Cibeureum Waterfalls – a Sudden Sweet Weekend Escape

Cibeureum-Waterfalls-West-Java (14)Cibeureum waterfalls, the place where we planned to go.


When I followed an IELTS trial test, an email comes from a friend. She said she can’t contact me through What’s App – my phone error so she email me. Yeah, right now, people faster contact me through email than chat application hehe. Anyhow, she asked to meet up. It’s a writer meet up. I agreed and there we were, talking, brain storming about our next stories, sharing about what books we read lately until another friend give this idea to go to one of the waterfalls outside Jakarta tomorrow. Yes. Exactly tomorrow morning. I said, Whaaattt?? Are you crazy? Tomorrow is Sunday and we should work on Monday!

He said, “So? Why not?”

“Who will come?” I ask.

“Just us,” he said while pointed to another two friends who is couple. “And me, and you and our editor if she wants,”

“By motorcycle?”

“Yes, by motorcycle,”


“How long is it gonna be?”

“Maybe around 4-6 hours return. We will take it easy…”

Ummmm…. “And how about me? With who I will go?”

“With her (the editor)”

“If she doesn’t want to join us?”

“With me then..”

Weh, the guy who had the idea is the person that offered me to take a ride with him. For your information, his motorcycle is the huge one. Yamaha R25 if I am not mistaken. A type where you need to sit closely to the rider otherwise the wind might throw you away from the motorcycle, because this kind of bike is faster than car!

Cibeureum-Waterfalls-West-Java (4)We arrived in the entry gate of the National Park of Gunung Gede Pangrango.


Ummm… I was thinking and thinking and my curiosity about the waterfall and the eagerness to find inspiration for my writing drive me to finally say yes for the idea.

“What time we will go?”

“6 am at Lebak Bulus (a name of bus station in South Jakarta).”

Me : “Whatttttt!!!”

Ok ok, at 7 am in front of Fatmawati Hospital.



And guess what, tomorrow morning, rain was so big hitting Jakarta. I think it was since 4 am. I thought they will cancel the plan but at 7 am – when I still fall a sleep, my phone ringing.

Cibeureum-Waterfalls-West-Java (1)Ohh ohh, this weather made me so lazy to get up…


“Dea.. Where are you?!”

“Ohh crap! I am still on my bed. Are we really going?”

“Yeah, we already here, waiting for you!”

I looked outside my window and it was raining. This people are crazy! And I was sooo lazy to walk under the rain – especially to sit on motorbike under the rain! Wehh, how can I avoided this. But but, I also wanna go. So after a war between my brain, my consciousness and my feeling, finally I go to the place where they waited for me for around 3 hours! – well, we also need to wait for the rain to stop anyhow. Hahaha. Sorry friends! :*

Cibeureum-Waterfalls-West-Java (2)Finally we gathered together at Seven Eleven Fatmawati to start the journey!


Then we started the journey at 10 am. First we stopped to take a breakfast nearby. After that, we thought that we might need a rain coat. Since I don’t have proper jacket, I think better that I also bought one. A decision which really wise and full of benefits for us. Just rightly after we bought the rain coat and wear it, the hard rain hit us so bad. I was so cold but also warm inside. Only my cheeks and lips are so numb. My hands shaking and I need to balance my sitting while my friend drove the motorbike so fast. Weh, during the way, I always prayed for nothing happened to us!


Thanks God that we finally arrived in the gate of Cibodas National Park around 2.30 pm. We clean ourselves first for a while, and eat our late lunch before continue the trekking.

Cibeureum-Waterfalls-West-Java (3)So, we arrived in Mang Idi food stores – where we parked our motor. Yeah, that ones behind us 🙂


Geee, the waterfalls supposed to close at 2 pm! But lucky us that we were able to go inside. Otherwise, that journey will be such a waste and we will go back to Jakarta without ever able to satisfy ourselves by dwelling in the nature. When we walked to the waterfalls, we can see lots of people started to going down, because it will be dark soon.

Cibeureum-Waterfalls-West-Java (6)Always a happy face when I am in the nature ❤


So we started the trekking. In the beginning we still full of energy and happy, but the stone stairs easily to make us lose breathe and we continue the walk by trying our best to adjust the way how we breathe since it’s going up and up. My friend told me that she got headache – that’s because the oxygen changing. Our lungs need to adapt with the new surface. The higher we climb, the less air there is above us in the column. It causes the lower of air pressure and the less dense of the gas. In every 304 meter we climb, we lose about 3% of the available oxygen. It reminds me when I was in Nepal, I need to take lots of oxygen cause the air I breathe was so tenuous.

Cibeureum-Waterfalls-West-Java (9)Cibeureum-Waterfalls-West-Java (8)Cibeureum-Waterfalls-West-Java (7)We saw this beautiful lake during the trekking 🙂


Another reason why we went to the waterfalls, because one of my friend need to start to refresh his legs again after such a break for not hiking in this 4 months. Before going to a real mountain, smooth trekking like this can be a good way to test the legs and make it familiar again with this lovely outdoor activity.


After walked around 2 hours, we finally see the information board that the waterfalls will be 300 meters away more. Yayyyy! When we were there, a guy asked us to be hurry because soon it will be dark and they are not allowed us to stay until dark. The trekking way will be hard to see and this national park still has so many wild animals. So it was a good alert, to prevent us from worse situation.

Cibeureum-Waterfalls-West-Java (11)Ohhh this board! Nice to see you!!


And this is us in the waterfalls, hurrrayyyy – we made it…!

Cibeureum-Waterfalls-West-Java (12)

Anyway, we stayed for a few minutes in the waterfalls. It was going to be so cold because of the weather, some of water splash from the waterfalls make us wet and the chilly wind make us . We were not able to stay longer so we prefer to return. Plus the night will come soon, immediately we walked down to the entry gate. The mist already felt down and it makes the place becomes more and more cold. Since we were not so preparing for walking in the dark, we didn’t bring proper light, only one from the mobile phone. Glad, my battery wasn’t empty yet, so to avoid the silent walk, since I was walking down the first – behind me was Hanum and her boyfriend, in another line was Indra – which still conquering his painful legs, I turned on the music. I just wished there were no tiger that suddenly appear in front of me. Don’t worry, instead of tiger, I saw a cute cat! In the beginning, I was confusing with what I see, something moving behind the grass! When I looked at it clearly, I can see that was cat – trying to find food. Guess she was got lost – but it’s also a sign that we are nearby the people’s house. Yayyy!

Cibeureum-Waterfalls-West-Java (5)Cibeureum-Waterfalls-West-Java (13)“The earth has music for those who listen.”


Cibeureum-Waterfalls-West-Java (16)Cibeureum-Waterfalls-West-Java (15)It’s going to be so dark soon… Fog starting to fall down…


Then after we took a rest for a while after long trekking, we returned to Jakarta – another 3 hours in the motorbike! Good Lord. It was a tired, long and unplanned journey – but such a great adventure and a fine refreshing for us 🙂


Note :

How to go there from Jakarta? Actually you need to go to Cibodas Botanical Gardens, then take a different gate if you wanna go to the waterfalls. The waterfalls actually located in National Park of Gede – Pangrango mountain. Some people do go to waterfalls and then picnic in the gardens. The gardens itself is so beautiful. One of my fave place to go 🙂

This is a great website how to reaching there in Bahasa >

Otherwise you can check this one in English > or

Cibeureum-Waterfalls-West-Java (10)

“Wherever you go, no matter what the weather, always bring your own sunshine.” – Anthony J. D’ Angelo


PS : Thank you Indra, Hanum, Juned for such a fun moments 🙂


Dea Sihotang



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