My Top International Songs List For Traveling

Let me admit to you one thing. I am a very fast bored person. Mostly to everything, that’s why I like to train myself to do so many things because my curiosity is huge and I am ready to jump from one thing to another. Just like my taste of music. I don’t like to same kind of old music over and over again. I like to find out top international songs, either from YouTube Music that I always explore every day, or by asking to my friends.



One day, I ever put a status on my Facebook, I was asking about international songs from my friends around the globe. Because I am kind of bored to listen to Hollywood music that always played over and over again in the radio, television, everywhere. I like to collect indie music or some of international songs that rare to listen or never arrived to my country, for my knowledge and my traveling music, or just to put that on my running songs playlist to cheer up my days. Especially when writing, I need to fresh my mind with tune and rhythm from around the world. Another habit when I want to travel, I usually erase all my songs in current playlist and change it with new songs that I just get. Therefore, I would connect the places where I go with the new songs I listen to.



Now, I wanna share to you my top international songs list. From lots of beautiful songs I heard, I try to make the very best 20+1 of it. We might have a different taste of music, but you can give a try to listen to this running songs list, and let me know what you think 🙂


1. Cœur de Pirate – Tous les Garçons et les Filles (France) – this band actually has their own songs, but this song is first encounter my ear with Coeur de Pirate, and I suddenly falling in love with her voices. My other fave song is La Petite Mort. Feel so dark and sad even tho’ I don’t understand the meaning of the song.


2. Mozart Opera Rock – C’est Bientôt La Fin (France) – a song which give you a feeling, back to the days of the renaissance. Try to give a try to listen to another songs, such as Tatoue-Moi and L’Assasymphonie.


3. Architecture in Helsinki – Desert Island (Australia) – it gives me happiness to listen to their music, such a light, happy, easy going music, especially in this song.


4. Bebe – Me Fui (Spain). No other word for this song only, like! Me like it!


5. Carolina Chocolate Drops – Hit ‘Em Up Style (Durham, North California, USA). One friend suggested me to listen to this song, and it makes me want to dance while listening to their gig. Such a lovely traditional African-American folk!


6. Stromae, “Papaoutai” [Belgium] – A deep song about the singer being haunted by the memory of his father, who was killed in the Rwandan genocide.


7. Nielson and Miss Montreal – Hoe (The Netherlands) – absolutely gives me a feeling to pack my bag and traveling around Europe, have a new adventure!


8. Ivete Sangalo and Alejandro Sanz, “No Me Compares” (Brazil) – You can feel magic when you heard these two musical giants.


9. Paulo Nutini – New Shoes (Paisley, Scotland) – a pop rock song that make your toes want to dance and look at your new shoes!


10 .Sergio Mendes & Wanda De Sah – So Nice (I think… Brazil) – A nice song just like the title! It’s time to give your ears this beautiful samba bossa sound and imagine you are taking a sip of pineapple juice while a beautiful ocean is in front of you. Ummm, life is good!


11. Midlake – Roscoe (Texas, USA) – If an ex ever gave you a memory, here is a song from my ex which I never forget. A beautiful progressive folk song that lead me to listen to their whole album, The Trials of Van Occupanther and love it a lot.


12. The Spinto Band – Japan is an Island (American) – A lovely indie rock song as a bonus in Nice and Nicely Done album by The Spinto Band, turned to be one of my fave song.


13. Edith Piaf – La Vie En Rose (France) – No matter how many cover singer for this song, the original old song by Edith Piaf always grasp my heart. It reminds me the cycling moment in Gili Trawangan in the sunny day. Lovely.


14. Pablo Alboran – Por Fin (Spain) – OK, no other word for this song except MELTED! If they said Spanish guy are hot. Yes they are! At least Pablo Alboran’s voice. Mottheeerrrrrr!!! :


15. Stornoway – Get Low (Oxfordshire, England) – Say YES to this cool British Alternative Indie Folk Band.


16. Mumford and Sons – Hopeless Wanderer (London, England). There is something in Mumford and Sons that I never put away from this list. They are good. Like a REAL GOOD. Period.


17. First Aid Kit – My Silver Lining (Sweden) ; This song lyric, says everything… “Take me some place where there’s music and there’s laughter…


18. The Junction A cappella – Strong by London Grammar (The Netherlands) – I came to their mini gig in Jakarta and since then, fall in love with their flawless voices, great composing, beautiful a cappella in harmony. Their first album will come soon. Check it out here


19. London Grammar – If You Wait (Nottingham, England) – if you love Florence and the Machine, you will think this is the same band – but different. Both has really special music and roaring voices! Roooarrr!!


20. Julia Holter – Hello Stranger (Los Angeles, California) ; after a long day trip and you need to be relax. Try this song.


+1 Coldplay – See You Soon (London, United Kingdom) ; It might be a mainstream song, but Chris Martin steals my heart, now and forever. Plus this song reminds me of the road trip I had with my friends through East Java, Indonesia.



Please share to me your fave songs 🙂


Happy listening!,
Dea Sihotang




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