Hiking to Papandayan Volcano with Klub Horor Bukune (Part 1 from 2)

This is my third time hiking to Papandayan Volcano!

Yes, you didn’t read it wrong. I also told myself, why do I wanna go to a place for three times? I usually prefer to go to new place, cause so many places to be visited on earth! But I should admit, there is a special charm from mt. Papandayan… So I said yes, when my friends threw an idea to go hiking to Papandayan Volcano together. This time, we will go together with another writers from Bukune that joined in a club named Klub Horror Bukune.


Read more about my others trekking story to Papandayan here :

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Then my last hiking to Mt. Papandayan with same few friends, including with my ex πŸ˜› http://wp.me/p3rRlp-r8 Such a good memory – even it was raining too!

For faithful readers, you might knew it that my first book (well, actually it was an anthology ; a book written with another people), Ancala, was published under Bukune Publisher. Right now, we are in the process for making our second book, while in parallel, all the writers of Ancala, doing their own project to write their own book – still under Bukune publisher. Wish me luck too! I wanna finish mine tooooo….. *screaming mode on*


I have a special heart for Bukune, because the editor, Ry Azzura (how she wanted us to call her), who always so fun to hang out with us, even though sometimes we don’t have any idea what to write, but she always cool enough to spend time together. Lots of time that we gather, we were not merely talking about book and deadline, but yes, we still talk about book but we exchange the books we read – sometimes we also exchange movies to watch, hehe.

papandayan-volcano-002Photo taken from http://jurnaland.blogspot.com/2015/03/road-to-papandayan-tur-misteri-penulis.html


So the plan set up. We will hike the Papandayan mountain on March 21 – which is last weekend. Why we do this? First, most of the story of Ancala is about hiking in the mountains. For sure, it is inspired other people to try to do hiking as well (ahem – please say yes! :P). Later on, this is a way to know each other better and also to blend with the nature. Beside it makes us keep healthy because hiking can be considered as exercise; plus a test for those who rarely doing exercise, hehe. There we go, writers, editors, readers, ready for have some fun together!

papandayan-volcano-008Our first club activity! We are ready to hike Mt. Papandayan!


Also it’s a part of big project from Bukune. Since horror genre has special place of interest in our readers, we wanna make a project name Klub Horror Bukune. Relax, the members are not ghost. But actually, pretty and handsome people like us πŸ˜‰ ; the writers of horror genre for Bukune. Hiking to Papandayan is our first outdoor project plus a get-together. Later on, we expect to make another events ; perhaps hiking with our readers as well.

banner-klub-horor-bukuneHave you join us? πŸ˜‰


papandayan-volcano-005This is Papandayan mountain!!! Yayyyyyyy!!!


Friday is coming finally. The day when we need to meet up and go together to Garut. But hard raining almost ruined everything, especially our mood to go since the rain is too bad, almost like storm. For me, I need to buy our logistic (food, snacks, etc) which I haven’t bought yet. Plus I also need to buy sleeping bag, since I don’t have one. So after I finished work around 5 pm, I jump to Tandike to buy sleeping bag. Then go back to my place for quick packing ; no, I don’t need to bring so much stuff, so packing was easy. But damn, suddenly raining was coming without our expectation! Errrr, that Friday was really terrible, but glad everything is on the track. I can buy food only one thing can’t be found that time, hi-cook gas! Man, we need that for cook our food! So along the way to go to Kampung Rambutan, we tried to find the gas. Glad we found it! 4 can for 10 people’s belly. Enough.


Our Road Journey…

papandayan-volcano-015We pose for a while before starting the journey to Camp David.


To go to Mt. Papandayan is actually not so difficult. We made appointment to meeting in Kampung Rambutan Bus Terminal. From there, we will take bus to Garut. We went around 12 pm – yes, it’s better that time, because we will arrive in Garut bus terminal around 5 am. If we go too early, we will need plenty of time doing nothing in Garut bus terminal ; which is not nice. Especially if it’s still dark.


I was a bit surprised with bus from Jakarta to Garut, since it’s now looking good, has modern songs to played. They also have television to watch. Only try to choose seat where you can close the air conditioner. In the beginning it will be nice to feel the cold, but later on, it will be too colder! Don’t forget to use your jacket (and sock) if necessary. Along the journey, we listen to pop music while some times we fall asleep because of the bus movement, long journey and the cold air conditioner. We need to pay IDR 52,000/person/one way for the bus.

papandayan-volcano-003Busy morning in Garut Bus Terminal…


Once we arrived in Garut terminal, some of my friends doing their morning prayer first, while another take breakfast. Don’t worry about finding transportation to Papandayan mountain from here. You will see so many mountain climbers stop in the same place with you. They bring so many stuff – heavy bags, usually together with their friends in one group. If you are only 2-3 person, actually you can ask people to share the ride to Cisurupan ; a place where you need to transfer to Camp David (the feet of Papandayan mountain ; a place where you start your walk). As how I explained, we finally get the car to take us to Cisurupan. There is another 3 person beside our own group which already 10 person. So 13 of us going together in one small car, together with our bags who they put on the top of the car. Yes, welcome to the adventure!

papandayan-volcano-004The road from Cisurupan to Camp David is getting better now…


But we have another unusual way to take a ride. Now, we took a pick up kind of car. Actually, this is the only transportation to go to Camp David ; beside your own private car of course. The road to go to Mt. Papandayan now is going better. Even we still need to take care of our butt, since the movement can be so harsh and painful. Guess what, a shameful situation happened to me, my beautiful pants just broken when I climb up to the pick up. Weh! Oh btw, the cost from Cisurupan to Camp David per-person is about IDR 20,000/one way. Usually minimum passengers is 10 person. Otherwise, you need to pay IDR 200,000/pick up/one way.


Camp David

papandayan-volcano-007Lots of pick-up kind of car waiting for passengers in Camp David, Mt. Papandayan.


As I can see, the food stores (warung) that usually become our last place to buy food, now already emptied. Some stores was fired by unknown reason last February. No one sell food in Camp David anymore. I heard it will be like that until April. And the food stores will be moved in the area near the registration office. To hiking to the top of the mountain/camping, don’t forget to register yourself. Seeing no warung open, made me a bit nervous to think whether our food will be enough for 10 of us, until tomorrow… Let’s see!

papandayan-volcano-014Registration post office for trekkers.


First stop : Sulfur Lake

papandayan-volcano-006Before we started, we pray first.


papandayan-volcano-016I am ready!!! Are youuu??


This lake usually not known by so many people. Normal trekkers usually take the road directly to Pondok Salada – the camping ground, so they skip this area. But it’s a beautiful place that you shouldn’t miss. From Camp David to Sulfur Lake, I need to manage my breathe. It’s always like that, first time trekking, my body feel like they don’t like it and reject it. I almost lose my breathe. But slowly, my body tried to adapt with the condition, hard track, the movement and steep road. Carrying my bag was another problem, but only for a while, because soon, my back get used to it and I can control my breathe. Hiking can be such a good exercise, drive your adrenaline up and challenge you to arrive to your target, no matter what.


The more we are going up, the more we are losing our breathe…


Once we arrived in the Sulfur Lake, even I ever been here, still, I feel amazed and excited to see it. Then, I tried to strike a pose for yoga. Hehee. Because, why not? It’s a great view, a very rare image to get. All of my friends laughed at me, but friends are friends, they accept us, no matter how weird we are.

papandayan-volcano-018Yoga every daily damn day! πŸ˜›


After resting in Sulfur Lake, laughing, eating biscuit and the instant noodle, we continued our walk to Pondok Salada….


Travel counts by not how miles you go, but how laugh you have along the way…


We are so happy that we finally arrive to this first destination in this mountain… “One of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his great surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn’t do.” – Henry Ford… And that is soooo true… Hiking seems so difficult in the beginning, but by one step to another, we can make it.


Follow the further story in another article πŸ™‚ I bet you wanna know how was the way after this beautiful sulfur lake to the camping ground in Mt. Papandayan…

Check it out here http://wp.me/p3rRlp-1qL


Dea Sihotang



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