Managing Water for Tourism

If you read the title above, you probably wonder what is the relation between water and tourism? I can say, there are lots of connected impact by water to improving tourism. In celebrating International Water Day in 22 of March 2015, and together awareness application by posting articles about water together with Travel Bloggers Indonesia, today I wanna share you how important water is for tourism.

managing-water-for-tourism-71One of the result how to keep the water clean, impact a positive side for tourism in Melaka, Malaysia.


As how Sylvia Earle said, “No water, no life. No blue, no green.” That’s explain how wide the influence of water for human life. No blue, no green can be assumed as no beautiful view to see. While lots of travelers go every day to far away places from their home with so many reason, but one of it supposed to be, to aim of seeing a beautiful places. More landscape in nature and green. Where there is water, there will come up a new living. Where there is plenty of water to feel, there is more green and light blue to see, because of the presence of water.

managing-water-for-tourism-15Beautiful beaches are vital tourism object in Belitung, Indonesia.


It is no doubt that some of us taking water for granted. Especially for us, who is living in the city and not realizing how difficult it is to get water for some people in certain area. So much time that we neglecting the meaning of clean water by throwing rubbish everywhere, including in the river or lake, where so many living creatures live depending on that sources. Not only it will make the living creatures inside die, but also it will make the touristic point of that area becomes less. For instance, if you wanna go to Thousand Islands in Jakarta, you need to pass the North Jakarta area, where one time, I was passing the area by Transjakarta. Directly there is a river near the Transjakarta’s shelter, a very dirty river that you need to close your nose while passing it. That’s really a shameful condition for such a big city as Jakarta to have that kind of very dirty river…


Not only that, to reaching Thousand Islands itself, we need to go from port which is located in Fish Market.. Let’s leave the fact that the Fish Market itself is very smelly… But absolutely the first impression of the port for tourist will make us down when they want to have vacation in Thousand Islands. Our sea is full with rubbish… It is very sad. Lots of time I got critics from my international friends about this condition… Not only that, once the boat take off, we still can see lots of rubbish floating in the sea. One of my friend even said that he doesn’t want to eat fishes in Jakarta, because it comes from very dirty sea… How sad I am to hear this kind of statement…

managing-water-for-tourism-101This rubbish floating on the sea. Yikes and sad!


One day, I ever went to Baduy area… It is rare tribe that still exist in Java island. In inner Baduy, electricity is not exist yet there. Or they simply refuse it. People here still living in very traditional way. We even can’t wash our body in their rivers using chemical. Because they believe that water is the source of their life. They need to keep it clean from toxic or modern chemical. That’s why they only use special leaves/plantation to clean their body. It is very rare habit that we supposed to follow. Or at least reduce the use of chemical if we can’t live without it entirely.


Lots of people earn their living by works relating to water…


So the question now, how is the way to keep our water clean?


We can do this following simple way to join the good cause for keeping our water clean.

  1. Minimize Chemical Use

And this is also including to choose your toiletries product carefully. Why? Because when chemicals come into the water, they can devastate the ecosystem. When chemical enters the water body, it can killing the existing of aquatic life for example. That’s why for some toiletries product, the one which claimed as eco friendly product will have less bubbles or even no bubbles at all. Even not all bubbles come from harmful chemical, but better you check first the ingredient of toiletries you use. Whether it is friendly enough for the environment.


Water is the source of life for lots of animals – and also human.


  1. Don’t Littering!

Since I live in the city that having a great risk of having flood every year. The habit of not littering is really need to be forced to people in Jakarta. Littering – even small and tiny garbage, can be such a big cause of flooding, water pollution and lead to so many disease and harm condition for human life. Please think think think twice before your lazy hands throw away the rubbish easily to the land. Think about the future. Think about the life of your next generation. Think about your own life, whether you will like it to have flooding in your house (?)!.


  1. Pick Up Rubbish On The Street

Yes. You read it right. It’s not the only responsibility of Janitors. But also our responsibility. Why we need to pick up rubbish from the street? Because once the rain comes, the water can bring the rubbish to the rivers. If you don’t want to pick someone’s else rubbish on the street, tell yourself for not throwing rubbish on the street, and tell your neighbor, tell your friends, tell your family, tell everyone, then we don’t need to pick anyone’s else rubbish on the street. Until that ideal condition comes true, if you see rubbish on the street, please pick it up and put it in the trash bin.


This happiness moments when we can play in the water.


  1. Recycled Used Items

It is a good way to reduce the rubbish we had. Re-use things that you have so you will create less of rubbish. Even it does not look as relating to keeping the water clean, but it is. Once rubbish become less, our water will not need to bear our trash.

managing-water-for-tourism-81This view makes me want to swimming soon… How lovely like crystal clear…


  1. Reuse Water

Simple idea to re-use water is like when you put the perfuming on your laundry, you can use the remaining water to mopping the floor. Or another idea is to put the bucket for keeping the rain water, and use it for watering the plant or flush the toilet waste. Even an old tea that you don’t drink anymore can also for watering the plantation as the fertilizer.


Hope this article can give you idea to keep the water clean and start to help the water keeps clean and contributing to improving your city tourism. And remember, if you be kind to the nature, nature will give you back it’s beauty as a thank you.


Happy Water Day!

Dea Sihotang



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  1. Bagus kak tulisannya. Aku sempet nangis waktu di derawan liat air laut yg kotor bercampur minyak, di atasnya bediri dg megah kapal2 tongkang yg banyak banget


  2. Beautiful post, Dea! It is so important to think about how we can preserve water, especially as tourists — being a tourist means you can have a big carbon footprint, because of flying by plane or even just using more bottled water than normal. Educating people about conservation is the only way to improve! Thanks for posting! Hope you check out my site too 🙂


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