Preparing to go to North Sumatera

Today I am so happy, since I got the approval of my leaves from my boss. Yiiipiiiee! Finally, after I waited for quite such a long time, I am tomorrow will start a journey again. A backpacking trip again. Yayyy. This is the first longest trip in 2015 *fire dancing!


It’s always make me happy when I can go out from Jakarta and explore new places. Guess where will I go this time? My hometown! Whooaaa… Wait wait, why then I am so exciting like this? Because I never been there! Hahhaa. Ah yes, I’d been there one time when I was a baby – that’s what I heard from my sister. My mother was carrying me that time. But, what a baby can remember about a place she visited? Nothing. So now, I can say that it will be my first time going there.


Where is it? It’s an island in a very beautiful lake called Toba lake, in North Sumatera, Indonesia. The island called as Samosir island. Ohh, I am so happy cause it’s like I am finally really touch the original land where I come from. My dad is from Samosir island, while my mother is from another city in North Sumatera. But I was born in Bogor and my whole life, I am only around Java island…

lake toba

Lake Toba – photo taken from


But tomorrow I will stop by in KL first then go to Malacca. I am interest with this city cause so many people talk about it. Then, guess what, I got a very warm welcome from a homestay owner! He read my blog and like it then asked me to stay 2 nights – but I just can’t 😦 Too bad… But I promise I will do my best exploring Malacca. I can’t wait to strolling around the city and eat Malaysian food again *yuummm!


This afternoon, I also got another good news. A friend from Australia where I met in Penang, accidentally will be in KL the same date as mine! Life is so small, right!? So we think to meet up there – hurrraayyy! Not only that, another friend will join me to North Sumatera – I miss her and our girl’s talk, so it’s gonna be awesome 🙂 – then, someone that ever read my blog and originally from North Sumatera also want to follow this travel trip to Lake Toba – hey! God already gave me a bunch of people who so nice to me and will accompany me to this trip. This is incredible and make me believe that He never leaves me alone!


If you wanna know where will I go, my rough itinerary is firstly to arrive to Medan then Lake Toba, Samosir Island, Sipiso-piso Waterfall, Bukit Lawang and Tangkahan – but of course I will do flexible as needed. The point for traveling is to meet people, having fun time together, being connected with the local and seeing new places.


Marcel Proust ever said, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.”


So c’mon, follow my adventure soon and keep reading 😉


Dea Sihotang



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