Now Launching : ARADEYATA – A Yoga Bags Produced by Indonesian


Today I got an alert from Facebook. It said that I already been for 35 days never posted anything to my page. Which is really terrible! For a writer, days without write anything can be counted as wasted days. But, wait. I wasn’t being lazy as you might think… I was actually being so busy so I have no time to write anything lately. Fiuh.


Well, what was making me busy? Because I had a business idea on my mind – later on, I contacted a friend that I believe has same passion as mine.

now-launching-aradeyata-11Me and Mita.


I was making a small business with a friend. That’s why the title is “Now Launching : Aradeyata” – we both women from Jakarta and love yoga a lot. Even we are not expert yet, but we love Yoga and we love Indonesia. Based on that cause and looking for business opportunities, we had this idea to make yoga bags from Batik. Batik is Indonesia’s traditional fabric that always look so cute for us. Normally, people use Batik for formal attire – or lately, informal clothes. So we had this thinking, why not making it as part of Yogi’s attribute? Why not mixed between this beautiful colorful of Batik with the healthy habit of yoga we all love doing now?


So here came the idea….

Model by model came to our mind. It wasn’t easy as you think. Building a business, even it’s a small business between two women, two kind of same age women, two same minded person or two yoga lovers, still can have so many difficulties. Just from the beginning, we have different taste of color. Me loves bright and eye-catching color, while Mita (my partner) like calm color more. But it wasn’t an obstacle, we able to create lovely bags from our taste. We have this principle in mind that we only want to make yoga bags that we also will love to use it.

now-launching-aradeyata-21One of our bags collection. Take a look for more here.


That comes a moment, every time one yoga bag finished, we will scream and say, “Ahh, this yoga bag is too cute, I want to have it.” But anyhow, we need to sell it of course XD


Done with the model and colors, because both of us are working normally from morning until late afternoon (or evening), we need to find time to meet up and discuss about everything. Yes, everything! From label, to what kind of zipper looks cute on the bag, where to buy accessories for the bags, even what kind of button we should use for the bags. Sometimes, because we were so tired, we prefer to do Skyping to talking about models. Thanks for technology! But you won’t want to know how many arguments we have because we are coming from two heads!

now-launching-aradeyata-51Doing our own photo session. Because, why not?


Later on, another difficulties arise. Such as, who do the financial report. What kind of social media we will use? How does the way we manage to approach people in promoting our bags? How do we do the photo session for the bags? Blablabla, and somehow, it drives us crazy because we both have lots of different interest on it. When Mita is paying attention more in designing the models and controlling the sewing. I have this interest to promoting and let people know about Aradeyata. But, we can’t do our part alone – no matter what. Mita will need my opinion to finish the design. And I need Mita’s support to promote the business. That’s the benefit of working on team, at least, we have a back up.

now-launching-aradeyata-31Still the photo session. So we are the owner, the designer, the controller, the procurement, the model and the photographer 😉


We launched the promotion since 1st of May 2015. After such a mess of buying the fabric, lots of meeting in Blok M, Blok M and Blok M (because the area is in the middle for both of us) for designing the models, then making note about things, we finally encourage ourselves to announce Aradeyata to our friends – yes, starting from our social media hub first, and now we are trying to find a way to promote Aradeyata to public.


Obstacle and difficulties always arise as how every business first set up. There is no instant way. Don’t compare our beginning with people’s middle or end. But I do enjoy the process even I had lots of arguments with my partner during the process (until now!) because we still need to create the proper way for managing the business. Limited time and communication can be a huge problem between us, but when there is a will, there is a way.


So, as I told you, I didn’t do travel lately, I didn’t write about anything lately. Even I forget to set up my new website. But I feel productive and yes I am happy.


If you wanna know more about our products, you can visit here.

Or follow our Instagram and Facebook Page for more connect with us.

Please spread the word and love Batik and Yoga together 😉



Dea Sihotang




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