Cycling around Tuktuk, Samosir Island

My fave thing to do when I am traveling to one’s place, is to cycling around the area. I wish I can do there wherever I go. Walking around new places also nice, but cycling is better cause it’s faster and also I like the feeling when the wind breezing nicely touches my cheeks. So I already decided to cycling around Tuktuk, Samosir Island, when I was in Lake Toba.

Cycling-Around-Tuktuk-North-Sumatra (26)It is decided!


To rent a bike in Tuktuk is really easy and don’t be afraid to find it. Cause you can see so many places offering bike to be rented. Their price may vary, but we found it quiet cheap for renting a cycle there. 1 hour is about IDR 3,000 – while the whole day rented can cost you IDR 30,000. We chose the second one cause we didn’t know when we will arrive and that might be cheaper.

Cycling-Around-Tuktuk-North-Sumatra (12)Ummm… that plastic bag – can you guess what’s inside? This is after we shop, LOL!


Actually, we wanna go to Tomok. It’s a place where you can find King Sidabutar’s tomb. The first king who ever ruled in Tomok, 5 kilometers away from Tuktuk. Not only that, because we are women and women love to shop. So we wanna buy cute stuff for us in Tomok since it’s famous with their cheap souvenir stalls.


Only we was a bit afraid to cycling to Tomok, since one of my friend was not used to cycling that far. Plus the road is so hilly. 5 kilometers might sounded not too much far, but with such a strong heat in Lake Toba, plus the extra energies to paddling our bike because climbing the hills, it can be such a hard work for all of us. But glad that she decided to cycling too. Motorcycle may such a good option too, but instead of motorcycle, I prefer cycling. Plus we were 3 of us, me can drive motorbike, but one of my friend ever fell down in Krabi, so she doesn’t want to drive motorbike again. The other one can not drive motorbike. The options were only cycling or walking – which not a good idea. Then we all agreed to cycling.

Cycling-Around-Tuktuk-North-Sumatra (16)Even my lovely Minions are so happy with this beautiful morning in Tuktuk! 🙂


In one fine morning, after enjoying the view from our balcony. A direct view to the lake, we eat our own breakfast (a bread that Marni’s bought for all of us, and an instant coffee). The hotel didn’t include breakfast for us, and we are fine with that. After eating our simple breakfast, me and Marni chose to do an early yoga exercise and swimming into the lake.

Cycling-Around-Tuktuk-North-Sumatra (17)Cycling-Around-Tuktuk-North-Sumatra (18)So fun trying yoga with her! 😀


Then we go to swimming 😉

Brrrrr, the water inside the lake is so cold! No matter how sun already shinning up! And the waves have strong current. I can swim, but the water always bring me out from the lake’s tip. And some rocks can be dangerous because quite sharp and might hurt your feet – just like I got when I hit one rock and make my feet feel terrible after. But still, it was a nice experience. The lake is so deep, so be careful when you do swimming.

Cycling-Around-Tuktuk-North-Sumatra (15)Seeing this fisherman from our balcony…


We started our cycling directly after finished enjoying our morning. But first… eating!

Cycling-Around-Tuktuk-North-Sumatra (21)Happy face when found food to eat 😀


We found a nice Bataknese restaurant that fill with so many people. No wonder, because their food is so delicious! We paid around IDR 165,000 for the three of us. Expensive? Well, we ate A LOT! HAHAHA. Don’t think that women can not eat that much, especially with this savory cuisine.

Cycling-Around-Tuktuk-North-Sumatra (20)Cycling-Around-Tuktuk-North-Sumatra (22)Nom nommm….


In a very sunny sky – in the middle of day, we started to cycling. Whoooo, it was so terrible hot! If your skin is not able to handle that heat, do consider to use sunblock even you are not on the beaches. But such heat won’t let down the beautiful view you will see on the left and right sides of your journey. All the hilly parts and lake will make you grasp your breathe often. I sometimes stopped to capture the pictures. I am thinking… “This is real Indonesia!.”

Cycling-Around-Tuktuk-North-Sumatra (9)View we see along the journey. Can’t get enough to stop and capture it all!


Since my friend, Hninn, first time to came to Indonesia, I was so glad that she chose Lake Toba to go for the first time knowing this huge country. There is an unique charm in Lake Toba. People here so friendly, the landscape are so beautiful, rich of culture, everyone smile and greeted to us, food are awesome, she even got a nice massage there. What a nice holiday!

Cycling-Around-Tuktuk-North-Sumatra (8)Plus I am so proud to her for conquering her fears to cycling and make it with us! Yayyy!!

Cycling-Around-Tuktuk-North-Sumatra (19)Cycling-Around-Tuktuk-North-Sumatra (6)

Finally, after cycling that far, we arrived in Tomok. You can easily recognize Tomok because it has lots of souvenir shops around the street. We parked our cycle there for IDR 3,000/day (find the place where there are motorbike parking place, they accept cycles too). We decided to see Sigale-Gale dancing show first. But we have to wait a bit cause they still waiting for enough audience so the dance can started. It cost us IDR 5,000/show. But if you wanna see it directly, then you will need to pay lots of money. We think why do we need that hurry? We choose to see around and eat Mie Gomak first.

Cycling-Around-Tuktuk-North-Sumatra (24)Cycling-Around-Tuktuk-North-Sumatra (25)


The dance wasn’t that long. Maybe only around 15 minutes. After the dancing end, you can take a picture with Sigale-gale. They provided you ulos (traditional Batak fabric and one cute head ban to make you look like original Batak tribe 😛

Cycling-Around-Tuktuk-North-Sumatra (10)Cycling-Around-Tuktuk-North-Sumatra (23)Me, trying to make a face looks like Sigale-gale 😉


After Sigale-gale, we walked to King Sidabutar’s tomb. To come inside is free, but we need to wear Ulos. They provide it for free which you have to return it after use. There is also on-site guide to explain you the story of the tomb. You can give a modest amount later for the tips if you like the guide, put that in the box. There is no coercion.

Cycling-Around-Tuktuk-North-Sumatra (11)An on-site guide try to explain to us about the tomb.


We returned back to our hotel in Tuktuk while enjoying cycling under the setting sun’s of light beam.

Cycling-Around-Tuktuk-North-Sumatra (14)Beautiful the sky changing view when we returning home…


My suggestion to you?

If you can make it, please stay here for few days. So many places actually you can see. I wish that I could stay longer. But what a heck of being a normal worker, I need to get back to my desk again hehee.

Cycling-Around-Tuktuk-North-Sumatra (13)

Happy cycling!

Dea Sihotang




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