2015 Wish List

In 5 days, all of us will step to another brand new year. Some of us might be think that it’s only the same days as before. There are still Monday until Sunday, then still need to work from 8 to 5 every weekdays, and life has not really have significant change. Yeah, we get used to New Year, so it might be not so special anymore for us who think life with much more rational than feeling.


It is good to be rational, especially in set up the expectation in next year. Admit it or not, some people (as me) still doing wishing for better year and still write some list to do in next year and keep continue promising oneself how to be better and to do this and that.


I still remember last year, when my brother asked me what is my resolution for 2014. I was mentioned some stuff. Some of them happened soon after I speak it out, some of them still in pending. Even not yet happened in 2014. I might be need to learn about patience or.. I just not put hard of effort enough to make it happened.


Since 2014 I learned so many things in good and tough ways, so I can see back to my life right now and be proud with I’d been experienced so far. Some tragic moments might be there to painted the life I have, but also some incredible moments exist to give me beautiful colors. It was all balanced. There is a saying that I remember, If you can’t be thankful for what you have, be thankful for what you escaped. I remember that when things go so wrong and far from my expectation, I am thinking that might be those things weren’t so good for me, and I should be thankful for what I was escaping from. It might not clear at this moment, but later, such as a puzzle, it gives a clear picture why all those shit happens to me. Some to taught me be more strong, more weak, more humble and more happy with what I have.


I am better to be hated by who I am rather than low myself in gaining someone’s love.

And if you can’t handle me, it’s ok. By nature, we all filtered ourselves from people around us. The best people will still stand by me, not because of responsibility, but because they chose to be with me. And I am sooo grateful for few people who really genuinely love me as the way I am. Pretending is not my capability and being fake sweet is not me. So thanks for people and situations in 2014 which taught me a lot and allow me to be who I am now, smiling and being grateful for things I’d been escaping for.

001-2015 Wish List -DeaSihotangMe, grateful for my new age, what I have and for what all I was escaping from…


So here is some acceptable resolution I make for 2015. I learned that life is compiled by simple little things, so this resolution is not a gigantic one. Not that I want a cute boyfriend, traveling to 7 continents, having lots of ticket flights, seeing my name in new cover books, hahaha, sssttt, that’s also what I want. But I know that it will not work that way, I just learn to think about it more and deeper and saying what I wanna do more in 2015. Here is the list :


  1. Read More

This is the feed of my soul. I should really put this on my highest goal since there are so many I want to read, but I don’t really put myself to give time to it. So many best sellers book, so many knowledge, historical and self-help books, I need all of that. I want to know everything because knowledge is power.

  1. Listen More

My ex told me I am bad in listening. His statement put me in the corner and yeah, I once mad to him because of that. But, now, I will put it as a good reminder, that I need to shut my mouth sometimes and give time to people to speak their mind. They also want to be listened, as how I do. Extrovert needs to be introvert sometimes!

  1. Away from Personal Social Media More

One month away from my personal account was taught me a lot. I liked it and I can’t see there is not much benefit in being online and stalking people life by continued seeing their FB. I am happy with now. I keep post some stuff, but I care less about what people doing or what people comment in my status or how many people likes it. Hey, it’s such a freedom for me – and don’t laugh if I still work on it 😉

  1. Love Myself More

Love here doesn’t mean I want to be selfish. But I want to be away from negative energies which will not lead me to anything good. I want to grow up as a positive person, who people will get good impact where their life touches my life. Since I know I am weak and not perfect, I prefer to cut myself from some things that lead me more to negative rather than positive. I want to busy love myself, so I don’t have much time to think why that guy doesn’t love me or why that girl doesn’t like me, etc etc. I am getting old, I don’t need to be accepted by everyone.

  1. Expressing Gratitude More

Those who close with me, be prepared that I will always show my gratitude more to you. My best friend, Ika, get tired listening me saying thanks. But who knows that I might gone tomorrow and can’t express my feeling to her, how grateful I am to have such a best friend like her. So right now is the correct time to say gratitude to whoever we love. Coelho ever said, Life is too short to let important words unsaid.

  1. Be in Present More

We all want to have bright future. But we forget that bright future won’t be happened if we are not working well in our daily life. We tend to live in a generation of dreaming. Ohh, I am not against dreamers, since I am one of them (trust me!), but have you realized that dreaming too much without really stepping on your ground will make you focus too much about your future without working on your present? We need to love our life now, we need to love our appearance now, we need to love what we have now, not tomorrow, not a year later, not when I am having husband or having kids. Life is happening now, and don’t just exist, be here.

  1. Write More

I put write more as the second last of my wish. Not because I don’t put it as priority, because I want to remind myself that writing is a beautiful process. I don’t want to be in hurry and put it as a target. I want to enjoy every moments I have while write something. And I know, I will write more, because that’s like a skin on my bone. I can’t separate it with myself.

  1. Travel More

Why is it be my last wish? Because without me putting it on my list, I will try my best to check about the flight promotion, the days off, national holiday and places to go. I put it as my last list because I understand, travel is not a competition, travel is a beautiful activity that should be need to enjoyed every minutes of it. It’s not a competition to have such lots of places to go. It’s not a competition with time. But it’s a process, a process to finding my own self in traveling. One ever said, the real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes. Ohh, that’s Marcel Proust.

002-2015 Wish List -DeaSihotang


Happy 2015 (soon!) and keep positive!

Dea Sihotang



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