My Favorite Travel Blogs

Today, I feel like I don’t want to do so much. It’s Saturday, so being lazy a bit an exception for me. But for not saying it as not-productive day, I still prefer to do something. I am doing a blog walking. To be honest, I don’t really do blog-walking so much. There is no certain reason behind, only sometimes I am too focus in writing and forget to check other people arts. Then after I went to some of my favorite blogs, the idea to share which blogs I like, coming straight away. Since I know how is sometimes very hard to manage our blog, give it times and concentration to keep it updated and lots of effort to gain the traffic, so here is I am, sparing my time to let you recognize their arts.


Here they are…


  1. Eytan Uliel

He actually was my “boss” by very long line. I work in Jakarta, while he worked in Singapore. But we are in same company, under the same team. A commercial department. First time I read his blog, I was so surprised, that a busy person like him able to manage his time to write some stuff. Not merely ordinary travel articles, his observations are wide with the subject, deep in thought and really detail in explaining of his journey. His blog inspired me to build my own travel blog. The one that you are reading now 😀

  1. Trinity Traveler

She is no doubt a famous and most influence female traveler in Indonesia. She is the first person who went to so many places and write all her experiences in her blog. Her words are honest and sometimes in-cut, but that’s the unique side of her. So many Indonesian (or even world-wide) enjoying her blog and later on, she made her travel blog into book. One book to another. Following her since long, finally, life brought me to meet her in personal condition. That’s when unexpected reward I got from her after entering a writing competition, Get Stranded, presented by Telkomsel and her. That was really unexpected event in my life!

  1. Nomadic Nomad

Yep, this one is a viral travel blogger. I bet his blog read and click by so manyyyyyy people around the world, including me! Since he has a strong passion in travel, I read lots of his articles and get inspiration to travel more. Definitely worth to check and subscribe! You always get something new from him!

  1. A Writer’s Path

Ryan’s thought and knowledge are really a treasure for me, who want to be a good writer and sometimes got stuck in the middle. By looking at his blog, I feel alive again and help me gain my re-motivation to back on my track ; writing. He is also giving so many valuable information for people who wanna go deep in writing. Follow him if you wanna get better in writing. This is might be out of topic, but even travelers need better skill of writing, don’t they? 😉

  1. Satya Winnie

This is a blog managed by a very cheerful and adventurous girl. Get Stranded competition made me and her meet up and later on, I feel we had lots of things connected. Apart that we are both from North Sumatra, she is also having lots of similar taste as mine (books, places to go, passion, etc – not guys hehe). Her blog is in Indonesian, but seeing her pictures you will agree with me, that she is a kind of adventurous, life lover, travel lover girl.


  1. Raunround

I spent lots of time to have chit chat with Efi – one of the writer in the blog, since it is a mixed blog of her and her friend. Both of them are going abroad. Efi is now traveling and trying to make a live in Australia, while her friend is in England. Both of them created the blog to share their story of going abroad. Only one of the minus, I need to wait so looong for getting their update story ; why? Of course, because make a live making them very busy, hehe.

  1. Backpacker Lee

I recognized him when I wrote stuff about my trip in Sri Lanka and he commented on my blog. Was so happy that someone really spent time to read and even leave his “steps” on my blog. I checked him and so impress with lots of places he’d been and how he write the story. Simple, informative and he has the same theme as mine. Small world! LOL

  1. Travel Bloggers Indonesia

So after 2 months submitted my application for being involved in this community, finally one sweet email come to my inbox. They approved me! Wehhh… To be honest, I don’t have so much idea about the group before. I just think that being in a community of people who has same passion like me (traveling and blogging) can be such a good advantage for me personally. I can improve myself and also will know lots of new people. Networking is really important for travelers. And what I guess was true. They are nice people, like to share what they know and welcoming me just as a part of their old friend. If you wanna know about Indonesian travel blogger, you can check the member list. Lots of them are good travel blogger.

  1. Emakmbolang :

I call her Emak, as how she wants herself to be called. Emak in Indonesian means Mother. Indeed she is a mother. But she is a special mother, since she keeps herself busy to travel around India while being a housewife. First time I know her when she approaching me through my blog, asking about how to publish travel article to GoGirl! Indonesia. Later on, I knew from her blog how she already published so many travel articles in magazines and newspaper. But not just that, she even give the information about how to send the articles to magazines as her experiences. Very generous person in giving information. She also always motivated me to send my writing to magazines. But… I haven’t done it again :/

  1. Vincent

Last but not least, I recommend you to go visit Vincent’s blog. It is nice to know that writing is a kind of activity that also loved by not only young people. I like the way he express himself even he is so busy working around 12-14 hours but still have time to manage his blog and his family. That’s totally awesome. His achievement when winning #BigBlogX2014 – a prestige international blogging competition held by Hosteling International made me respect him more. Especially his kind heart let he gave me some information about the next competition. I appreciate that. He also gave me a honor for nominated me as One Lovely Blog Award. Thanks a lot sir! ( I will write back about it soon :P)


If you think that you also have some suggestion about blogs that I should follow and check, you can promote here under the comment.

Keep writing Bloggers!

Dea Sihotang




  1. uhuk uhuk uhuk terharu nih, Tissue mana tissue. Thanks a lot Dea. sukriyah. Danke. Spasiba. matur Nuwun. Hopefully one day I See your name in Many Magazines 🙂 Keep Travelling and Writing.


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