Facing Your Fears to Reaching Your Dreams

I think I am consider myself as lucky. Without a figure of a mother and a father who was so busy, I have my sisters and brother who filled my childhood times a lot. They filled me with something that I really thankful later and created me as how I am. They introduced me with books which bring me to many lives, many countries, even I never been there yet.


Since I was a kid, I can find myself enjoying the time when I dwelling my imagination in Cowboy’s life, Laura Ingalls Wilder family’s life, The Little Woman’s Life, Tintin’s Life, Lucky Luke’s Life, so many comic, books figures that also live with me during my grown-up moments. Those stories helped to build my own story, my own understanding in seeing life and broaden my knowledge and enhance my imagination. I know that I am not a person who will be rooting in one place. Later on, I try to making all the stories I only read in books as my own reality. I try to step to places I never been because of my curiosity from the information I found from books I read previously.


I am glad that I was raising like that. I never feel alone even I know I have lots of friends as well, but books become my silent friends and let me able to explore my mind more and more. I started to have my own dreams. I want this, I want that, so many things I want, but one thing I know, I don’t want to be stuck. I know myself, that I love adventures, I love to be challenged, and I love to see many things with my own eyes.

Facing-Your-Fears (1)Never I think that I will be in Paris, but I finally stepped on this road.


Having a dream, a not normal dream as how the society wants me to do, is also kind of difficult. As my age, where women already married and having kids, I still want to fulfill my own dreams. I still want to see the world. I still want to do so much. Having my own self. Sometimes I think that I am irresponsible. But because I know that I might not able to handle that kind of responsibility of rooting and stuck in one place, I want to make my dreams come true and sacrifice myself as the people’s gossip subject, the weirdo view from people around me, but it doesn’t matter. It’s not affect me so much. What makes me happy, that I have my own dreams and no one can’t steal it from me. It’s growing inside me, day by days, it’s growing bigger. I might not yet know what I really want in life, but I know what I don’t want to be.


But, making your dreams come true is another point. You need to work on it, it’s not only a beautiful day dreaming that will become a reality itself by only thinking about it. No, not like that. In order to fulfill it, we need to do some stuff. We even need to make lots of sacrifice. We need to walk in empty path, feeling lonely, in doubt and sometimes teary because no one believes in us, in our dreams. But if it’s really your own dreams, it will always call you over and over again until you make it come true. Your soul, indirectly always dragging you back to your real passion. That’s how the calling workings. It keeps calling, until you get up from your ass and do your dreams.


Then, how to make your dreams come true?

Facing-Your-Fears (2)I am still working on my dreams. It’s never stopped.


I am still working on mine. But at least, I know what I want to do and I keep my hard working on it. Here is some tips that I might share to you and perhaps bless you!


  1. Think about it, what is your passion

Take a time. Your passion is not something that very far from you. It’s things that you like the most. Things that you want to do it, even no one pays you. It’s always fascinating you and make you feel happy when you do it. If you feel confuse what is it, ask the opinion of your friends. What’s things you able to do good from their point of view? I heard so many time people told me that they don’t have any talent. That’s not true. I believe each of us having their own unique talent. Just need to be known and explored. I ever read a statement, “The most sad place to see is graveyard, because so many talent buried there without ever had chances to be explored.” That’s tragic.


  1. Use what’s in your hands

Some people always think like this.. (for example) “Oh, I will start to learn English when I am finish my college,” or “Ohh I will start to learn knitting when I have time,” – but the truth is, you will never have time until you make time! I don’t like kind of people who always say, “Yeah, I will travel to xxxx (name it) later when I save some money etc etc etc,” or “Yeah, I will make my own book when I already have some great stories to tell,” – No, you will never make it. Trust me. The best time to start is now. Use what’s in your hands. My fave statement from my pastor when he says it, “God will use what’s in your heart to reach what’s on your hands,” – your passion inside your heart, already equipped with things on your hands. Just do it now.


  1. Always learn from the master

Only arrogant people who never want to learn. You can learn everyday from another people or another situation in daily life. Paulo Coelho said, People who feeling bored with their life because they failed to see the miracles happened in daily life. I agree with him. Everyday, there is always something new. We even can learn from people we see on the street. But the most great way to help you reaching your dreams, is to learn from people who is capable than you in the subject you interest. If needed, better invest in knowledge from inspirational master regarding to your passion, rather than use your money to buy temporary things that will be a waste soon (such as clothes, shoes, etc).


  1. Practice makes perfect

Everyone always begins from nothing. Small things lead to big things. If you are faithful doing your passion, you will be able to do it well. The first time I started my blog in English, I was feeling so awful with my grammar (maybe now still) but I don’t care. I know the only way to able to speak and write in English is to practicing it. Indonesia is not an English speaking country. So I need to find a way how to make myself able to speak English. I read English books, I try to remember daily word by word in English, I make a card where is contains lots of vocabulary so I could bring everywhere and recite it, I involved in English speaking community and it was such a heck of nightmare for me in the beginning – I was so nervous, I was so scare to making mistakes, and it feels so annoyed to get correction every time I make mistake when pronounce or writing English. But that’s the only way I will get used to it and more able to do it. Now, I never regret all those red faces, fears and efforts I made to make myself familiar in English.


  1. Share it to people who you trust and trust you enough

Since I am an extrovert person, I can’t keep my passion and dreams to myself only. I need someone to share it. Yes, I also need their opinions about it. But you really need to share it with someone who really know you well. Otherwise, you will doubt yourself because people who not believe in you, will always think that you are incapable to do your passion. Your real friends might say something opposite from positivism you have to doing your dreams, but if they are your real friends, it might be because they know you well and care to you and want you to see it from objective point of view (thinking outside the box). If it’s really your dreams, you can explain to them and think wise and solution of all the effects of doing your dreams. But, remember, it’s your dreams, you are the one who do it.


  1. Ignore the dreambusters

Just like above point, those who don’t really know your capability, will say things which will make you in doubt. I like this Chinese proverbs : Those that say it can’t be done should get out the way of those doing it. Ignore the negativity. And keep doing what you should do to make your dreams come true. In one point, you might doubting yourself too. Doubting your reason. But always remember, if it’s still in your heart, it’s always need a chance to keep work on it.


  1. They will copy you, that’s ok

In this modern technology, it’s very easy to copy other people’s art. That’s sad. I never make any security for my blog. And I found many people try to copy me. It was annoying me in the beginning. But later on I realized. Just like the right leg against the left leg so there is a step of walking, there is a movement. The condition of someone try to copy you and the hidden or clear competition can make you become more sharp and the “things” will be improved. If you are original, never be afraid of those who copy you. But for you who loves to copy, think your own creativity because those who copy, always walk behind those who original. Do you want to always walk behind the line?


  1. Never satisfy with what you’ve done

Satisfying is a killing point. Once you feel satisfied, you will do nothing to improve yourself again. Don’t. Being stuck in satisfying will make you pull back rather than being progressive. If you already think you are good enough in one subject, why not challenge yourself to do another subject? You may feel more alive and more have purpose in life. It will make you be more productive. You will never know what else you can do, and it might be amazed you!


  1. Be humble

Once you are in the stage of reaching your dreams, get the acknowledgement or achieve what you dream, don’t feel over it. Be humble. Remember everyone begins in nothing and so did you. Your attitude when you get everything is more affect you as human, same as your attitude when you don’t have anything.


  1. Help Others

What’s the purpose of knowing something, able to do something, if you never use it to help others? When you help others to reaching their dreams, it’s not only them feel glad and happy, but it’s also sharpening your skill and your soul. Happiness is better sharing, and remember, once upon a time, before you are here, so many people helped you direct or indirectly so you are able to be here now.

Facing-Your-Fears (3)Once upon a time, I dreamed about place where the Yeti-tale exist. Until life gives me real chance to visit Nepal…


I hope it’s inspire you.

Have a great time to reaching your dreams!


Dea Sihotang




  1. It does inspire me, Dea.

    Right now, I finally set up another dream I want to achieve. It kinda scares me and leaves me trembling just by imagining it. But again, as you stated, just start.
    Therefore, I’m writing a new blog as my online journal to keep me focus and help me tracking the progress I made.

    They said, if your dreams don’t scare you, it doesn’t big enough. So yah, I just have to walk persistently just like you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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