Ganglion Wrist Joint Operation

Where have I’d been lately?

Some of you might realised it that I didn’t write anything lately. First, I am now creating a business with a friend that I promise I will tell you later about it. Yess, yess, yess.. At this moment, I wish your kind prayer for me.


I had this, but I still be happy! 😉


In the same time, I also thinking to import all my blogs here regarding to travel matters to my new website called – why? Because I planned something big in the future and I want to focus things about traveling in separate emails. But don’t worry, if you like to get to know me better (as a person), I will keep this website so I still can write things not only relating to travel.


Another thing that blocked me from writing lately because I had an operation in my left hand. Once upon a time, in the nicest evening I had when I watch a movie through dvd and I start to touch my hand because I feel something strange there! There was a bump, not so big but absolutely freaking me out! What was that? It doesn’t feel hurt but still, it’s a bump and look like tumor (?) ; perhaps not!


So I asked to my housemate who is a nurse about my hand and she said, “Oh, that’s not a big problem. It called either ganglion wrist joint or lipoma. If it’s become big – it might trouble you, but it will take long time.” I started to google about my disease and I was more freaking out when see in google and how bad the look of ganglion is. But as she said, it doesn’t feel hurt at all, so some days I even forget that I had it!


Until this ganglion hand annoyed me when my left hand always feel easily sore rather than my right hand. I decided to take a ganglion removal. I also see, it becomes bigger and bigger. The problem for ganglion, if it becomes bigger, it can push your vein so there will be two things happen, your blood can not circulate in normal condition because blocked by ganglion on my hand ; or, the worse thing, it can cracks and the cleaves will make the liquid inside go around my hand. Ehmm, both are sounds so terrible!


I made an appointment with doctor for ganglion removal, but something bad happened that crash my mood so bad! My external hardisk is broken and can not read by laptop – and the bad news is, all my travel photos, writing, novels, are there. I don’t have the backup and it crash my spirit so bad! I was in panic and feel so lost, as how my friend told me, like losing my half life. So it was not really such good days for me lately. But I better to focus on my health first rather than thinking about my external harddisk at the moment.

ganglion-operation-9Ridiculous waiting time for me.


I was glad that my sister able to accompanied me during the operation. I still remember around 10 years ago, no one accompanied me when I had an operation for my appendix. But having an operation while you are in terrible hurt (as I was 10 years ago) and while you are sober and healthy is really two different kind of feeling! Since I am health and ok when I was in the hospital, it brings me to my total nerves. So many times, I almost give it up and cancel the operation. Thinking about how the injection will ruin my vein and the pain made me want to run away from the hospital. But things that need to be done, it should be done. For one time in life, there are lots of time that we need to take a decision to do something even we are afraid of it, that day was one of that kind of moment.


I remember Isaiah 41 : 10 says : “Don’t be afraid, for I am with you. Don’t be discouraged, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you. I will hold you up with my victorious right hand.” (NLV) – the same bible verse 10 years ago, that reminds me how God will never leave me even the operation knife touched my body. So I closed my eyes, pray and ask the blessing from God for the operation, doctor, crew, all the equipment they use and my body. I also prayed my recover will be soon and less pain.

ganglion-operation-11I hateeee injection!


Since I took the total anesthetic, it was a nerve moment when the nurse try to give me infuse by finding my blood vein. He said, it was very difficult to see my vein because it’s so blur and smooth. But he succeed anyway. Then another 2 guys including the anesthetic doctor was so fun because they made jokes all the time. They knew I was scared and nervous, so they try to make me laugh. They did it! Only in few seconds, after I breathe the anesthetic he gave me, I completely unconscious.

ganglion-operation-2I feel loved, no matter what the situation is. Look at that dirty mark such as God wants me to remember His love to me!


2 hours after, I woke up when my brain heard a question that wasn’t given for me. It was a question by the anesthetic doctor to my sister, “Hey, where is the Nepal bag?”

My brain thought, “Nepal bag? Where am I? Who has the Nepal bag? Am I in Nepal?” so I forced my eyes to open and awake. I see the doctor stand beside me and said, “Hello, is your bag from Nepal?” Then my consciousness coming right to my brain, “No doctor, I bought it in Bangkok” me pointed to my colorful bag I have.

Later on, we had a conversation about traveling and hiking, he was hiking to so many mountains in Indonesia already! Such as Rinjani, Kerinci, Ceremai, wheeeww! I think he was talked with me in purpose, to make me awake and also because we both like to travel.

ganglion-operation-51Reading all the time.


Or playing with my dog.

The good news is, I can go home, because I wasn’t feel nausea after the operation. So I went home and take a loong bed rest. It was a long weekend for me, but also good time, cause I can read a lot.

One time, it was going to be looked like huge balloon 😦


But now it’s going better 🙂


Thanks God!



Dea Sihotang



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