Happy New Year 2015

Happy New Year 2015 Everyone!


It’s almost a week after we all looked through our window the shinning and loud fireworks fill the clouds where ever we were. It seemed like everyone was so happy and excited to celebrate New Year. In few second when the clock reached to 00:00, everyone will gather together and cheers to each other. Shouting the counting, 3.. 2… 1… and HAPPYYY NEW YEARRRRR…

All screamed with such loudest voices they have and full of hope. It’s like each of us had forgot about the problems and the monotonous life we have for a while and thinking very positive in that very moment that all good things will be happened in the new year, in the new days, we smile because we have hope for better days.

If the Monster Inc. Movie is a real, probably if someone gather all that positive feeling from each of human in the world, they will get thousand or immeasurable tons of positive thought in lots of sacks. Perhaps, in the middle of difficult days – those people can look up to their sack and remember again how positive they were when starting the new year.


How was your New Year Eve?

Here in Jakarta, we did it a bit less since we still in grieve of the Air Asia’s situation. But it didn’t make the fireworks and the celebration stopped. Me with another few people gather in Nenad’s apartmenet and we were there, on the rooftop to wait for the moment, counting together, raise our glasses and saying Happy New Year. It was fun night. We closed the day (at least for me because I went back earlier than the rest) by dancing in Serbian style – which I didn’t really get right move but it was ok, the purpose is to make everyone had fun. And Nenad indeed succeeded. It was my first time party and my first time gather with lots of people again in 2015 (or in quite long time).

New-Year-2015-Dea-Sihotang (2) New-Year-2015-Dea-Sihotang (3) New-Year-2015-Dea-Sihotang (4)

New Year’s Eve Party in Nenad’s House 🙂

The new year activity wasn’t stopped there. In the morning, I need to go to bus shelter, now we wanna do camping together with some friends. This is my fave activity! There is no better way to stepping this new year, new calendar, new days which make us older, by doing what we love most. For me, blending in the nature, walk in fresh air and spend times with my lovely friends, really a precious one.


This is few of pictures I had from the camping. I will write about it later *pinky promise* 🙂

New-Year-2015-Dea-Sihotang (5)New-Year-2015-Dea-Sihotang (6)


In the mean time, I wish you a very Happy New Year. Be kind to each other, be true to yourself and be faithful because faithfulness is very rare to find now. Keep positive because only positive people will attract positive people. And if you are regret some things in 2014, try to do it in different way in 2015 (just like I do). Perhaps, in the mid of difficult days in this new year, we can look back for a while how positive we were when celebrating our NYE and have so many hopes in our heart.

New-Year-2015-Dea-Sihotang (1)

Dea Sihotang



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