Underground Maternity Photoshoot

What will you do when you are not traveling?


For me, I can’t stand still at my place. Glad that my sister in law contacted me and ask to doing a photo session for her maternity. Actually, it was 4 years ago when I did her first maternity photoshoot as well. Now for the second child. Time flies!


Besides traveling, writing and talking, I also have a hobby to make a concept for photoshoot.   I like to arrange something and make things look good on the pictures. That’s why some of you think that my photos are good (yes it is! Hehe) but that wasn’t because of professional lectures or lesson.  I just do it with my feeling. And I am glad that it turned to be good and also got some opportunities to do photoshoot with my family and friends.

Maternity-Photoshoot (9)Maternity-Photoshoot (8)Maternity-Photoshoot (10)

Our lovely and busy weekend photo session.


4 years ago, I did the first maternity photoshoot together with my ex boyfriend who that time also learning how to take photo as professional. We collaborated the works, I am doing the conception, direct the style, while he took the pictures. I know my perfectionist personality can be good sometimes, for instance, I can use it in photoshoot conception. I like to see the pictures perfect in front of people’s eyes. But since I already broke up with him and I can’t use professional camera, I should need to find another person to shoot the pictures.


I contacted my senior high school friend, Bhisma, who also one of my recent travel partners. We ever done the photoshoot as well, when I had an idea to take a pictures session with my college friends. That time, I had an idea to take pictures in Dutch graveyard – trying to look as a model, and it was lots of fun. So now, I think I can rely on him to take maternity pictures of my sister in law. He said ok, we decided time and I try to find concept.

Maternity-Photoshoot (2)Photo courtesy from Dea Sihotang | 2015


I thought the session will be short, but with such lots of ideas from all of us, the session going to be quiet long. It took almost 7 hours, from 3 pm to 10 pm. Whoooaaa… All of us already feeling so tired, but happy.  I am extremely more happy when I found out the results are really beautiful. Bhisma did a good job. I like the angles he took for the pictures.

Maternity-Photoshoot (4)Maternity-Photoshoot (3)Photo courtesy from Bhisma Indrayudha | 2015


This photoshoot was a new challenge for me because it is now together with the kid. It was kind of new for me. But happily Freia, my niece, was naturally photogenic on the pictures. She also easy to smile and following my directions easily. I am so surprised by how she following the session without too much spoiling, we all know, photo session with kids can be so stressful because we should take their attention and heart to make them able to smile on the camera. But she was so natural.


Then for me, a pregnant woman is really look more beautiful, more sexy, more smooth because there is a certain beautiful light comes from her within. I wanna that light to be captured perfectly in the pictures. Murni, my sister in law such a beautiful mother and she was really feeling comfort doing the photo session. Maybe because I did for their pre-wedding and maternity pictures, and I am her family, so she was familiar with me. But it was great experience and was very easy to work with her.

Maternity-Photoshoot (6)Maternity-Photoshoot (5)Photo courtesy from Bhisma Indrayudha | 2015

Maternity-Photoshoot (1)Photo courtesy from Dea Sihotang | 2015


My brother, even mostly men can be so spoiled during the photo session – and some times he also feel enough and feeling tired to always smile in the camera, but he did it well. He followed the direction and being so natural at the pictures as well. With the help of my sister, Liana and my friend, Emma, who also took some pictures, we did the photo session completely success and happy. Yes it was a tired day, but looking at the pictures, I can say that I am satisfied.

Maternity-Photoshoot (7)Photo courtesy from Bhisma Indrayudha | 2015

Maternity-Photoshoot (2)Photo courtesy from Dea Sihotang | 2015


What do you think?


PS : The title “Underground” because we do it because we love it 😉


Dea Sihotang



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