Cafe Review : Cuadrilla, Kemang

Sometimes, unplanned activity can lead you to the good place. That’s what happened to me and Karina last night. We were planning to go to one of the coffee shop in Kemang, called Dia.Lo.Gue but later on, we find out that the coffee shop already closed since 6 pm! (too early for a coffee shop). Then we tried to look around when we see another cute cafe from outside called Cuadrilla.


From outside appearance, we can see the restaurant is selling Italian food. But when we asked the crew, they said it’s Mediterranean cuisine. So you can guess, inside of the menu, you can find food from Greece, Spain and Italy. That’s cool!

001-Cafe Review Cuadrilla, Kemang -DeaSihotang 002-Cafe Review Cuadrilla, Kemang -DeaSihotang 003-Cafe Review Cuadrilla, Kemang -DeaSihotang

Inside interior of the cafe.


Once when we came inside, we already fell in love with the interior. It is mostly painted with blue and white colors, remind us about Santorini in Greece, even I never been there, hehe. They try to use all the space in excellent way and they did it! First floor is non-smoking area and look a bit small because they have their kitchen almost half of the area. While the second floor is the better one, but it’s a smoking area. When we were there, there is another guest that smoke. Luckily they sit quiet far from us so it’s not bothering too much.

004-Cafe Review Cuadrilla, Kemang -DeaSihotang 005-Cafe Review Cuadrilla, Kemang -DeaSihotang

My dear friend, Karina.


They have quick wifi and it is opened actually from 11 am – 11 pm, but when we were there and not so much people, so around 10.15 pm they already cleaned everything and make us a bit unease to stay longer. Food is delicious – since we already had dinner before, so we only ordered the pepperoni pizza. Came in big portion and very thick cheese. I loved it! Their coffee also good, since they use Illy (yeah, promoting hehehe). In over all experience, I like this place a lot and might to come back again to try another cuisine and enjoying the Mediterranean songs and atmosphere here.


006-Cafe Review Cuadrilla, Kemang -DeaSihotangI feel so productive here, cause I can wrote a lot here. Yayyy!


Where is it?

Jalan Benda No. 1D (next to Moe’s Place, in front of Beer Garden Kemang)

Kemang, South Jakarta

Phone number : +62-21-7820188


What you can order here?

007-Cafe Review Cuadrilla, Kemang -DeaSihotang008-Cafe Review Cuadrilla, Kemang -DeaSihotang

PS : My fave part is their restroom, but I don’t have the picture of it. So you need to go there and see it with your own eyes 😉


Happy Weekend!
Dea Sihotang



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