Jogjakarta, for a Weekend

Jogjakarta-For-A-Weekend-Dea_Sihotang (5)

In Borobudur temple.


When I really want to go travel, any destination outside Jakarta can be such a beautiful escape. So when me and my friend planned to go to Jogjakarta, a destination which can reach by fly or train (or bus if you want to be in such long journey) from Jakarta, I felt happy and excited to go. It doesn’t matter for me that we will only be there for a full weekend, since I need to go back to work again as usual on Monday.


As long as I can go out from Jakarta for a “holiday”, the answer always “YES.”


There we were. Waiting for our plane to bring us to Adi Sucipto International Airport, Jogjakarta. After a short bed time last night because we need to catch our morning flight, we still have lots of energies to explore Jogjakarta (or Yogya, as some people call it) on Saturday morning.


Below are some ideas if you wanna do a weekend escape to Jogjakarta, as our last trip there.

  1. Staying in Sae-Sae Hostel

Sae-Sae Hostel is owned by a couple who is also my friends. But I wasn’t instruct by them to write about their hostel. It’s just a kind of my place to stay. I love the simple and friendly ambiance there, as how Mas Boy told me that he wants to build a place based on trust and make people feeling trust there.

Jogjakarta-For-A-Weekend-Dea_Sihotang (12)

One of Sae-sae’s room.

Their simple and unique design also make Sae-Sae such a beautiful place to stay while you are in Jogjakarta. Mostly guest are foreigners – since we were (and Mas Boy) only locals there, so get used to it if you want to stay here. But it is great for you who want to improve your International networking and practice English language, since everyone speaks English here and such friendly people.

Jogjakarta-For-A-Weekend-Dea_Sihotang (2)

Me with Mas Boy and Michelle, his girlfriend.

For such a great price, that’s why I also will recommend Sae-Sae for you. They have private rooms and also mixed dorms. Go check here to book 🙂


  1. Strolling around in Malioboro Road

Malioboro road still has it’s own charm. Even now it’s too full and crowd, but this road is never empty from people! If you wanna buy stuff such as cheap clothes or souvenir, yes you can strolling around and pick something here. Don’t forget to bargain around ¾ or ½ from full price they offer to you. Another easy choice is to go to Mirota, a shopping mall with such a complete stuff to choose. But I always have a fascinating feeling to stroll around the traditional seller and seeing their happy face when we buy something from them.

Jogjakarta-For-A-Weekend-Dea_Sihotang (7)

My friend, Wiwi, look so happy when finally found this Pecel stall in Malioboro.

Jogjakarta-For-A-Weekend-Dea_Sihotang (8)

Pecel pecel… Yumm yummm…


  1. Have a Visit to Taman Sari

And Water Castle, and Keraton, and else and else and else.

But that day, with short time we have, we only able to visit an Underground Mosque in Taman Sari area, not the Castle. But we’d been there as well before, so it doesn’t matter for us. The chance to go to the underground Mosque I used to make some photos for Aradeyata, my project for yoga bags from Batik. This idea came up when I see a yoga book with such a lovely shoots of photos in the same place. Once I knew that I will go to Jogja, I already know that I should be there and take pictures here.

Jogjakarta-For-A-Weekend-Dea_Sihotang (4)

Jogjakarta-For-A-Weekend-Dea_Sihotang (10)

Jogjakarta-For-A-Weekend-Dea_Sihotang (22)

For more collection of our yoga bags, check here. 😉


Oh yeah I am crazy about making beautiful pictures. But moments should be created and remember, right?


  1. Eating at Prawirotaman Street

Prawirotaman street is a touristic street. You can find lots of bar and restaurant here. It’s kind of western area, if I might say. We chose Via-via restaurant that night. It was actually to cure my longing about the memory here. I loved it when I was there with some of my friends before and being in Via-via again gives me such a good memory. Plus, Via-via has a beautiful concept of design now. Second floor now active and food are delicious as usual!

Jogjakarta-For-A-Weekend-Dea_Sihotang (13)

Jogjakarta-For-A-Weekend-Dea_Sihotang (14)

Via-via’s interior.


  1. Catching Sunrise in Punthuk Setumbu

It was really unfair if you wanna see sunrise in Borobudur, you need to stay in one of very expensive hotel nearby Borobudur temple. Otherwise, normal hour to open the temple only since 6 am. But don’t worry! There is another cool spot to catch the sunrise called Punthuk Setumbu. You better wake up early and arrive there around 5 am. Prepare yourself cause you need to hike a bit through such a steep stairs. From the hills, you can see 4 great mountains surrounding, named Merapi, Merbabu, Sindoro, Sumbing and a tiny, very tiny Borobudur temple also can be seen from this spot.

Jogjakarta-For-A-Weekend-Dea_Sihotang (15) Jogjakarta-For-A-Weekend-Dea_Sihotang (16)

To see this beautiful place, we rent a car because it’s difficult go get public transportation at such early hour. If you wanna rent a car, you can contact Pak (Mr.) Tiyan in his cellphone 0812-25314744. I suggest him, cause he is a polite and nice man. Hope you will like his service as well! 🙂


  1. Don’t Miss Borobudur Temple!

If you come to Jogjakarta and not go to Borobudur temple, you are probably not come to Jogjakarta at all! Well, Borobudur temple actually located in Magelang. But normally people who come to Jogjakarta also not miss to visit this incredible temple. Listed as one of seven world’s wonders, also listed as Unesco World Heritage, Borobudur will never fail to make you amaze with their awesome architecture and story behind. It is covering a total surface area of 2,500m2 and having 72 openwork stupas, each containing a statue of Buddha.

Jogjakarta-For-A-Weekend-Dea_Sihotang (17)

Lucky moment, no people as my background!

There is a pro-cons regarding to the ticket price to go inside the temple. For local, it’s around USD 3, while for foreigners cost around USD 20. Yes, I know, it sounds very unfair. But I can tell you, the place is really worth to see! One of the most clean tourism area I’d ever seen in Indonesia. They really use your money to manage Borobudur temple nicely. So, don’t be in doubt, visit this one of most majestic temple in the world.

Jogjakarta-For-A-Weekend-Dea_Sihotang (18)

Are you sure you want to skip this incredible place ever?


  1. Kali Biru, the Picturesque Place but Over-rated

I heard about Kali Biru through internet while ago. Driven by our curiosity, we go all the way from Jogjakarta city to Kali Biru. It was a mistake by our driver so we go in twisting road that make Kali Biru becomes so far to reach.

Jogjakarta-For-A-Weekend-Dea_Sihotang (20)

People take a long line to be able to take picture in that foothold place. View is breathtaking indeed.

I honestly love the idea of Kaum Tani (Farmers Community) knowing their local attraction and trying to build it for tourist. Price to enter is IDR 15,000,- and the place is clean and still very new.

Jogjakarta-For-A-Weekend-Dea_Sihotang (19)

Only what I don’t like is the over-rated comments and pictures spreading in internet about this area. People tend to capture themselves in one of iconic place (a flying fox foothold) which giving us such a breathtaking view as the background. But only that. Nothing much offer in Kali Biru (yeah, you can play some outdoors game here). There is another reason why I don’t really like this place, cause I admire nature much than new human made tourism place. I hope Kali Biru local government can manage and build this place better, cause I see the BIG potential of this place, but yes, don’t make this place as a picture spot only ; where people come over to take picture in that iconic place and go. Try to find something else to offer and let tourist stay here longer. I see they also try to build a homestay there. If they handling the tourism aspect serious here, I am sure it can be such a lovely place for people to go.


  1. Go try the Charcoal Coffee in Angkringan Lek Man

If you are into culinary. Jogja is the place! Angkringan is very famous in Jogjakarta. It is a street food where you can eat as much as you can of very small portion of everything. Some call it as Nasi Kucing (Cat’s Rice). So don’t mind of you take 2-3 portion of rice, consider how small one portion is.

Jogjakarta-For-A-Weekend-Dea_Sihotang (21)

Jogjakarta-For-A-Weekend-Dea_Sihotang (1)

One of strange thing I try in Jogjakarta is to take a sip of Charcoal Coffee (Kopi Jos, as how local call it). Yes, you don’t read it wrong. So there is a very famous beverage, where you can order a black coffee and later the seller will put a really hot charcoal into your coffee. I actually don’t understand the reason they put it. But amazingly, it doesn’t change the taste of the coffee. It is still taste good and strong, and charcoal later become such a black wood inside your glass. Interest to try?


  1. Bakpia is a Perfect Gift

Buying something for people you love while you are traveling is a common habit in Indonesia. Sometimes for me, this habit can be annoying, but sometimes it feels ok. If you are in Jogjakarta, you can buy lots of cheap things for your loved ones. But don’t miss Bakpia, a local sweet cake that actually so many in Jogjakarta. With so many brands of Bakpia, probably you should wisely choose which one that you are really like for the taste and quality. We chose Bakpia 25 that time cause we are curious to see the factory as well. While they work, you can check the processing made of Bakpia. But too unfortunate for us, when we arrived, it was the time to finish work for the employees, so we can’t see it.


I love Bakpia! There are so many variety of taste now, from mung bean, chocolate, cheese, purple sweet potato, pineapple. Which one do you choose?


  1. Rickshaw and How They are Sweating

Jogjakarta is one of the city that still has lots of rickshaw (Becak, as local people call it) for bringing passenger from one place to another. Riding a becak also kind of iconic activity in Jogjakarta. Take a try but don’t get surprise if they offer you such an expensive amount. First, it is cycling by human. Second, road are not flat. It can be a bit hilly in some streets. Third, we have such a terrible hot weather. So, a bit expensive charge, I think it’s still fair. Plus, get the sensation of going around the city by Becak. It is lovely and it helps local people get better earnings.

Jogjakarta-For-A-Weekend-Dea_Sihotang (6)

For a weekend, we did a lot right?


“It’s better to see something once than to hear about it a thousand times.”


Dea Sihotang




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