14 Things to do in Paris

Ohhhhhh crap! It’s Valentine day again!!

Rather than I am having a date with a cool guy, I am here writing this for you – so you know I am single *code *twink twink haha. Anyway, in celebrating this “special event” and to following the idea from Travel Bloggers Indonesia (Indonesian Travel Bloggers) to write any kind of articles by 14 tips, so I want to write about Paris! Yayyy…

001-14 Things to do in Paris-DeaSihotangLouvre Museum in Paris.


Paris is such a lovely city for me. A beautiful glamour and romantic city and absolutely the place I want to celebrate the Valentine Day if I could – but, because I am still here in Jakarta, so I wanna put my memory wander to this lovely city while imagine 14 things I wanna do there (again) 🙂


  1. Eiffel I’m in Love

Talking about Paris, the first thing in our mind absolutely the famous iron tower which becomes the symbol of France. Eiffel tower! Here, where lots of people having their own stories. Some are sweet, romantic and some might not so good. But when I walked here, I can see the happy look in people’s face. Some people doing picnic while their background view is Eiffel Tower. Another people try their luck to be in line to go up to the top of the tower. I skipped the line cause it’s too full with people.


  1. Eating the Real Macaroons

Here in Jakarta, it’s kind of new trend we have in patisserie about Macaroons. But there’s nothing able to beat the feeling when I am finally eating macaroons in it’s real country! My fave are ones taste Pistachios and Chocolate. It’s a small crunchy cake that very very sweet. So be careful with your teeth if you sensitive with sweet treats.

003-14 Things to do in Paris-DeaSihotang

  1. Take a Sip of the Best Wine

I already tried wine for some countries. But in my opinion, French’s wine is the best. Even I am not so expert of wine, but for me, wine from France is really excellent. The taste is full but not too bitter or sour. My fave wine is rose wine in the Summer and sweet white wine from Normandy. Ohh I miss it! 🙂


  1. Walking Your Dog Around

I am a dog lover and seeing dogs in Paris is such a good feeling. Also bring a surprise to me. Not because it’s very rare to see stray dogs – never I think. But also when I saw some dogs are very obedient their master. For instance, if they want to cross the road, dogs will stand closely with their owner. Without any tie! Then when the red light changes into green light, both of them – the owner and the dog will walk slowly to crossing the road. That’s so cute and amazing!

005-14 Things to do in Paris-DeaSihotang004-14 Things to do in Paris-DeaSihotang

A smart dog played with his owner. The owner throws the ball to the pool and he just run away to get it!


  1. Visiting the Beautiful Garden of Versailles

If you like history, you definitely ever heard the name of Marie Antoinette. Besides all the dark story behind, she is a pretty girl who always enjoying her time in their garden. It is not strange at all, because the garden is so beautiful! It’s a huge park and lots of flowers. They maintained all the plants size proportion carefully. This romantic place must be visited if you wanna celebrate Valentine day. Perhaps when you ask someone to be your lover here, she will say yes! 😉

006-14 Things to do in Paris-DeaSihotangOhhh, I will probably say “yes” if you ask me here! 😀 😀 😀


  1. Being Adele in the Bridge

Remember the song Someone Like You? No no, I don’t want to give a negative aura with the lyric. But hey, whether it’s the song about broken heart, so many people sing this song! Humming it everyday. Especially when they hear the tunes, suddenly they will follow the lyric automatically. The power of Adele’s voices! Have you ever seen the video clip? It was taken in Pont Alexandre III.

007-14 Things to do in Paris-DeaSihotangTake a walk here, if you wanna be a little bit crazy, you can scream one of the lyric of Adele’s song… “Never mind, I’ll find someone like you… I wish nothing but the best for you too….” – Ohhh, now you know this song is truly singing deeply by a single like me – lol 😀


  1. Try their Creepes

So when I asked to the seller, “Can I get a chocolate and cheese creepes one please?” She looked at me so awkwardly! I was thinking why? Then I know. It’s not common for European to mix chocolate with cheese. When I told it to my local friend there, he told me, “No way we wanna eat that!” – But it’s so funny because here, in Indonesia – people always put chocolate and cheese together. We love it!

008-14 Things to do in Paris-DeaSihotangTalk about the creepes – it was ok for me. But nice to try. Only I like the crunchy and thin creepes more. French’s creepes is more thick and more flabby.


  1. Relaxing in Public Gardens

Or jardins.. as in French..

009-14 Things to do in Paris-DeaSihotangThis public gardens are special because it’s clean, beautiful, with some background of old houses and buildings, make you feel more relax. So many people sit in the garden with their loved ones. Some people are enjoying their time alone while reading book. Some children run here and there, try to play something.

010-14 Things to do in Paris-DeaSihotangI wish Jakarta has this kind of gardens…


  1. Shopping like Local

One of my fave thing to do while traveling is to go to their shopping market. By doing this, not only I feel like local, but it amuses me to see all the product in different language. An idea for you who want to bring something as souvenir for your loved ones while traveling, try to go to local stores and bought some of their original product – not only it can becomes a good souvenir, but it’s authentic because all the words on the packaging is in different language. Rather than buying key chain or fridge magnet – that’s already too usual for a gift lately. In Paris, I bought lots of Europe fruits such as peach, cherry, plum or grapes – yes it’s definitely cheaper than here. The fruits considered as imported fruits here so of course expensive.


  1. Remember Amelie and Montmartre?

First time I know Montmartre is from one scene in Amelie’s movie. It’s when Amelie trying to look into the telescope from the Sacre Couer. But it’s really a beautiful place to go. You will feel like you are going to an old time, where there are lots of Jazz music player plays their music happily in the street. Some painters also try to offer you to sit nicely while they painting you.

012-14 Things to do in Paris-DeaSihotang

  1. Church Visit

Ohhh, tell me about most thing you see in Europe continent.. and I bet you will tell me that is about church and church and church. Gladly I say, yes, it is. The first impression when I see those beautiful Gothic churches was like – wowwwww…. the details from each building really excellent and superb! The classical figures of the building makes you stand in awe.

014-14 Things to do in Paris-DeaSihotang

It brings you to renaissance era when lots of artist usually has a miserable life because earning little money from their art, without knowing their art will be admired thousand years after…

Then, there is a beautiful myth about Notre Dame, if you are standing in one certain side, definitely you will return to Paris again. I don’t remember whether I was standing there or not, but I believe I will back to Paris one day 🙂

013-14 Things to do in Paris-DeaSihotang

  1. Enjoying the Classic Atmosphere in Louvre

Too bad that I can’t go inside of Louvre. This huge building is such a beautiful place of treasure compilation of art. But in one fine afternoon, I like to just sitting here until the sun sets down. Especially because there is a cute guy that playing a classical music for people. He simply made my day! And make this place such a memorable for me.

015-14 Things to do in Paris-DeaSihotangSince Paris is a city with lots of Museum – try to find out which ones are free to enter and save your money 😉

016-14 Things to do in Paris-DeaSihotangThis guy…. ❤ ❤ ❤ 😀


  1. Café à Paris

The cafe in Paris is different. Why different? Beside it is expensive for my pocket, but they put the chairs different with cafe in here or normal cafe I see everywhere (beside Paris). If usually they put the chairs face to face, but in Paris, they put all chairs to face the road. This is unique for me and really nice to sit here while enjoying coffee or champagne or wine, and seeing what people do on the road.


  1. Try their public transportation

It’s a must for me while traveling to one’s country. By trying the public transportation, you can understand how they live. Even I like to walk more while exploring a city, but it was my first experience of riding a subway in Europe, so it was interesting and I was excited to try. Result? I liked it! For sure! Especially the system is much more better than public transportation in Jakarta – but why not so many people smiling in the subway? Hehehe, it was giving me a missing feeling of the messy talk from crowded inside the bus in Jakarta 😛

018-14 Things to do in Paris-DeaSihotang017-14 Things to do in Paris-DeaSihotang


Sooo… least but not last, Happy Valentine Day!

Keep having a positive life and you will attract the positive one 😉


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Love love,
Dea Sihotang


27 Comments Add yours

  1. titiw says:

    Superrrr loveee number 10. It’s on my bucket list! Strolling around Paris like in Amelie while jazz is floating in the air! :’)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Dea Sihotang says:

      Terima kasih buanyaaak mbak Titi(w) buat kunjungannya ke postingan 14om14 akuuhh 😀 Yuks kita strolling down at Montmartre, berasa balik ke jaman-jaman hippie gitu, superrr romantisssss


  2. indrijuwono says:

    ooohhh, you don’t put Shakespeare and Co. at the list! that’s the place I wish to visit while I at Paris someday.
    the bookstore at Before Sunset.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dansapar says:

      seruuu banget lho mba indri itu toko bukunyaaaa…
      masuknya aja pake ngantri….

      Liked by 1 person

      1. indrijuwono says:

        iya banget, aku pengen ke Shakespeare and Co. kamu udah ke sana ya kak DanSap?? huhuhuuuw. Eh, mahasiswi Leicester yang mau kukenalin ke kamu itu juga baru dari S&Co. :p

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Olive B says:

      naaaaah, koq sama sih? Shakespeare & Co juga ada di listku bila menjejak di Paris


  3. indrijuwono says:

    terus tiba-tiba mau balik ke postnya yofangga thelostraveler.com

    Liked by 1 person

  4. indrijuwono says:

    Tapi aku tetap pengen ke Paris dan melakukan 14 listmu itu kakkk.. (selain maenan sama guguk)
    *ini jadi banyak komennya* Aku pengen ke Pariiiisssssss….

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Louvre, Mona Lisa, Notre Dame,and Catacombs is my bucket list for Paris,,, Hope I can go to this blinding light city soon 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Ridwan SK says:

    Semoga suatu saat nanti bisa kesampaian berfoto sambil kayang di depan menara Eiffel..


  7. dansapar says:

    ahhhh kmrin g sempet sampe versailles
    *nyesel abis liat tamannya yg indah*


  8. ahaaa I’ll do these 14 things, someday…. 😀


  9. Badai says:

    Wow, padahal chocolate & cheese adalah paduan rasa yang dahsyat ya 🙂

    Btw warga Paris sebenernya kayak gimana sih, ada yg bilang mereka rada dingin dan males ngomong Inggris?


    1. Dea Sihotang says:

      Emang bener hahaha… Pas di sapa Bonjour, banyak yang ga nyapa balik. Mereka juga males dimintain tolong buat motoin. Jadi kalau jalan sendirian, cari yang mau dimintain tolong kalau ga keluarga yang lagi traveling atau orang Asia aja 🙂


  10. Fahmi Anhar says:

    watta nice! suka foto-foto dan rekomendasi nya. semoga suatu saat nanti bisa kesampaian menginjakkan kaki di bumi napoleon itu.

    btw, kostum yang foto di versailles garden itu kaya masha, yg di film kartun itu kak haha *peace*


    1. Dea Sihotang says:

      Wahahahaa, ga nyadar kalau kostumnya mirip.. Karena syalnya di pake jadi tutup kepala ya 😀 Amiiin aku ikut mendoakan supaya bisa sampe kesana jugaa ^_^


  11. I think visit the eifel tower should always be in the top list 😀


    1. Dea Sihotang says:

      Iya kak! Tapi kemarin Summer, engga banget deh antriannya kalau mau naik ke Top of Eiffel. Jadi cukup bergaya depan Eiffel aja sambil makan es krim 😀


  12. kapeskiej says:

    hard code accepted, Jomblo akut yak #kidding

    ito main ke blog gue jg yah www,globepin.blogspot.com


    1. Dea Sihotang says:

      Hahhaaa, kode keras masbro 😀 Siap siap, nanti aku mampir2 situ yaa


  13. Donna Imelda says:

    Buat langkahku yang belum jauh2 ini, tempat2 di atas sungguh bikin pengen didatangi. Indah2 banget ya.


    1. Dea Sihotang says:

      Ayo mbak Donna, pasti bisa 🙂


  14. cerpin says:

    wahhh enak banget tuh makanannya hehehe
    salam blogger ya mbak


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