Visiting the Mini Indonesia Park (TMII)

Do you have spare time on the weekend? Or simply just arrived in Jakarta? If you have few days in Jakarta, let me suggest you a cool place to go. It called Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII) or how foreigners called it as “Mini Indonesia” – that’s because the name is too long. In here, you can see some of traditional houses replica from all over the islands in Indonesia. It’s a nice place to get a glimpse of culture in Indonesia. I went to TMII again last weekend with a friend from Turkey. Even I already been there for few times, it’s still so fun for me to step again in this place.

TMII-Jakarta-Indonesia (15)

Me and Burak, my friend from Turkey, visiting one of the traditional house in TMII.


TMII started to build since 1972 and initiated by our former president’s wife, named Siti Hartinah or more famous by name Tien Soeharto. She has an idea to cultivate national pride in more Indonesian people. Especially because Indonesia has lots of culture diversity and rich of history. 3 years after the idea came, they opened TMII for the first time in April 20, 1975.

TMII-Jakarta-Indonesia (4)Me and Anna, my friend from Netherlands, in front of Indonesia’s Historical Museum.


I had been visited this place for few times. When I was a kid, study tour with the bunch of my school mates and teachers or now, in the adult era where I take some of my foreigners friends to go there. It still fascinating me a lot, even I admit the place is not so well maintained. The old age and some dust are everywhere around the traditional houses. I wish they really do serious care to the houses and environment surrounding, so it can attracts people more. Not only local tourist who usually come on the weekend and let half of the area full with rubbish. Yes, this is the bad habit I hate from local people, but also attract International tourist – because this place is truly beautiful and worth to visit.

TMII-Jakarta-Indonesia (26)TMII-Jakarta-Indonesia (27)

Me, years ago in some part of the park – North Sumatra and Kalimantan section are my favorite.


Anyway, if you have limited time to visit our 5 biggest islands, but want to know more about Indonesia’s culture, this park is a right place to go. By visiting TMII, you will get the picture about how races and cultures in Indonesia. How do they live, how do they deal with their daily activities, some information about their dresses and the house they live in. In some events, they even performed a traditional dances in their each pavilion. Or if you are lucky, you can also sneak a peek when they practice their traditional dance.

TMII-Jakarta-Indonesia (2)One of example for beautiful dress from tribe in Kalimantan.

TMII-Jakarta-Indonesia (3)Beautiful clothes from Balinese people.

TMII-Jakarta-Indonesia (16) TMII-Jakarta-Indonesia (17)

The dolls replica about how people in North Sumatra live daily.


Not only seeing the traditional houses, you can also visit lots of Museum here. Some of museums are in really good condition, some are lack of maintenance and care. Museum Sejarah Indonesia (Indonesia Historical Museum) is one of my favorite. I’d been visited to another museum as well, but the decay interior make it a bit unimpressed to visit. I believe if they really put lots of attention to manage every each of traditional pavilion and throw away all the rubbish, old interior, cheap design, cheap pamphlet with such blurred color already, this place can be more excellent. To visit museums, some of them are free, but some are need to pay again. It’s better to avoid crowded, visit this place on the weekdays rather than weekend.

TMII-Jakarta-Indonesia (7) TMII-Jakarta-Indonesia (6) TMII-Jakarta-Indonesia (5)

You can rent a bike (which I think too expensive) for going around the park. Walk is possible, only will make you so tired cause it’s huge! One bicycle is between IDR 15.000 – 25.000/hour – depends on what kind of bike you wanna use. I think to visit the whole place you will need lots of hours, so better to visit the far place first and if you still curious, you can walk to see another places surrounding the entry gate.

TMII-Jakarta-Indonesia (14)Burak tried to lift up the heavy cycle to park inside of the house’s area.


TMII-Jakarta-Indonesia (20) TMII-Jakarta-Indonesia (19)The cool wooden house with such creative colorful craving in Kalimantan house.


To visit the park, you need to pay IDR 10.000,-/person. Glad they don’t put different price between local and foreigner. I also hate it when I am visiting another country and they put so high price for foreigner – can be two or three times different!

TMII-Jakarta-Indonesia (25)TMII-Jakarta-Indonesia (18) TMII-Jakarta-Indonesia (24)

Ones of cool but freaky collection from North Sumatra house.


Most of places such as traditional houses, park (such as bird park, herbal plantation park or cactus park), museum closed around 3 pm. If you want to visit as much as you can around the park, you should be here since early morning. Not only park, houses and museum, they also have cool theater looks like gold shell, temples, mosque and churches for praying, swimming pool, huge lake and sky lift ride.

TMII-Jakarta-Indonesia (9) TMII-Jakarta-Indonesia (10) TMII-Jakarta-Indonesia (11)View from the Sky Lift – nice to try 🙂


TMII-Jakarta-Indonesia (13) TMII-Jakarta-Indonesia (12)The bird park and the cactus garden.


To reaching TMII from center of Jakarta might need lots of efforts, but it’s worth it. You can find the nearest Transjakarta Bus shelter and ask the crew how to go there. They will show you the way and you might need to change few buses and wait for long time for the bus coming. In the end of the nearest stop to TMII (called Garuda Taman Mini) you need to take another small public car ride for few minutes and voila, you arrived in the main entrance gate.


For a weekend pleasure, it is definitely a worth to try and this is still one of my favorite place to go in Jakarta. I don’t mind to go here few times more 😉

TMII-Jakarta-Indonesia (21) TMII-Jakarta-Indonesia (22) TMII-Jakarta-Indonesia (23)

Beautiful collection from Papua traditional house.


For more info about the TMII you can check this website :

For information about Transjakarta Bus : – I know it’s only in Bahasa version, but you can click on the map to get to know about your bus stop. Price for one single trip is IDR 3.500, but since few months ago, government applied the system when you need to buy one card (price is IDR 40.000 with inside amount is IDR 20.000,-) to use the bus (not applicable in all shelter ; some shelter still do the manual way, which is you need to pay IDR 3.500 to enter).


I even make this funny photo shoot in TMII one day ago – just because I like this place so much! 😉

TMII-Jakarta-Indonesia (1)


Ok, the last information is not important at all 😛



Dea Sihotang




    • Hahaha, thanks a lot Kiko, I looked a bit stupid there but I think it was a funny picture 😛 – If you are visit Jakarta, I would like to bring you to Mini Indonesia as well 😉 Cheers, Dea


  1. Bonjour je prépare un séjour dans l’archipel indonésien cette année et je cherche des contacts, des personnes-ressource pour mon sujet de recherches. celui ci porte sur les sociétés mégalithiques contemporaines de l’archipel indonésien.
    cordialement Néoh


    • Bonjour Néoh,
      As I can’t speak Francais, so I translated with Google. Anyhow, I don’t really understand your request 🙂 If you need any information regarding to travel in Jakarta or Indonesia, I would like to help you. But if you wanna know about megalithic place – I think you should go to more capable institution. I only ever been in Padang Mountain (Gunung Padang) megalithic area. Might write about it later 🙂 Have a nice day! Dea


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