus pas mau baca, musti baca screen elektrik juga.. Heeehh… Kasian matanya 🙂 Keep writing and jalan-jalan juga Mak! 🙂


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